The Carmelite Tradition

Author: Steven Payne
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 9780814639535
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Eight hundred years ago, Albert of Jerusalem gave the hermit-penitents of Mount Carmel a way of life to follow. Since then, this rule has inspired and formed mystics and scholars, men and women, lay and ordained to seek the living God. In The Carmelite Tradition Steven Payne, OCD, brings together representative voices to demonstrate the richness and depth of Carmelite spirituality. As he writes, Carmelite spirituality seeks nothing more nor less than to 'stand before the face of the living God' and prophesy with Elijah, to 'hear the word of God and keep it' with Mary, to grow in friendship with God through unceasing prayer with Teresa, to 'become by participation what Christ is by nature' as John of the Cross puts it, and thereby to be made, like Therase of Lisieux, into instruments of God's transforming merciful love in the church and society." The lives and writings in The Carmelite Tradition invite readers to stand with these holy men and women and seek God in the hermitage of the heart. Steven Payne, OCD, of the Washington Province of Discalced Carmelite Friars, is a member of the Carmelite Friars' formation team at the Monastery of St. John of the Cross near Nairobi, Kenya, and director of the Institute of Spirituality and Religious Formation (ISRF) at Tangaza College, a constituent college of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) in Nairobi. He is the past editor of ICS Publications and of Spiritual Life magazine and the author of several works in philosophy of religion, theology, and Carmelite spirituality. He is a member of the Carmelite Forum and of the Carmelite Institute in Washington DC, of which he is a past president. "

Die Mystik im Abendland

Author: Professor Bernard McGinn
Publisher: Verlag Herder GmbH
ISBN: 3451830426
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Band 6/2 der monumentalen Mystikgeschichte von Bernard McGinn befasst sich mit der Mystik im Goldenen Zeitalter Spaniens. Schwerpunkte bilden die geistliche Lehre und das mystische Leben des Ignatius von Loyola sowie die karmelitische Mystik, insbesondere einer Teresa von Ávila und eines Johannes vom Kreuz. Weitere mystische Stimmen aus Spanien, Portugal und dem spanischen Amerika der Zeit runden den Band ab. Mit seiner groß angelegten Geschichte der Mystik im Abendland schließt Bernard McGinn eine Lücke der Theologie- und Kulturgeschichtsschreibung. Eindrucksvoll stellen die einzelnen Bände der vorliegenden Reihe unter Beweis, dass eine rein literaturwissenschaftliche Darstellung der Mystik der Tragweite des Themas keinesfalls gerecht wird. McGinns neuer Zugang mit einer konsequenten Einbeziehung religiöser Strömungen und philosophischer Ideen holt die Entwicklung der Mystik aus dem Dunkel der Geschichte. Auf überzeugende Weise gelingt es dabei, den religiösen Kern des Phänomens Mystik verständlich zu machen – ein roter Faden, der sich durch die vielfältigsten geschichtlichen Metamorphosen der mystischen Lebensform verfolgen lässt. Ein Schlüsselwerk der abendländischen Kultur- und Spiritualitätsgeschichte.

At the Fountain of Elijah

Author: Wilfrid McGreal
ISBN: 9781570752926
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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For many of us, our understanding of the Carmelites is limited to the lives and times of the sixteenth-century Spanish mystics, Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross. However, Wilfrid McGreal shows that if we want a way into Carmelite spirituality, we need to go back to its origins. How has the vision of the pilgrims and hermits who settled on Mount Carmel been sustained for some eight hundred years? What is the key to it, and how has it been re-imagined in different eras and cultures?

Monk Dynasty

Author: John Michael Talbot
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483560058
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do you need more "God Alone" in your life? The whimsical title of this little book is “Monk Dynasty" but the content is a serious understanding of monastic history in a way that is informative, fun, and engaging for everyone who reads it.

Carmelite Liturgy and Spiritual Identity

Author: James John Boyce
Publisher: Brepols Pub
Format: PDF, ePub
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This work outlines the significance of the Carmelite liturgy as it was practiced in the Krakâow convent in the medieval period, discussing the Carmelite choir books in terms of the order's historical self-understanding and established liturgical tradition.

Spiritual Traditions for the Contemporary Church

Author: Robin Maas
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 1426775040
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This volume offers a comprehensive intellectual and experiential introduction to Christian spirituality. It embraces spiritual traditions from the Patristic period to the present day. Part I, "The Roots of Contemporary Western Spirituality," covers spiritual types that have been fundamental in shaping spiritual practice. Part II, "Distinctive Spiritual Traditions," offers major introductory essays on spiritual traditions formed by such notable figures as Luther, Wesley, Ignatius, and John of the Cross, as well as ecclesiastical traditions such as Anglicanism. Part III, "The Feminine Dimension in Christian Spirituality," is devoted to Marian Spirituality, holy women, and feminism. Each of the fourteen chapters is followed by a practicum which enables readers to assimilate the practice prescribed into their own devotional life .

Carmelite Spirituality in the Teresian Tradition

Author: Paul Marie of the Cross, OCD
Publisher: ICS Publications
ISBN: 0935216502
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Provides a concise and inspiring overview of Carmel's spiritual heritage from a Teresian perspective. Identifies the principal texts, themes, figures and teachings of Carmel: Elijah and Mary, the Rule of St. Albert and the Bookf of the Institution of the First Monks, the Carmelite understanding of contemplation and the degrees of prayer, the message of Saints Teresa, John of the Cross and Thérèse of Lisieux.

The Carmelite Way

Author: John Welch
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809136520
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An introduction to Carmelite spirituality that focuses on two major moments in the Carmelite tradition: the beginnings of the Carmelite Order in the 13th century and the reform of the order by Teresa of Avila in the 16th century.

Track of the Mystic

Author: Marcianne Kappes
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9781556126598
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Examines how Jessica Powers integrated her life and time in history with her religious experience to produce a mystical poetry and spiritual vision.