Climbing the Hill

Author: Karen Foerstel
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275949143
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Climbing the Hill" explores the history and current status of women members and staff on Capitol Hill. It traces the difficult history of women in Congress, their slow and painful path to political power and their hopes and fears of today. It presents a comprehensive analysis of women's success at the polls and within the congressional hierarchy--legislatively, politically, and socially. Through in-depth research and extensive personal interviews, the authors reveal the deep-rooted sexual divisions within the U.S. Congress and the continuing struggle of women to break into the old boy network. The book's comprehensive coverage is unique and up-to-date and will be of interest to scholars, students, and interested layreaders.

Taking it to the Hill

Author: David McInnes
Publisher: Univ of Ottawa Pr
ISBN: 9780776604879
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Governance Series probes the distribution of rights, obligations, and power that underpins organizations and social systems. It examines how groups co-ordinate activities and maintain coherence; it explores sources of dysfunction and reconstruction options. This new series also examines the complex ways in which the private, public, and civic sector co-ordinate their activities with the manner in which citizens produce governance through active participation in a democratic society, and with the processes required to ensure good stewardship.Appearing before a parliamentary committee is like meeting your in-laws for the first time. Now is not the time to make a bad impression. The standing committees of the House of Commons and Senate make it possible for practically any person or group to access the policy making process. This is a forum for politicians and Canadians to clash or collaborate. But how does a witness effectively manage this opportunity?Drawing on years of first hand experience, David McInnes guides prospective witnesses through parliamentary rules, the process, the pitfalls and the opportunities of being heard

The Hill

Author: Craig Higginson
Publisher: Jacana Media
ISBN: 9781770090514
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Set in a Drakensberg boarding school in the early 1980s, this eerily realistic novel examines San mythology through an 11-year-old boy’s unusual bond with nature and the supernatural. Haunted by dreams of creatures conjured by his culture’s mythology and encouraged by the enthusiastic teachings of an overly friendly school teacher, Andrew makes the Hill his retreat. Seeking solace, his trips to the Hill turn into a real-life nightmare as his mentor uses the area’s isolation and his student’s trust as an opportunity for abuse. A fusion of boyhood innocence, ancient lore, and the harsh reality of adult life, love, and betrayal, this haunting tale of obsession and trauma is at times both heartwarming and achingly sad.

The Hill Fights

Author: Edward F. Murphy
Publisher: Presidio Press
ISBN: 0307417123
Format: PDF
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While the seventy-seven-day siege of Khe Sanh in early 1968 remains one of the most highly publicized clashes of the Vietnam War, scant attention has been paid to the first battle of Khe Sanh, also known as “the Hill Fights.” Although this harrowing combat in the spring of 1967 provided a grisly preview of the carnage to come at Khe Sanh, few are aware of the significance of the battles, or even their existence. For more than thirty years, virtually the only people who knew about the Hill Fights were the Marines who fought them. Now, for the first time, the full story has been pieced together by acclaimed Vietnam War historian Edward F. Murphy, whose definitive analysis admirably fills this significant gap in Vietnam War literature. Based on first-hand interviews and documentary research, Murphy’s deeply informed narrative history is the only complete account of the battles, their origins, and their aftermath. The Marines at the isolated Khe Sanh Combat Base were tasked with monitoring the strategically vital Ho Chi Minh trail as it wound through the jungles in nearby Laos. Dominated by high hills on all sides, the combat base had to be screened on foot by the Marine infantrymen while crack, battle-hardened NVA units roamed at will through the high grass and set up elaborate defenses on steep, sun-baked overlooks. Murphy traces the bitter account of the U.S. Marines at Khe Sanh from the outset in 1966, revealing misguided decisions and strategies from above, and capturing the chain of hill battles in stark detail. But the Marines themselves supply the real grist of the story; it is their recollections that vividly re-create the atmosphere of desperation, bravery, and relentless horror that characterized their combat. Often outnumbered and outgunned by a hidden enemy—and with buddies lying dead or wounded beside them—these brave young Americans fought on. The story of the Marines at Khe Sanh in early 1967 is a microcosm of the Corps’s entire Vietnam War and goes a long way toward explaining why their casualties in Vietnam exceeded, on a Marine-in-combat basis, even the tremendous losses the Leathernecks sustained during their ferocious Pacific island battles of World War II. The Hill Fights is a damning indictment of those responsible for the lives of these heroic Marines. Ultimately, the high command failed them, their tactics failed them, and their rifles failed them. Only the Marines themselves did not fail. Under fire, trapped in a hell of sudden death meted out by unseen enemies, they fought impossible odds with awesome courage and uncommon valor. From the Hardcover edition.

On the Hill

Author: Lisa Jahn-Clough
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547562186
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Camille lives on one side of the hill, and Franzi lives on the other, but neither one knows that the other is there. They both love their own little houses and all of their animals, but something is missing. So one day Camille and Franzi each set off around the hill in search of someone with whom to dance, to share interesting conversations, and to tell stories at bedtime. Readers of all ages will find good company in this simple, charming tale of finding love and making room for it to grow.

Knights of the Hill Country

Author: Tim Tharp
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0307486818
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In a small Oklahoma town, one star linebacker must decide what kind of man he wants to be--both on and off the field. Welcome to Kennisaw--where Friday night high school football ranks right up there with God and country, and sometimes even comes in first. This year, the Kennisaw Knights are going for their fifth straight undefeated season, and if they succeed, they'll be more than the best high school team in the eastern Oklahoma hill country--they'll be legends. But the Knights' legacy is a heavy weight to carry for Hampton, linebacker and star of the team. On the field, he's so in control you'd think he was able to stop time. But his life off the field is a different story. His father walked out on him and his mom years ago, and now his mom has a new boyfriend every week. He's drawn to a smart, quirky girl at school--the type a star athlete just isn't supposed to associate with. And meanwhile, his best friend and teammate Blaine--the true friend who first introduced Hampton to football back when he had nothing else--is becoming uncomfortably competitive, and he's demanding Hampton's loyalty even as Hampton thinks he's going too far. This unforgettable novel is the story of a boy whose choices will decide the kind of man he becomes, and raises powerful questions about sportsmanship, loyalty, and the deceptiveness of legends.

Up the Hill to Baker River School

Author: Betsy Bergquist
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1608443876
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Born in 1932, Betsy grew up in a family and a time where emotional needs of children were not well understood. In this void, she experienced her own education as unrelated to her own curiosity or needs, or to the only career available to her, that of wife and mother. The fulfillment of her expected role was dramatically challenged in the 1960's and 70's, especially by the women's movement, and also by frustrating encounters as a parent with her children's educators and the values of the system they embodied. In response, she spearheaded a huge shift in her family's lifestyle and catalyzed the creation, with her husband Bruce, of Baker River School, the subject of Up the Hill to Baker River School, which operated from 1977 to 1983. Since this unique experiment, which erased self-doubts about her intelligence and jump-started her self-confidence and motivation to learn, she has earned graduate degrees from Dartmouth (MALS, 1988) and Antioch Seattle (MA in Psychology, 1991), and been a relationship counselor, coach, and workshop presenter specializing in work with couples. More recently she has added professional health coaching to her practice. Up the Hill to Baker River School is a mother's story of overcoming the limiting beliefs and assumptions of her own childhood, as well as the rigidities of the educational system her family encountered in the 1960's and 70's. The powerful result of her dissatisfactions was the creation, with her husband Bruce, of the school that is her central subject. Here she describes her upbringing, typical of suburbia of the 1930, s, 40's, and 50's: a world with scant awareness of emotions and their role, where school for girls and women served mainly as a place to find a husband, and where Betsy feared she was neither smart nor understood. From there we follow her marriage and motherhood, and in the backdrop of a dramatically changing world, to a series of events that transformed her family's lifestyle and opened the door for the creation of Baker River School. In an engaging description of pivotal moments in the life of the school, the book makes a strong case for the development of emotional literacy and real-world testing of important questions as critical to all students, and to teachers like Betsy Bergquist as well.