What to Expect from the Holy Spirit

Author: Earl D. Radmacher
Publisher: Redeeming Press
ISBN: 1939992338
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Christian world has shown a remarkable interest in the Holy Spirit in recent decades. A host of articles and books have been published to define the Spirit’s ministry in the church today. The charismatic movement has focused attention upon the sign gifts, leading believers to wonder if they have all of the Spirit they should have, and to think that maybe they’ve been missing something. Dr. Earl Radmacher discusses the Holy Spirit’s ministry today, pointing out that he was sent to focus our attention upon Christ, not upon Himself. Therefore, Christians can expect from the Holy Spirit. · Power for Witness · Protection for the Church · Provision of Gifts · Possession of the Body Member Sincere Bible-believing Christians who want clear, scriptural teaching on this subject will benefit greatly from reading this book. It answers questions about the Spirit that have been raised today, and it explains the relationship between the Holy Spirit and Christ, who is the Head of the church.

Hope for Each Day

Author: Billy Graham
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
ISBN: 9781404187870
Format: PDF, Docs
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"Hope For Each Day," a 365-day devotional, gives readers an opportunity to journal their thoughts and prayers as they dwell on all the things God has done for them.

Spirit Filled Teaching

Author: Roy B. Zuck
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785252030
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Acclaimed teacher Roy B. Zuck reveals how teachers can tap into the power of divine energy to fulfill their calling and use their gifts at a deeper level. By applying these timeless, spirit-focused principles, teachers will learn how to teach more effectively and inspire students spiritually.

Prayer the Great Adventure

Author: Dr. David Jeremiah
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 0307831280
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this re-release of a Gold Medallion award-winner, Dr. David Jeremiah addresses the challenges to prayer that we all face and the answers to prayer we often miss. He gently encourages us to take the first steps toward fostering a rewarding relationship with God. Drawing from his insightful prayer journals, Dr. Jeremiah shares his personal experiences - both blessings and struggles - teaching us how to embark on the most satisfying of trips, the great adventure of prayer.

These Are the Days of Elijah

Author: R. T. Kendall
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441261273
Format: PDF
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Bestselling Author and Theologian Explores the Life and Ministry of Elijah Known for his in-depth yet accessible teaching, beloved author R. T. Kendall delves into the life of one of the most famous and most relatable persons in the Old Testament: Elijah. Drawn from a popular sermon series Dr. Kendall preached at Westminster Chapel in London, this discussion taken from 1 and 2 Kings traces the prophet's life and ministry from his first appearance and his confrontation with King Ahab until the time he is taken up to heaven. Kendall shows how even this revered prophet--an ordinary man with many imperfections--was used tremendously by God. A great study for both individuals and groups.

Leading with a Limp

Author: Dan B. Allender
Publisher: WaterBrook
ISBN: 0307550346
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Put your flawed foot forward. Pick up most leadership books and you’ll find strategies for leveraging your power and minimizing your areas of weakness. But think about the leaders whose names have gone down in history. Most of them were so messed up that, if they were looking for work today, no executive placement service would give them the time of day. God’s criteria for choosing leaders runs counter to the conventional wisdom. Our culture equates strength with effectiveness, but God favors leaders who know the value of brokenness. In Leading With a Limp, you’ll discover what makes flawed leaders so successful. They’re not preoccupied with protecting their image, they are undaunted by chaos and complexity, they are ready to risk failure in moving an organization from what is to what should be. God chooses leaders who aren’t deceived by the myths of power and control, but who realize that God’s power is found in brokenness. If you are a leader–or if you have been making excuses to avoid leading–find out how you can take full advantage of your weakness. A limping leader is the person God uses to accomplish amazing things. To go deeper, check out the Leading With a Limp Workbook. From the Hardcover edition.

Pure Desire

Author: Gary Inrig
Publisher: Discovery House
ISBN: 1572934999
Format: PDF
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How do we live the Christian life in today’s sex-saturated, self-gratifying culture where moral values are constantly under attack and where sin distorts all that God designed? Gary Inrig addresses this dilemma by providing a practical understanding of God’s original purpose for His good gift of human sexuality. Pure Desire anchors moral conviction in specific passages of Scripture and offers wise counsel on how to face the challenge of the culture by applying the standards of God’s revelation. Pure Desire encourages us to have a deep desire to not only avoid sexual sin but to pursue holiness for our good and for the glory of God.

Who s Afraid of the Holy Spirit

Author: Daniel B. Wallace
Publisher: Bible Studies Press
ISBN: 0737500689
Format: PDF, Mobi
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While not endorsing what they consider to be the excesses of Pentecostalism, the charismatic movement, and the Third Wave, Sawyer and Wallace have embraced what they have tentatively called pneumatic Christianity. They contend that the way much of evangelical cessationism has developed is reactionary and reductionistic. Rather than focus upon scriptural images of the Holy Spirit as a presence deep within the soul of the believer, many cessationists have reactively denied experience in opposition to the Pentecostal overemphasis upon experience, which at times supplanted the revealed truth of scripture.

Union with Christ

Author: Rankin Wilbourne
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 1434710874
Format: PDF, Docs
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Winner of the 2017 Christian Book Award for New Author Named one of the top books of 2016 by John Piper's Desiring God ministry To experience why the gospel is good news and answer life’s most foundational questions about identity, destiny, and purpose, we must understand what it means to be united to Christ. If you are a Christian, the Bible says that Christ has united his life to yours, that you are now in Christ and Christ is in you. This almost unfathomable truth is the central theme of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Yet few Christians today experience or enjoy this reality. Union with Christ reveals the transformational power of this ancient doctrine while addressing the basic questions of the human heart: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Where Am I Headed? How Will I Get There? Nothing is more practical for living the Christian life than union with Christ. The recovery of this reality provides the anchor and engine for your life with God—for your destiny is not only to see Christ, but to actually become like him.

Meet Me in the Library

Author: Charles R. Swindoll
ISBN: 9781579728915
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Selections Chuck Swindoll's favorite books and his favorite authors and how they shaped his life.