This Business of Television

Author: Howard J. Blumenthal
Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications
ISBN: 9780823077045
Format: PDF, ePub
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Provides information on distribution, systems, regulations, copyright, program development, advertising, and legal and business affairs

The Business of Television

Author: Ken Basin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351254162
Format: PDF, Docs
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In this book, esteemed television executive and Harvard lecturer Ken Basin offers a comprehensive overview of the business, financial, and legal structure of the U.S. television industry, as well as its dealmaking norms. Written for working or aspiring creative professionals who want to better understand the entertainment industry — as well as for executives, agents, managers, and lawyers looking for a reference guide — The Business of Television presents a readable, in-depth introduction to rights and talent negotiations, intellectual property, backend deals, licensing, streaming platforms, international production, and much more. The book also includes breakdowns after each chapter summarizing deal points and points of negotiation, a glossary, a list of referenced cases, and a wealth of real-world examples to help readers put the material into context.

The Business of TV Production

Author: Craig Collie
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An insiders view of the business of production of TV programs, for university-level courses and those in the industry wanting to upgrade their skills.

Business TV in Deutschland Volkswagen TV Analyse einer Sendung

Author: Frauke Schulz
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638870979
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2006 im Fachbereich Medien / Kommunikation - Public Relations, Werbung, Marketing, Social Media, Note: keine, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Medienwissenschaft), Veranstaltung: Corporate Media, 17 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: zukunftsweisenden Bereich der Auftragsmedien: der internen Unternehmenskommunikation in Form von Business TV. Dieses Feld werde ich am Beispiel von Volkswagen TV vorstellen. Besonderes Gewicht lege ich dabei auf mögliche Probleme des Mediums sowie deren Handhabung bei Volkswagen TV. Es handelt sich bei Volkswagen TV um einen Volkswagen-internen audiovisuellen Kommunikationskanal, der in Wolfsburg von der Firma Television Video Informations Service GmbH & Co. KG (TVIS) produziert wird. Ich halte dieses Analyseobjekt für besonders interessant, da es sich um ein viel versprechendes audiovisuelles Instrument der betrieblichen Kommunikation handelt. Volkswagen TV ist ein ideales Beispiel, da TVIS einer der größten Business TV Produzenten in Deutschland ist. Für diese Arbeit werde ich eine einzelne Sendung des Volkswagen TV näher betrachten. Ich führe eine eigenständige Analyse von Filmmaterial durch und beziehe mich außerdem auf meine Recherche vor Ort: Am 27.6.2006 habe ich den Standort von TV in Wolfsburg besucht. Dort hatte ich die Möglichkeit, mir die Produktionsstätten anzusehen und mit einer der Redakteurinnen, Carola Zajonz, und weiteren Mitarbeiten in den Bereichen Redaktion, Studiotechnik, Schnitt und Grafik zu sprechen. Bei dem Besuch wurde mir auch das Filmmaterial zur Verfügung gestellt, das ich hier analysiere.

Television Criticism

Author: Victoria O'Donnell
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412941679
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Television Criticism presents an original treatment of television criticism with a foundational approach to the nature of criticism, an understanding of the business of television, production background in creating television style, in-depth chapters on storytelling and narrative theories and television genres, the interaction of rhetoric and cultural studies theories, representation, and postmodernism. It presents new and comprehensive guidelines for analysis and criticism, and it has a sample critique of the television program "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

Global Television and Film

Author: Colin Hoskins
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This is the first non-specialist introduction to the economics of the contemporary film and television business. This global industry is significant both financially and culturally, and the political economy of its trade is an extremely sensitive issue. Are cultural goods merely entertainmentgoods? And why does the US dominate this territory? The present volume offers a systematic, structured explanation of how the global markets for TV and film operate while also discussing the implications for public policy and business strategy. By listing in detail the economic and culturalcharacteristics related to such trade, the authors provide the tools necessary for the evaluation of international communications issues. They also stress the uniqueness of cultural products and put forth the argument that the economic and cultural development approaches to cultural issues can belargely reconciled.

The Television Entrepreneurs

Author: Ms Lisa W Kelly
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409495191
Format: PDF, Kindle
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With business seemingly everywhere on television, from the risks of the retail and restaurant trade to pitching for investment or competing to become the next 'apprentice', The Television Entrepreneurs draws upon popular business-oriented shows such as The Apprentice and Dragons' Den to explore the relationship between television and business. Based on extensive interviews with key industry and business figures and drawing on new empirical research into audience perceptions of business, this book examines our changing relationship with entrepreneurship and the role played by television in shaping our understanding of the world of business. The book identifies the key structural shifts in both the television industry and the wider economy that account for these changing representations, whilst examining the extent to which television's developing interest in business and entrepreneurial issues is simply a response to wider social and economic change in society. Does a more commercial and competitive television marketplace, for instance, mean that the medium itself, through a particular focus on drama, entertainment and performance, now plays a key role in re-defining how society frames its engagements with business, finance, entrepreneurship, risk and wealth creation? Mapping the narratives of entrepreneurship constructed by television and analysing the context that produces them, The Television Entrepreneurs investigates how the television audience engages with such programmes and the possible impact these may have on public understanding of the nature of business.

Business of Digital Television

Author: Chris Forrester
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136029788
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Essential reading for anyone involved in broadcasting. The Business of Digital Television presents an overview or the digital television industry. Chris Forrester examines the key technologies and developments of the marketplace, with comments on the future from leading industry experts. Written in an accessible style for the non-engineer, Forrester covers the issues that are most pertinent to strategic direction, providing, broadcasting professionals with essential facts, data and commentary in one single source. You will: Discover trends in digital TV technology Gain knowledge about the international marketplace See an analysis of the financial models Understand the importance of partnerships Find out the key drivers for change Gain an insight into emerging technologies in the future