The Everything Guide to Online Genealogy

Author: Kimberly Powell
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 144057068X
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Offers advice on researching family history on the Web, including search strategies, data sharing, government records, genealogical software, and publishing the results on the Web.

Design Your Family Tree

Author: Amie Jane Leavitt
Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1612280951
Format: PDF
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Genealogists love to share the treasures they find about their families with others. This book gives you loads of tips on how you can share your family history gems with the masses in such ways as timelines, autobiographies, scrapbooks, cookbooks, family web sites, and traditional and nontraditional family trees. You’ll also find out how to have fun with your family history by hosting family reunions, visiting family history sites, and making PowerPoint presentations to showcase your photos and research. Sharing family history is fun, and this book will help you find the joy in this popular hobby.

A Beginner s Guide to Online Genealogy

Author: Michael Dunn
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1440586454
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Presents easy-to-understand strategies for researching family roots online. Featuring detailed explanations, each chapter teaches you how to navigate popular genealogy websites, decipher census data and other online records, and connect with other family members to share your findings. The book also includes tips on using free databases and genealogy apps.

The Everything Online Genealogy Book

Author: Pat Richley
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A genealogy columnist shares advice on how to use the Internet to locate ancestral homes, locate helpful family trees, connect with other geneologists, document sources, and much more. Original.

Planting Your Family Tree Online

Author: Cyndi Howells
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Planting Your Family Tree Online is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of creating a genealogy Web site. When people begin their genealogical adventure, they usually interview elderly members of the family and contact other family members. The next step is usually one of organization of the information collected. The third step is usually to share this information with other family members, traditionally by publishing research in a book. However, a family Web site has numerous advantages: It is interactive so others can contribute their stories and pictures. It will help you find long-lost relatives. It is an ideal way to preserve research for the entire family. It will break down the walls that have stumped you in your research. It recognizes that family research is an ongoing process, This book is written by Cyndi Howells, owner and webmaster of Cyndi's List, a Web site of more than 130,000 online genealogical resources. Cyndi points out, "This book is loaded with URLs to Web sites that will give you everything you need to create a beautiful family tree online." However, Web site URLs change daily and some may no longer work. She has created web pages as part of Cyndi's List that correspond to the features of the book so that the URLs will be kept up-to-date.

How to Do Everything with Your Genealogy

Author: George G. Morgan
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780072231700
Format: PDF, Docs
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Anyone interested in discovering their family genealogy should carry a copy of this book everywhere. Written by internationally recognized expert, George G. Morgan, this book is an irreplaceable resource for beginner to expert knowledge gatherers. Not only does Morgan explain how to get the search started – creating a family tree, locating and evaluating documents, selecting the appropriate hardware and software for the search – he goes steps further and dedicates an entire section to research methods and strategies where he discusses, among other topics, getting past “dead ends,” and organizing possible research travel.

Family Tree Maker For Dummies

Author: Matthew L. Helm
Publisher: For Dummies
ISBN: 9780764506611
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Do you rummage through your grandmother's attic for pictures of oldrelatives? Have you ever wondered where your family came from?Would you like to know if you and someone famous share a commongreat-great grandparent? If you've answered yes to any of thesequestions you might be an amateur genealogist without even knowingit! Genealogical programs like Family Tree Maker are widely availableand do not require any special training to use. That's right --with a PC, a computer program, and an interest in discovering yourroots you can begin tracing your family's history from its earlyyears to today. Along the way you just might visit exotic lands,meet famous relatives, or dabble in a foreign language! Family Tree Maker For Dummies is your guide to getting the most outof today's most popular genealogy software on the market. Begin byinvestigating the many features Family Tree Maker offers allbudding genealogists. Find out what you need to get underway andhow to start recording data you have collected. The book helps youcreate an investigation strategy that taps into close (and distant)relatives, high-tech resources, and other genealogists from aroundthe world! You can also explore options for presenting yourcompleted family tree, from including photos and video in the finalproduct to making copies for relatives. Family Tree Maker ForDummies makes preserving vital family records a fun and rewardingexperience.