The Fifteenth Minute

Author: Sarina Bowen
Publisher: Tuxbury Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1942444095
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Freshman Lianne Challice is known to millions of fans as Princess Vindi. But sometimes a silver screen sorceress just wants to hang up her wand, tell her manager to shove it, and become a normal college student. Too bad that's harder than it looks. She's never lived a normal life. She hasn't been to school since kindergarten. And getting close to anyone is just too risky -- the last boy she kissed sold the story to a British tabloid. But she can't resist trying to get close to Daniel "DJ" Trevi, the hot, broody guy who spins tunes for hockey games in the arena. Something's haunting his dark eyes, and she needs to know more. DJ's genius is for expressing the mood of the crowd with a ten second song snippet. With just a click and a fade, he can spread hope, pathos or elation among six thousand screaming fans. Too bad his college career is about to experience the same quick fade-out as one of his songs. He can't get close to Lianne, and he can't tell her why. And the fact that she seems to like him at all? Incredible.

Raspberry Pi Zero Cookbook

Author: Edward Snajder
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1786466473
Format: PDF, Docs
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Over 80 practical and interesting recipes that explore the plethora of functionalities and opportunities available with Raspberry Pi Zero About This Book Deep dive into the components of the small yet powerful Raspberry Pi Zero Get into grips with integrating various hardware, programming, and networking concepts with the so-called “cheapest computer” Explore the functionalities of this $5 chip through practical recipes Who This Book Is For This book is for programmers and hobbyists who are eager to dive deep into the Raspberry Pi Zero. If you have basic or zero knowledge of the Raspberry Pi Zero, or if you looking for examples of ways to utilize the Raspberry Pi's GPIO interface, then this book is ideal for you. Basic knowledge of Python will be beneficial, and experience with circuitry and electronics will be needed for the later chapters in the book. What You Will Learn Set up your Raspberry Pi Zero with the operating system, networking, and different interfaces Get a hands-on introduction to Linux, Python, and shell scripts with the Raspberry Pi Zero Become a master at driving GPIOs and controlling relays, motors, transistors, buzzers, audio, read switches, and interrupts with the Raspberry Pi Zero Control GPIOs using the web interface and Node.js Connect displays, LED matrixes, analog sensors, and digital sensors Hack the Ethernet on the Raspberry Pi Zero Make your Raspberry Pi Zero an IoT-based sensor node and remotely monitor your data In Detail The Raspberry Pi Zero, one of the most inexpensive, fully-functional computers available, is a powerful and revolutionary product developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Raspberry Pi Zero opens up a new world for the makers out there. This book will give you expertise with the Raspberry Pi Zero, providing all the necessary recipes that will get you up and running. In this book, you will learn how to prepare your own circuits rather than buying the expensive add–ons available in the market. We start by showing you how to set up and manage the Pi Zero and then move on to configuring the hardware, running it with Linux, and programming it with Python scripts. Later, we integrate the Raspberry Pi Zero with sensors, motors, and other hardware. You will also get hands-on with interesting projects in media centers, IoT, and more. Style and approach This recipe-based book will ensure you gain an intermediate-level knowledge of the Raspberry Pi Zero. This book contains comprehensive illustrations with specific schematics for each circuit diagram.

Red or Dead

Author: David Peace
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571280676
Format: PDF, ePub
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In 1959, Liverpool Football Club were in the Second Division. Liverpool Football Club had never won the FA Cup. Fifteen seasons later, Liverpool Football Club had won three League titles, two FA Cups and the UEFA Cup. Liverpool Football Club had become the most consistently successful team in England. And the most passionately supported club. Their manager was revered as a god.Destined for immortality. Their manager was Bill Shankly. His job was his life. His life was football. His football a form of socialism. Bill Shankly inspired people. Bill Shankly transformed people. The players and the supporters.His legacy would reveberate through the ages. In 1974, Liverpool Football Club and Bill Shankly stood on the verge of even greater success. In England and in Europe. But in 1974, Bill Shankly shocked Liverpool and football. Bill Shankly resigned. Bill Shankly retired. Red or Dead is the story of the rise of Liverpool Football Club and Bill Shankly. And the story of the retirement of Bill Shankly. Of one man and his work. And of the man after that work. A man in two halves. Home and away. Red or dead.

The Ivy Years Part Two

Author: Sarina Bowen
Publisher: Tuxbury Publishing LLC
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Part Two of The Ivy Years Collection contains two full-length novels: The Shameless Hour (Ivy Years #4) The Fifteenth Minute (Ivy Years #5) The Shameless Hour You met Bella in The Understatement of the Year. She was in love with hockey players in general and one very unavailable defenseman in particular. Could it be that Bella finds love on a different field of play? Her neighbor Rafe is everything she's not. Bella isn't looking for a hero, and he's not looking for a hookup. Do they have anything in common besides one unexpected night of passion? The Fifteenth Minute Just because Bella's neighbor is a movie star doesn't mean she's happy. Lianne Challice is the girl nobody takes the time to get to know. Except for D.J. Trevi, the troubled brother of the hockey team captain. Their lives are messier than a hockey brawl. But together they just might find what they need. "Sarina Bowen's Ivy Years is my favorite New Adult series of all-time!" -- Elle Kennedy, New York Times bestselling author of The Deal For fans of: Colleen Hoover, Elle Kennedy, Kristen Callihan, Monica Murphy, Cara Cormack, Tijan, Kendall Ryan, Penny Reid, Sara Ney, Cambria Herbert. Keywords: Ivy League, college romance, coming of age, hockey romance, soccer, fraternities, diverse romance, disability, sororities, box set, boxed set, forbidden romance, box set, boxset, boxed set.

Harter Fall Weiche Landung

Author: Sarina Bowen
ISBN: 9781942444404
Format: PDF
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Sie ist die Frau, an die er sich nicht erinnert. Er ist der Mann, den sie nicht vergessen kann. Bad Boy Hank "Teufelskerl" Lazarus hatte alles: eine wunderschone Freundin, eine Karriere als Freestyle Snowboarder und einen Platz im US Olympiateam. Doch vor neun Monaten wachte er nach einem schlimmen Unfall in der Halfpipe in einem Krankenhaus auf, unfahig seine Beine zu bewegen. Jetzt ist er wieder dort gelandet, ein weiteres Mal gegen seinen Willen. Denn obwohl seine Familie ihn dazu drangt, eine neue, innovative Behandlung zu versuchen, therapiert sich Hank lieber selbst - mit Unmengen Tequila. Arztin Dr. Callie Anders hat den Mut, das Herz eines Patienten mit einem tausend Volt Stromsto neu zu starten, aber bei ihrem eigenen Herzen ist sie nicht so tapfer. Dem neuen Klinikpatienten verrat sie nicht, dass sich die beiden bereits vor seinem Unfall getroffen haben, eine Begegnung, an die er sich nicht mehr erinnert. Selbst als sich zwischen ihnen eine Freundschaft entwickelt, gesteht sie sich nicht ein, dass sie es bereut seine Einladung zum Abendessen ausgeschlagen zu haben oder dass ihr Herz jedes Mal hoher schlagt, wenn diese tatowierten Schultern durch den Eingang des Therapiezentrums rollen. Ein weiterer Winter in Vermont steht bevor und Hank braucht eine helfende Hand, die ihn unter der Lawine von Enttauschungen hervorholt. Wenn Callie doch nur mutig genug ware, die Herausforderung anzunehmen. Dies ist ein alleinstehender Roman, es gibt keine Cliffhanger und ihr benotigt keine Vorkenntnisse aus den anderen Buchern. Alle Teile der "Gravity" Reihe: 1. Kalte Nachte Warme Herzen (erschienen 31. Januar 2017) 2. Harter Fall Weiche Landung (erscheint am 31. Mai 2017) 3.Shooting For The Stars (bis jetzt nur auf Englisch erhaltlich)

Hunted Hunters

Author: M. G. Marzen
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465327630
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Hunted Hunters is an action packed adventure story featuring Mountain Climbing, Cliff Dancing, Hang Gliding, Boating and Murder; with a Constitutional, Save Freedom of Speech, twist. Our heros, Mickey Swift and Marie Sweet team up as Photographer and Investigative Reporter to get a story about a phony Animal Rescue Shelter operating under a Government Tax Exemption Grant. Marie got the story lead from the director of the California FBI Bureau Office. Paul Du Pree, Maries spurned ex, fed her the info in an attempt to win back her affections. Paul was bound and determined to control her life with the story leads he knew she needed. Unbeknown to Mick; he was standing in Pauls way. The Animal Shelter was privately guarded and well hid behind Cal Con Labs and a National Forest. Cal Con Labs was in its self a clandestine operation. They were in the process of formulating synthetic drugs and testing the drugs on teen runaways and child laborers in an experimental confined study. While investigating, they run into some Crazed CEOs who have a passion for slaughtering caged wild animals for their own amusement and Blood Thirsty Business Rituals. Dangers multiply swiftly when Marie is caught off-guard while snooping around. Mick becomes emotionally distraught at the thought of losing his lover and mate; while his animal instincts take control of his body and mind. Micks instincts and the fresh mountain air wasnt the only thing affecting him. He also discovers a spring in the forest he labeled, Hummingbird Valley; but even in the Garden of Eden there were unknown dangers! Author's Event: Author of Hunted Hunters and Suicide Strap M.G. Marzen is having a speaking engagement for the College of Complexes on December 5th, 2009 at the Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL. He will be performing his award-winning one act play, The Constitutional Argument and will be presenting information about his two books mentioned above. Book signings will then follow afterwards. For more information, please email [email protected]

The Life and Times of Herbert Chapman

Author: Patrick Barclay
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0297868519
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The definitive story of the father of modern football, Herbert Chapman. Herbert Chapman, the boss of the all-conquering Arsenal team of the 1930s, was the father of modern football management. A relative journeyman as a player, he moved into the dugout aged 29 with Northampton Town, before building a multiple-title-winning team with Huddersfield in the 1920s. It was at Arsenal, however, where Chapman would leave an indelible mark on the landscape of football. Patrick Barclay's poignant and detailed biography weaves Chapman's story into the momentous times through which he lived, including the tragedy of the First World War, the subsequent Depression and the rise of fascism. Deeply influential on Arsenal successors such as George Graham and Arsène Wenger, he also pioneered changes in the game's scenery and tactical approaches. As Sir Matt Busby later remarked, Herbert Chapman changed the game of football.