The Emperors of Chocolate

Author: Joël Glenn Brenner
Publisher: Random House Incorporated
Format: PDF, ePub
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Examining one of the most bitter rivalries in American business, a journalist journeys inside the secretive world of the Mars company; the life of its founder, innovative entrepreneur and autocrat Forrest Mars; and its long-time battle with Hershey. 25,000 first printing. Tour.


Author: Michael D'Antonio
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 074326410X
Format: PDF, Docs
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Examines the life of the head of the chocolate factory empire, describing his fatherless upbringing by a strict Mennonite mother, his failures with two early candy companies, and his construction of the utopian Hershey village.

Chocolate Wars

Author: Joel Glenn Brenner
ISBN: 9781861975126
Format: PDF, ePub
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The first book to penetrate the secret and cut-throat world of chocolate. After ten years of research, Washington Post reporter Joel Glenn Brenner takes us inside a world as mysterious as Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, where industrial spies jockey for inside information as paranoid executives fight an all-out war for market share. Forrest Mars was one of the most private and successful entrepreneurs in America. An autocrat, with brilliant - if sometimes unconventional - management strategies, he built one of the world's most innovative companies - a $10 billion a year empire, shrouded in secrecy. The day after he died of natural causes a Mars spokesperson refused even to admit that the founder had worked for the firm. Milton Hershey was a dreamer who wanted to create not just a company but an industrial paradise. After making an immense fortune his company is now controlled by a charitable trust whose profits fund the wealthiest orphanage in the world. Never before has so much been revealed about the chocolate industry. This authoritative and eye-opening account is the best type of business narrative - a revealing, engrossing and unforgettable read. *An engrossing portrait of two of the world's wealthiest companies, both founded by men dedicated to their very different, though equally eccentric, personal visions. A fascinating insight into what began as a fraternity of family-owned businesses and has now grown into a multi-billion dollar industry dominated by cut-throat wheeler-dealing. Joel Glenn Brenner's Mars cover story for Washington Post Magazine won three prizes.

Chocolate Fortunes

Author: Lawrence L. Allen
Publisher: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
ISBN: 081441432X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Could there be a more intriguing East-meets-West story than one about the introduction of chocolate-that very symbol of Western indulgence-to legendarily austere China?...

Crisis in candyland

Author: Janice Pottker
Publisher: Natl Pr Books
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Presents the story of the Mars family, their multinational company, and its successes and failures.

Built on Chocolate

Author: James D. McMahon, Jr.
Publisher: Stoddart
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Traces the life of Milton Hershey and the history of the company he founded

Chocolate Wars

Author: Deborah Cadbury
Publisher: PublicAffairs
ISBN: 1586489259
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With a cast of characters that wouldn't be out of place in a Victorian novel, Chocolate Wars tells the story of the great chocolatier dynasties, through the prism of the Cadburys. Chocolate was consumed unrefined and unprocessed as a rather bitter, fatty drink for the wealthy elite until the late 19th century, when the Swiss discovered a way to blend it with milk and unleashed a product that would conquer every market in the world. Thereafter, one of the great global business rivalries unfolded as each chocolate maker attempted to dominate its domestic market and innovate new recipes for chocolate that would set it apart from its rivals. The contest was full of dramatic contradictions: The Cadburys were austere Quakers who found themselves making millions from an indulgent product; Kitty Hershey could hardly have been more flamboyant yet her husband was moved by the Cadburys tradition of philanthropy. Each was a product of their unique time and place yet they shared one thing: they want to make the best chocolate in the world.

Code of the Street Decency Violence and the Moral Life of the Inner City

Author: Elijah Anderson
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393070385
Format: PDF
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Unsparing and important. . . . An informative, clearheaded and sobering book.—Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post (1999 Critic's Choice) Inner-city black America is often stereotyped as a place of random violence, but in fact, violence in the inner city is regulated through an informal but well-known code of the street. This unwritten set of rules—based largely on an individual's ability to command respect—is a powerful and pervasive form of etiquette, governing the way in which people learn to negotiate public spaces. Elijah Anderson's incisive book delineates the code and examines it as a response to the lack of jobs that pay a living wage, to the stigma of race, to rampant drug use, to alienation and lack of hope.