Literacy Assessment and Intervention for Classroom Teachers

Author: Beverly DeVries
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351614088
Format: PDF, Docs
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The fourth edition of this comprehensive resource helps future and practicing teachers recognize and assess literacy problems, while providing practical, effective intervention strategies to help every student succeed. The author thoroughly explores the major components of literacy, providing an overview of pertinent research, suggested methods and tools for diagnosis and assessment, intervention strategies and activities, and technology applications to increase students' skills. Discussions throughout focus on the needs of English learners, offering appropriate instructional strategies and tailored teaching ideas to help both teachers and their students. Several valuable appendices include assessment tools, instructions and visuals for creating and implementing the book's more than 150 instructional strategies and activities, and other resources.

Assessment for Reading Instruction Third Edition

Author: Michael C. McKenna
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462521053
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This trusted teacher guide and widely adopted text provides a comprehensive conceptual framework and hands-on practical tools for reading assessment. The authors present a clear roadmap for evaluating K-8 students' strengths and weaknesses in each of the basic competencies that good readers need to master. Teachers learn how to select, administer, and interpret a wide range of formal and informal assessments, and how to use the results to improve instruction. In a large-size format for easy photocopying, the book includes 30 reproducible assessment tools. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials. New to This Edition *Chapter on assessing vocabulary. *Additional instruments, including the Informal Decoding Inventory and the Motivation to Read Profile--Revised. *Links to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have been added throughout. *The latest research and more instructional strategies in every area. See also Reading Assessment in an RTI Framework, which offers systematic guidance for conducting assessments in all three tiers of RTI.

Essentials of Integrating the Language Arts

Author: David Yellin
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351813420
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Essentials of Integrating the Language Arts, Fifth Edition, offers students all the practical tools they need to be effective language arts teachers, supported by the necessary theoretical foundation. Like its predecessors, this edition presents a comprehensive approach to teaching the language arts, balancing direct instruction in the communication arts and integrating the language arts with other content areas such as music, art, mathematics, social studies, and science. It explores the important topics of community and caregiver involvement in education and offers thoughtful coverage of diversity in the schools. Practical teaching ideas are found in every chapter. The 5th Edition reflects current teaching practices, field knowledge, and research. Significant changes include: A more streamlined approach to allow readers to move quickly from learning chapter concepts and related theory and research to understanding how they are applied in classroom practices, activities, and strategies Discussion of standards, including the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), with the goal of showing readers how they can apply standards in the classroom to help meet their students' needs New teaching activities that support the chapter topics and align with the CCSS An appendix with more than 25 classroom assessment tools Discussion of current, quality children's and young adult literature, including informational texts, supported by an appendix of annotated lists of books by genre Key Features "In the Classroom" vignettes, describing real teachers implementing language arts strategies and activities with their students "RRP" (Read Research Practice) boxed features, offering ideas for activities and projects "Teaching Activities," which future teachers can use in their own classrooms "Field and Practicum Activities," which readers can use now in field and practicum settings Discussions of technology and websites, to help readers prepare to integrate technology in their own classrooms

The Reading Intervention Toolkit

Author: Laura Robb
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials
ISBN: 1425815138
Format: PDF
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In this must-read book, Laura Robb uses what she's learned from her vast teaching experience to provide the research-based tools needed to improve students' reading comprehension. This practical resource offers classroom-tested interventions to use with struggling readers in 5-, 10 to 15-, and 30 to 40-minute settings. It provides support for everything from assessment to management and implementation, to support students' comprehension of both literary and informational text. This book also demonstrates how teachers can learn about students’ reading needs through their writing about reading and offers practical suggestions for differentiating reading instruction to reach the needs of all readers. The Reading Intervention Toolkit offers student work examples, prompts and sample think-alouds, fiction and nonfiction text passages, data collection/observation forms, and scaffolds to use with each intervention.

English Espa ol Reading Inventory for the Classroom

Author: E. Sutton Flynt
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780139554513
Format: PDF
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This most successful informal reading inventory has been adapted to meet the strong demand for K-12 teachers to assess Spanish-speaking students in their native tongue.Taking a constructivist approach, the authors combine both traditional and holistic methods to determine a student's reading level. Since it can assess a student's reading competency in Spanish as well as English, this inventory is particularly valuable considering the influx of English as a Second Language (ESL) students and Spanish-speaking students in the public schools.Teachers of grades K-12.

Bestattung eines Hundes

Author: Thomas Pletzinger
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 3462304607
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Thomas Pletzingers großartiges Romandebüt zeigt eine Generation zwischen Liebe, Freiheitsdrang und Verantwortung Ein Ethnologe in einer Lebenskrise, ein Kinderbuchautor mit einem Bestseller und einer Ruine am Luganer See, eine finnische Ärztin, ein kleiner Junge ohne Vater, ein mysteriöser Freund, ein sterbender Hund und ein verstecktes Manuskript: Thomas Pletzinger macht daraus eine hochspannende, aberwitzige und anrührende Geschichte. Im Streit verlässt Daniel Mandelkern die großzügige Altbauwohnung im Hamburger Generalsviertel und Elisabeth, seine Frau und Chefin. Sie hat ihm den Auftrag erteilt, den öffentlichkeitsscheuen Autor Dirk Svensson am Luganer See zu besuchen und für den von ihr verantworteten Kulturteil einer Wochenzeitung zu interviewen. Äußerst widerwillig macht Mandelkern sich auf den Weg, hofft aber, dass ihm die Distanz helfen wird, sich klar zu werden – über sein Leben, seine Liebe und die Zukunft seiner Ehe. Schon bei der Ankunft am See ahnt er, dass am Ende seiner Reise mehr stehen wird als das Autorenporträt, das Elisabeth erwartet. Denn Mandelkern ist nicht der einzige Gast. Mit ihm besteigen eine schöne junge Frau und ihr Sohn das Boot, mit dem Svensson und sein dreibeiniger Hund in Lugano anlegen. Es folgen vier Tage in Svenssons Welt, in denen Daniel Mandelkern sich und sein Leben mit anderen Augen zu sehen lernt. Er wird hineingezogen in eine tödliche Dreiecksbeziehung und in ein Manuskript, das er im Gästezimmer findet und das ihn nach New York, Brasilien und tief in das rätselhafte Leben des Dirk Svensson führt. Bestattung eines Hundes erzählt von den Mittdreißigern unserer Tage, die an vielen Orten der Welt gewesen sind, ohne irgendwo zu Hause zu sein, die viel ausprobiert haben, ohne eine Berufung zu finden, die große Pläne geschmiedet haben und nun kleine Lösungen finden müssen. Die alte Geschichte von der Sehnsucht nach Glück und Liebe, Thomas Pletzinger erfindet sie neu, mit einem genauen Blick, sprachlicher Finesse und atmosphärischer Dichte.

Assessing Students with Special Needs

Author: James A. McLoughlin
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780130852090
Format: PDF, ePub
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This comprehensive text for future teachers of learners with disabilities is grounded in the idea that assessment is at the center of all good teaching. Its hallmarks are its accessibility, balanced coverage of both this formal and informal assessment, plus thorough exploration of the link between gathering information and actually using it to make informed decisions. Offering a step-by-step Assessment Question Model on the inside front cover, it equips readers to understand the complete assessment process, from choosing the best tool, to adapting instruction to improving outcomes. Popular, as well as lesser-known, tools are examined in order to acquaint readers with promising procedures for assessing students with special needs.

Strawberry Summer

Author: Joanna Philbin
Publisher: cbt Verlag
ISBN: 3641119057
Format: PDF, ePub
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Eine Sommerromanze zum Verlieben in den legendären Hamptons Sonne, Strand und Meer wünscht sich Rory neben ihrem Sommerjob. Als »Mädchen für alles« wird sie ihre Ferien bei der wohlhabenden Familie Rule in den legendären Hamptons verbringen. Doch es kommt alles anders: Die verwöhnte Tochter des Hauses macht ihr das Leben schwer, und sobald Rory Connor, den Sohn, kennenlernt, ist es um sie geschehen. Die Rules halten Rory allerdings nicht gerade für den richtigen Umgang für ihren Nachwuchs. Und Rory steht plötzlich vor der Entscheidung: Kämpft sie um ihre große Liebe, oder verschwindet sie und kehrt in ihr altes Leben zurück, als sei nichts gewesen?

Wege aus der Working Capital Falle

Author: Erik Hofmann
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783642164149
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In Zeiten wirtschaftlichen Aufschwungs haben Unternehmen häufig mit der Working Capital-Falle zu kämpfen: Sie haben einen steigenden Liquiditätsbedarf bei gleichzeitig erschwertem Zugang zu Fremdkapital. Die Autoren zeigen, wie Unternehmen durch Ermittlung und Stärkung der Innenfinanzierung aus der Working Capital-Falle herausfinden. Lösungskonzepte werden anhand eines Praxisbeispiels verdeutlicht. Mit „Procurement Value Added“ wird ein Instrument präsentiert, mit dem der Beitrag der Beschaffung zum Unternehmenserfolg gemessen werden kann.