The Idea of a Critical Theory

Author: Raymond Geuss
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521284226
Format: PDF, Docs
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Habermas and earlier members of the Frankfurt School have presented critical theory as a radically new form of knowledge. It is differentiated from the natural sciences as essentially 'reflective': the knowledge it provides guides us towards enlightenment as to our true interests, and emancipation from often unsuspected forms of external and internal coercion. Its first paradigms are in the writings of Marx and Freud. In this book Raymond Geuss sets out these fundamental claims and asks whether they can be made good. Is a science which does not simply describe and explain social phenomena, but also criticizes? The concept of ideology plays a crucial role in this discussion. Geuss carefully analyses it here, its relation to our beliefs and interests, and the account of truth and confirmation required by its critique and the concomitant goal of self-knowledge. The book does not presuppose acquaintance with the works of the Frankfurt School and can serve as a lucid introduction to their central, distinctive theses. But in its scrupulous and incisive consideration of these, and the modified support for them that emerges, it will also interest experts on critical theory and others concerned with the methods and purposes of the social sciences in general.

Wittgenstein and the Idea of a Critical Social Theory

Author: Nigel Pleasants
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113465734X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book uses the philosophy of Wittgenstein as a perspective from which to challenge the very idea of critical social theory, represented preeminently by Giddens, Habermas and Bhaskar. Renouncing the quest for an alternative Wittgensteinian theory of social and political life, the author shows that Wittgenstein nevertheless has considerable significance for critical thought and practice.

Against Nature

Author: Steven Vogel
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791430453
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Against Nature examines the history of the concept of nature in the tradition of Critical Theory, with chapters on Lukacs, Horkheimer and Adorno, Marcuse, and Habermas. It argues that the tradition has been marked by significant difficulties with respect to that concept; that these problems are relevant to contemporary environmental philosophy as well; and that a solution to them requires taking seriously--and literally--the idea of nature as socially constructed.

Kritik der Souver nit t

Author: Daniel Loick
Publisher: Campus Verlag
ISBN: 3593395142
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Die Studie stellt das für die Ideengeschichte und die politische Praxis zentrale Konzept der Souveränität infrage. Denn dieses Konzept wird durch die »Ironie der Geschichte« im Grunde obsolet: Das staatliche Gewaltmonopol, so zeigt Daniel Loick anhand der Entwicklung des modernen Souveränitätsbegriffs, schließt immer auch ein Element nicht zu rechtfertigender Gewalt ein. Das gilt selbst für Formen demokratisch oder deliberativ legitimierter Souveränität. Vor dem Hintergrund der realen Umbrüche innerhalb der internationalen politischen Institutionen fragt er nach Möglichkeiten, das Konzept der Souveränität zu überwinden: Wie lässt sich der gesellschaftliche Zusammenhalt auf andere Art sichern als mit Mitteln der Gewalt?

Critical Theory

Author: David M. Rasmussen
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
ISBN: 9780761942498
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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'The critical theory of the Frankfurt School continues to be an important influence on many disciplines, ranging from philosophy and social theory to cultural studies and art history. David Rasmussen has collected key classical texts that provide introductions, overviews, and critical interrogations of dominant theorists and positions of the Frankfurt School. This is a valuable resource that students of contemporary theory should find of use and import' Professor Doug Kellner George F. Kneller Philosophy of Education Chair, Social Sciences and Comparative Education, UCLA This is a major assessment of the Frankfurt School and of Critical Theory. Volume I looks at the origins of the School in the 1920's through to the 1940's focussing on the key themes - the critique of German idealism, reading of Marx, use of the dialectical methods - and the key thinkers - Horkheimer, Benjamin, Adorno, and Marcuse. In Volume II, the ideas of "critique", of reason, and of rationality are examined - this includes work on the early Frankfurt School as well as issues like society and technology. The focus of Volume III is the literature on subjectivity, ethics, and politics - reviewing socialisation and solidarity; situatedness; morality; and the public sphere. The final volume looks at the future of Critical Theory - the role of social criticism, the relation to postmodernism, to psychology, to aesthetics, feminism and the family, and to religion. Rich, textured, and systematic - this is a completely up-to-date overview of Critical Theory which will be the standard reference for libraries and scholars of Social Theory

A Study on the Idea of Progress in Nietzche Heidegger and Critical Theory

Author: Giuseppe Tassone
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press
ISBN: 9780773472815
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book challenges the current general mood of disillusionment of belief in progress. By confronting the nihilistic - Nietzsche and Heidegger - and the utopian -Adorno, Horkheimer and Marcuse - critiques of progress, it pursues a revitalization of the humanist tradition.

A Dictionary of Critical Theory

Author: Ian Buchanan
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191034649
Format: PDF, ePub
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Containing over 750 in-depth entries, this is the most wide-ranging and up-to-date dictionary of critical theory available. It covers the whole range of critical theory, including the Frankfurt school, cultural materialism, cultural studies, gender studies, film studies, literary theory, hermeneutics, historical materialism, internet studies, and sociopolitical critical theory. Entries clearly explain even the most complex of theoretical discourses, such as Marxism, psychoanalysis, structuralism, deconstruction, and postmodernism. There are biographies of important figures in the field, with feature entries for those who have heavily influenced areas of the discipline, e.g. Deleuze. Entries are fully cross-referenced and contain further reading where appropriate. To provide extra information this edition features an appendix of recommended web links, which are accessible via the Dictionary of Critical Theory companion website, where they are also checked regularly and kept up to date. Covering all aspects of the subject from globalization and race studies, to queer theory and feminism, this multidisciplinary A-Z is essential for students of literary and cultural studies and is useful for anyone studying a humanity subject requiring a knowledge of theory.