The Archaeology of Africa

Author: Bassey Andah
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134679424
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Africa has a vibrant past. It emerges from this book as the proud possessor of a vast and highly complicated interweaving of peoples and cultures, practising an enormous diversity of economic and social strategies in an 2xtraordinary range of environmental situations. At long last the archaeology of Africa has revealed enough of Africa's unwritten past to confound preconceptions about this continent and to upset the picture inferred from historic written records. Without an understanding of its past complexities, it is impossible to grasp Africa's present, let alone its future.

Parallele Raumkonzepte

Author: Svend Hansen
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110291215
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Unterschiedliche soziale Gruppen (Identitäten) nutzten den Raum nicht nur in spezifischer Weise, sondern entwickelten auch sehr eigene Raumkonzepte, die häufig parallel bestehen. Unter Betrachtung dieser parallelen, vielschichtigen Raumnutzung lässt sich die Dynamik der Prozesse im Raum besser abbilden. Die Beiträge des Bandes untersuchen diese Fragestellung aus mannigfaltiger Perspektive.

The Oxford Handbook of African Archaeology

Author: Peter Mitchell
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191626155
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Africa has the longest and arguably the most diverse archaeological record of any of the continents. It is where the human lineage first evolved and from where Homo sapiens spread across the rest of the world. Later, it witnessed novel experiments in food-production and unique trajectories to urbanism and the organisation of large communities that were not always structured along strictly hierarchical lines. Millennia of engagement with societies in other parts of the world confirm Africa's active participation in the construction of the modern world, while the richness of its history, ethnography, and linguistics provide unusually powerful opportunities for constructing interdisciplinary narratives of Africa's past. This Handbook provides a comprehensive and up-to-date synthesis of African archaeology, covering the entirety of the continent's past from the beginnings of human evolution to the archaeological legacy of European colonialism. As well as covering almost all periods and regions of the continent, it includes a mixture of key methodological and theoretical issues and debates, and situates the subject's contemporary practice within the discipline's history and the infrastructural challenges now facing its practitioners. Bringing together essays on all these themes from over seventy contributors, many of them living and working in Africa, it offers a highly accessible, contemporary account of the subject for use by scholars and students of not only archaeology, but also history, anthropology, and other disciplines.

The Changing Worlds of Atlantic Africa

Author: Toyin Falola
ISBN: 9781594605949
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Robin Law represents the best of the generation that emerged during one of the most eventful and exciting periods in African history and historiography. This book offers an assessment of his scholarship, most notably as an historian of Africa his work in pre-colonial West African history, his methodological approaches to African history; his scholarship on transatlantic slavery in particular; and his work on diasporic topics and the study of changing identities produced by Atlantic slavery. The book supplies an ongoing dialogue with the ¿waves¿ of scholarship stimulated by the work of Robin Law, by a remarkable cast of scholars who occupy the leading role in their areas of specialization.