The God of the Hive

Author: Laurie R. King
Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN: 0749010606
Format: PDF, Kindle
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It began as a problem in one of Holmes' beloved beehives, led to a murderous cult, and ended - or so they'd hoped - with a daring escape from a sacrificial altar. Instead, Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, have stirred the wrath and the limitless resources of those they've thwarted. Now they are separated and on the run, wanted by the police, and pursued across the Continent by a ruthless enemy with powerful connections. Unstoppable together, Russell and Holmes will have to survive this time apart, maintaining tenuous contact only by means of coded messages and cryptic notes. With Holmes' young granddaughter in her safekeeping, Russell will have to call on instincts she didn't know she had. But has the couple already made a fatal mistake by separating, making themselves easier targets for the shadowy government agents sent to silence them? From hidden rooms in London shops and rustic forest cabins to rickety planes over Scotland and boats on the frozen North Sea, Russell and Holmes work their way back to each other in the most complex, shocking, and deeply personal case of their career.

Die Botschaft des Feuers

Author: Katherine Neville
Publisher: Diana Verlag
ISBN: 3641027764
Format: PDF, ePub
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Die schwarze Dame führt ins Verderben ... oder rettet die Welt. Entscheidend ist, wer sie findet. Es bringt Tod und Verderben, und doch birgt es das Elixier des Lebens: das Montglane-Spiel. Seit mehr als 200 Jahren versuchen Geheimbünde und machthungrige Staatsmänner, die Formel zu finden, die die in alle Welt verstreuten Figuren des geheimnisvollen Schachspiels bergen. 2003: Alexandras Mutter Kat verschwindet spurlos. Auf der Suche nach ihr entdeckt die Tochter das Geheimnis eines uralten Schachspiels: Das Montglane-Spiel birgt geheime Kräfte und Macht, aber auch große Gefahr in sich. Als Alexandra entdeckt, dass die Figur der schwarzen Dame eine ganz besondere Botschaft enthält, muss sie erkennen, dass es sich um ein Spiel um Leben und Tod handelt ... 1822: Ali Pascha, der mächtigste Herrscher im Osmanischen Reich, schickt kurz vor seiner Ermordung seine Tochter Haidée auf eine gefahrvolle Mission: Sie muss die schwarze Dame, die mächtigste Figur des Montglane-Spiels, in Sicherheit bringen und sie dem einzigen Mann überbringen, der das Spiel noch retten kann ... Zwei Jahrhunderte, ein rätselhaftes Spiel voller Gefahr – das Montglane-Spiel bestimmt das Schicksal seiner Spieler!

Letters from the Hive

Author: Stephen Buchmann
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 9780553901511
Format: PDF
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They work hard, are devoted to family, love sex, and know the importance of a good piece of real estate. Honey bees, and the daily workings of their close-knit colonies, are one of nature's great miracles. And they produce one of nature's greatest edible bounties: honey. More than just a palate pleaser, honey was once an offering to the gods, a preservative, and a medicine whose sought-after curative powers were detailed in ancient texts . . . and are being rediscovered by modern medical science. In Letters from the Hive, Prof. Stephen Buchmann takes us into the hive--nursery, honey factory, queen's inner sanctum--and out to the world of backyard gardens, open fields, and deserts in full bloom, where the age-old sexual dance between flowers and bees makes life on earth as we know it possible. Hailed for their hard work, harmonious society, and, mistakenly, for their celibacy, bees have a link to our species that goes beyond biology. In Letters from the Hive, Buchmann explores the fascinating role of bees in human culture and mythology, following the "honey hunters" of native cultures in Malaysia, the Himalayas, and the Australian Outback as they risk life and limb to locate a treasure as valuable as any gold. To contemplate a world without bees is to imagine a desolate place, culturally and biologically, and Buchmann shows how with each acre of land sacrificed to plow, parking lot, or shopping mall, we inch closer to what could become a chilling reality. He also offers honey-based recipes, cooking tips, and home remedies--further evidence of the gifts these creatures have bestowed on us. Told with wit, wisdom, and affection, and rich with anecdote and science, Letters from the Hive is nature writing at its best. This is natural history to be treasured, a sweet tribute that buzzes with life. From the Hardcover edition.

Die Bienen

Author: Laline Paull
Publisher: Tropen
ISBN: 3608107304
Format: PDF
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Flora 717 ist eine Säuberungsbiene aus der untersten Kaste im Bienenkorb. Ausgestattet mit Fähigkeiten, die ihren Rang weit überschreiten, steigt sie schnell auf und darf sogar an der Seite der Königin leben. Alles scheint perfekt. Doch ohne es zu wollen, gebiert Flora eines Tages ein Ei. Ein Umstand, der allein der Königin vorbehalten ist und bei Missachtung schwer bestraft wird. Es beginnt ein Wettlauf um Zeit, Nahrung und Geschicklichkeit, um ihr Leben und das ihres geliebten Kindes zu bewahren. Laline Paull inszeniert gekonnt einen Roman über Aufstieg, Liebe und Gerechtigkeit.

The Hive Construct

Author: Alexander Maskill
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448171016
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Situated deep in the Sahara Desert, New Cairo is a city built on technology – from the huge, life-giving solar panels that keep it functioning in a radically changed, resource-scarce world to the artificial implants that have become the answer to all and any of mankind's medical problems. But it is also a divided city, dominated by a handful of omnipotent corporate dynasties. And when a devastating new computer virus begins to spread through the poorest districts, shutting down the life-giving implants that enable so many to survive, the city begins to slide into the anarchy of violent class struggle. Hiding amidst the chaos is Zala Ulora. A gifted hacker and fugitive from justice, she believes she might be able to earn her life back by tracing the virus to its source and destroying it before it destroys the city. Or before the city destroys itself . . . With its vivid characters, bold ideas and explosive action, The Hive is science fiction at its most exciting, inventive and accessible.

Life Lessons from the Hive

Author: M. J. Miller
ISBN: 9781979304023
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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LIFE LESSONS FROM THE HIVE takes us safely into the world of the honey bee, a world that is spectacular, magnificent, and direct evidence of an almighty God and His creations.M. J. Miller interjects the humor of her own personality to explain the life and work of bees as she carries the reader from close understanding of bees to a deeper understanding of life with Jesus. Her parallels not only inform, but they also inspire the reader to contemplate the spiritual purpose of his or her own life.