The English Civil War

Author: Timothy Venning
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473827825
Format: PDF, Mobi
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With hindsight, the victory of Parliamentarian forces over the Royalists in the English Civil War may seem inevitable but this outcome was not a foregone conclusion. Timothy Venning explores many of the turning points and discusses how they might so easily have played out differently. ?What if, for example, Charles I had capitalized on his victory at Edgehill by attacking London without delay? Could this have ended the war in 1642? His actual advance on the capital in 1643 failed but came close to causing a Parliamentarian collapse Ð how could it have succeeded and what then? Among the many other scenarios, full consideration is given to the role of Ireland (what if Papal meddling had not prevented Irish Catholics aiding Charles?) and Scotland (how might Montrose's Scottish loyalists have neutralized the Covenanters?). The author analyses the plausible possibilities in each thread, throwing light on the role of chance and underlying factors in the real outcome, as well as what might easily have been different.


Author: Robert Conroy
Publisher: Presidio Press
ISBN: 0307414345
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Civil War comes alive in all its passion and fury–only now the Brits are fighting . . . alongside the Confederacy Outraged when the U.S. Navy seizes three Confederates aboard an English sailing ship, Britain retaliates by entering the fray in support of the Rebels–and suddenly it’s a whole new war. Once again, cotton is king as the North’s blockade crumbles before the might of the Royal Navy. While Lincoln confronts the monumental challenge of vanquishing mighty Britannia, the Redcoats revive their 1812 penchant for burning down American cities, and Union troops see Canada as ripe for the picking. From the Mississippi bayou to the Pennsylvania farmlands to the woods of Maine, the great armies of Generals Grant and Lee face off in the nation’s deadliest conflict. And to the victor goes history. From the Paperback edition.

The Rough Guide to England

Author: Robert Andrews
Publisher: Rough Guides UK
ISBN: 1405388439
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Rough Guide to England is the definitive guide to this fascinating country with clear maps and detailed coverage of all the best attractions in England. Discover England's highlights with stunning photography and information on everything from how best to explore England's beautiful countryside to the country's rich collection of castles, cathedrals and prehistoric remains, with plenty of offbeat attractions along the way. Find detailed practical advice on what to see and do in England, relying on up-to-date reviews of the best hotels and restaurants, the most authentic pubs and clubs, and the most exciting activities and experiences. Accurate maps and comprehensive practical information help you to explore every corner of this superb country, whilst stunning photography makes The Rough Guide to England your ultimate travelling companion. Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to England.


Author: Massimo Mastrogregori
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110951401
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Annually published since 1930, the International bibliography of Historical Sciences (IBOHS) is an international bibliography of the most important historical monographs and periodical articles published throughout the world, which deal with history from the earliest to the most recent times. The works are arranged systematically according to period, region or historical discipline, and within this classification alphabetically. The bibliography contains a geographical index and indexes of persons and authors.

British Society 1680 1880

Author: Richard Price
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521657013
Format: PDF, ePub
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A major interpretation of British history in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

M nchen

Author: Robert Harris
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 364121372X
Format: PDF, Docs
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September 1938 – in München treffen sich Hitler, Chamberlain, Mussolini und Daladier zu einer kurzfristig einberufenen Konferenz. Der Weltfrieden hängt am seidenen Faden. Im Gefolge des britischen Premierministers Chamberlain befindet sich Hugh Legat aus dem Außenministerium, der ihm als Privatsekretär zugeordnet ist. Auf der deutschen Seite gehört Paul von Hartmann aus dem Auswärtigen Amt in Berlin zum Kreis der Anwesenden. Den Zugang zur Delegation hat er sich erschlichen. Insgeheim ist er Mitglied einer Widerstandszelle gegen Hitler. Legat und von Hartmann verbindet eine Freundschaft, seit sie in Oxford gemeinsam studiert haben. Nun kreuzen sich ihre Wege wieder. Wie weit müssen sie gehen, wenn sie den drohenden Krieg verhindern wollen? Der neue Politthriller von Robert Harris – ein Roman über Hochverrat und Unbestechlichkeit, über Loyalität und Vertrauensbruch. Und wie immer bei Robert Harris lassen sich über die historischen Figuren und Ereignisse erhellende Bezüge zur aktuellen Weltpolitik herstellen.

Die gl serne Frau

Author: Monica Ali
Publisher: Droemer eBook
ISBN: 3426413353
Format: PDF
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Eine Kleinstadt irgendwo in den USA: Lydia hofft hier, nach einem Leben, das nicht ihr, sondern der Öffentlichkeit gehörte, Anonymität, Ruhe und Freiheit zu finden. Keiner ahnt etwas von ihrer Vergangenheit als meistfotografierte Frau der Welt. Einzig ihr Liebhaber spürt, dass Lydia vieles vor ihm verbirgt. Als ein britischer Fotograf in der Kleinstadt auftaucht, sieht Lydia ihre neue Identität in Gefahr, denn er weiß alles über ihr altes Leben – und setzt alles daran, dies öffentlich zu machen. Wozu ist Lydia bereit, um sich zu schützen?

Alternative History Byzantine Glory

Author: Source: Wikia
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 9781234729035
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 109. Chapters: Nations, Wars, American Revolutionary War, Balkan War, Byzantine-Abyssinian War, Byzantine-Mongol War, Byzantine Civil War, Byzantine Empire, Crusader Wars, Fifth Global War, First Italian War, First Mesoamerican War, First Muslim War, Fourth Global War, Iberia War, Italian Civil War, List of Nations, Second Muslim War, Third Global War, Timeline, Wars, List of Nations, American Revolutionary War, Balkan War, Byzantine-Abyssinian War, Byzantine-Mongol War, Byzantine Civil War, Crusader Wars, Fifth Global War, First Global War, First Italian War, First Mesoamerican War, First Muslim War, Fourth Global War, Franco-English War, Iberia War, Italian Civil War, Second Global War, Second Muslim War, Third Global War. Excerpt: After their success in the Second Global War, Britain had won a major victory, but also had serious war debts to pay. They turned to the Byzantines, who could not help as they themselves had large debts to handle, so payment was denied. The Byzantines had to keep their economy steady as to keep their new overseas territories, and to supply their territories with troops. The Byzantines now showed more support for the reconstructed France than Britain, mainly to help reestablish good relations and support a returned ally. What became known as the Diplomatic Revolution, a new France and Spain became allied to the Byzantines, while Britain, who left the Byzantium Pact in 1769, established good relations with many of the states in Germany, and with Russia, which was increasingly becoming antagonistic to the Byzantines. The Byzantium Pact now consisted mainly of the Byzantine Empire, France, Spain, Prussia, Sweden, and Poland in Europe, against the British alliance of Britain, Austria, Hanover, Hesse, Denmark, the Dutch Republic, and Portugal. Meanwhile, in America, colonists were subjected to increasingly harsh taxes, eventually leading many colonists to feel ...

The History of British Women s Writing 1610 1690

Author: M. Suzuki
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230305504
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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During the seventeenth century, in response to political and social upheavals such as the English Civil Wars, women produced writings in both manuscript and print. This volume represents recent scholarship that has uncovered new texts as well as introduced new paradigms to further our understanding of women's literary history during this period.