The Gladiator s Mistress

Author: Jennifer Bokal
Publisher: Montlake Romance
ISBN: 9781503944589
Format: PDF, ePub
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Phaedra, a dutiful daughter of Rome's most influential senator, has no choice but to marry a man chosen by her father. But a chance encounter with handsome gladiator Valens Secundus sends her pulse racing—and, for the first time, makes her wish she could choose her own fate. They make each other a promise: she'll insist on having the right to select her next husband, and he'll do everything within his power to win his freedom. A gladiatorial champion, Valens has fought his way up from poverty to become a star in the arena. The only two things he craves are his freedom and the luscious Phaedra, both seemingly far out of reach. But four years after their fateful meeting, Phaedra returns to Rome and soon becomes a widow, and Valens answers to no one but himself. They're finally free to explore their fiery passion—while evading a powerful and wealthy new suitor of Phaedra's—until Valens must return to the arena one last time. And in order for Phaedra to control her own destiny and claim her love, Valens will need to survive the battle of his life.

Love Eternally

Author: Morgan O'Neill
Publisher: Crimson Romance
ISBN: 9781440551529
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A witch's ancient curse propels talented flutist Gigi Perrin back to A.D. 408, to the court of the depraved Roman Emperor Honorius and his admirable sister, Princess Galla Placidia. There, Gigi grapples with her disbelief about what has happened, and with the strange, new world of violent politics, social upheaval, and Visigoth barbarians straining at the very gates of an empire. Through it all, she must struggle with her powerful attraction to a pagan senator and military commander, Quintus Magnus, a man exotically different from anyone she has ever known. On the brink of a dark and war-torn age, Gigi joins forces with Magnus, battling to save a princess and her people, and ultimately finding love amid the chaos, before the fall of Rome. "Sensuality Level: Sensual" Morgan O'Neill: Two authors writing as one, Cary Morgan Frates and Deborah O'Neill Cordes invite the reader on a journey to worlds of ancient splendor and abiding love.

Roman Games

Author: Richard Pietz
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462811094
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Donatari had been a gallant young officer with a bright and promising future serving as the Captain of Guard for the Emperor of the Territory of Corinia in what was a peaceful, productive, unobtrusive little country. He, his family, his countrymen, and his country itself find they are nothing more than pawns caught in the middle of the never ending expansion of the Roman Empire. Donatari must learn to survive as a gladiator in the harsh arena of the Province of Gamorah ruled by a Roman Governor and his ruthless, sadistic wife, Krystynia. Many lives are affected by her voracious lust for blood, power, and depraved sexual gratification. The book follows the lives of the citizens and slaves who serve to satisfy the Governess’ insatiable appetites, the most compelling of which are the deadly games of the arena.

Mistress of Rome

Author: Kate Quinn
Publisher: Berkley
ISBN: 9780425263624
Format: PDF, ePub
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A slave girl, Thea, displeases her jealous mistress by her love affair with Rome's newest and most savage gladiator and must remake herself as a singer for Rome's aristocrats, where she catches the eye of the Emperor of Rome. Reprint. 250,000 first printing.

My Wicked Gladiators

Author: Lauren Hawkeye
Publisher: Avon Red
ISBN: 9780062196958
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Alba has spent her entire life pleasing others. As an upper-class woman in Ancient Rome, that is her place in life. But when her husband, Lucius, the owner of a prestigious gladiatorial school, uses her body as a bargaining tool to increase his fortunes, she is faced with doing as he demands—or finding herself on the street. Forced to lie with masked gladiators chosen by Lucius, Alba is surprised to discover pleasure in being powerless. Only in the forbidden arms of Caius and Marcus does she find comfort, however temporary it may be. But with Lucius' demands looming and the threat of death for her gladiators ever present, will Alba's fleeting pleasures be enough? Or will she finally grab hold of her own desires, no matter the consequences?

Breaking the Gladiator

Author: Nicola Rose
ISBN: 9781980429029
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A tale of forbidden love - passion, deceit, blood, anger and hope. Will it all come crashing down around them? Or will love find a way to conquer the hate instilled in them all? Who will be left standing when a gladiator falls for his Domina? Cassian I'm trained to kill... for the amusement of others. Slave. Fighter. Beast. Emotions are a weakness, so I have none; except anger and hate. All the good ones were beaten and starved out of me long ago. I barely even feel pain anymore. But when she touches me? Feelings thrash to the surface, and in my world those are dangerous. She's poison, feeding off my rage for her own sick pleasures. I hate her. She keeps finding cracks and opening them up, squeezing herself inside my chest. She's going to get me killed. Livia I'm Domina of the Atticus ludus, where we train gladiators to compete for victory. Wealthy. Attractive. Powerful husband. It appears I have it all... and I wish I could make myself feel that way. But I'm numb. Too broken to even care. The only time I feel alive is when I'm with my husband's champion gladiator. My slave. In the arena, and the bedroom. It's disgusting for a woman of my rank to sleep with a man like him. He's a dirty, worthless animal. His touch should feel repulsive. His gaze upon me should make my skin crawl. But he's mine. And I want more. Note to readers: Dark Romance!! This novella contains blood and action, and steamy romance between characters battling with dominance and consent issues. Expect a lot of heat and darkness. Because romance isn't always sweet. "I didn't know what to expect out of a gladiator romance, but I can't imagine it being any better than this." -- Jessica, Chatterbooks Book Blog "Dark and twisted, fiery hot and bloody, but I couldn't get enough!" -- Ana, The Stars Listen

Caesar s Women

Author: Colleen McCullough
Publisher: Head of Zeus
ISBN: 1781857946
Format: PDF, Docs
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Rome, 68 BC: Caesar has returned to Rome. Having cut his teeth campaigning in the East, his sites are now set on a new battlefield: the Forum Romanum. This war will be waged with rhetoric and seduction, weapons Caesar will wield with cunning and ruthlessness. Cuckolding political enemies is but a tactic in a broader strategy: Caesar knows that the key to Rome lies with its noblewomen. Whether the powerful, vindictive Servilia, whose son Brutus deeply resents his mother's passionate and destructive relationship with Caesar, or his own daughter Julia, Caesar is prepared to sacrifice them all on the altar of his own ambition. Caesar's women will make his name, and one of them will seal his fate. Please note: This ebook contains all the original maps and illustration.

Beloved Bondage

Author: Katherine Kincaid
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN: 9780821740590
Format: PDF, Kindle
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After purchasing the slave, Lucas, to keep him from fighting in Rome's gladiator arena, Mira finds herself falling in love with this man who was once a proud warrior in his native land. Original.


Author: Tom Holland
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 9780307427519
Format: PDF, Docs
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A vivid historical account of the social world of Rome as it moved from republic to empire. In 49 B.C., the seven hundred fifth year since the founding of Rome, Julius Caesar crossed a small border river called the Rubicon and plunged Rome into cataclysmic civil war. Tom Holland’s enthralling account tells the story of Caesar’s generation, witness to the twilight of the Republic and its bloody transformation into an empire. From Cicero, Spartacus, and Brutus, to Cleopatra, Virgil, and Augustus, here are some of the most legendary figures in history brought thrillingly to life. Combining verve and freshness with scrupulous scholarship, Rubicon is not only an engrossing history of this pivotal era but a uniquely resonant portrait of a great civilization in all its extremes of self-sacrifice and rivalry, decadence and catastrophe, intrigue, war, and world-shaking ambition.