The Knife Thrower

Author: Steven Millhauser
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307763870
Format: PDF, ePub
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Included in this short story collection is "The Sisterhood of the Night", now a major motion picture. From the bestselling author of Martin Dressler, this volume explores the magnificent obsessions of the unfettered imagination, as well as the darker, subterranean currents that fuel them. With the panache of an old-fashioned magician, Steven Millhauser conducts his readers from the dark corners beneath the sunlit world to a balloonist's tour of the heavens. He transforms department stores and amusement parks into alternate universes of infinite plentitude and menace. He unveils the secrets of a maker of automatons and a coven of teenage girls. And on every page of The Knife Thrower and Other Stories, Millhauser confirms his stature as a narrative enchanter in the tradition of Nabokov, Calvino, and Borges.

The Knife thrower s Partner

Author: Douglas Smith
Publisher: Wolsak & Wynn Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780919897151
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Knife-Thrower's Partner is Douglas Burnet Smith's sixth book of poetry. The poems tell a compelling story, bound to grip the reader.

A Poem for Everyone

Author: Michael Harrison
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780192762511
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Poems about all kinds of people, for all kinds of people, written by all kinds of people.

Knife thrower

Author: Boyd Richardson
Publisher: Covenant Communications Inc
ISBN: 9781555036836
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Immanuel Papers

Author: Peter Adams
Publisher: Authors On Line Ltd
ISBN: 9780755200856
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In the silent shrouds of mist the Soviet nuclear Immanuel Class submarine is the focus of intrigue and foreboding as Mike Delmar investigates the activities of the FSB intelligence service and the hope of the Soviet sailor Ivan Godunov.

Law and Morality at War

Author: Adil Ahmad Haque
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191511196
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The laws are not silent in war, but what should they say? What is the moral function of the law of armed conflict? Should the law protect civilians who do not fight but help those who do? Should the law protect soldiers who perform non-combat functions or who may be safely captured? How certain should a soldier be that an individual is a combatant rather than a civilian before using lethal force? What risks should soldiers take on themselves to avoid harming civilians? When do inaccurate weapons become unlawfully indiscriminate? When does 'collateral damage' to civilians become unlawfully disproportionate? Should civilians lose their legal rights by serving, voluntarily or involuntarily, as human shields? Finally, when should killing civilians constitute a war crime? These are the questions that Law and Morality at War answers, contributing to a cutting-edge international debate. Drawing on the concepts and methods of contemporary moral and legal philosophy, the book develops a normative framework within which the laws of war and international criminal law can be evaluated, criticized, and reformed. While several philosophical works critically examine the moral status of civilians and combatants, this book fills a gap, offering both an account of the laws of war and war crimes, and proposing how the law could be improved from a moral point of view.

Mastery and Lost Illusions

Author: Wlodzimierz Borodziej
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 311036431X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This volume highlights the specific experiences and challenges of modernity in twentieth-century Eastern and Central Europe. Contributors ask how spatial and temporal conditions shaped the region’s transformation from a rural to an urban, industrialized society in this period and investigate the state’s role in the mastery of space, particularly in the context of state socialism.

The Knife Thrower s Assistant

Author: Ronnie Claire Edwards
Publisher: Hawk Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781930709164
Format: PDF, Kindle
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For years, a close circle of friends have been thrilled and enchanted by actress Ronnie Claire Edwards' vivid and hilarious stores -- tall tales and yarns that have earned her a reputation as one of Hollywood's greatest raconteurs. Now, for the first time, Edwards has taken pen in hand to write those precious stories down. And the strangest thing is -- they're all true! In a unique voice reminiscent of both Mark Twain and Eudora Welty, Edwards recounts the adventures that made hers a life unlike any other, filled with the quirky, the hair-raising, and the absurd. She writes about performing at rowdy (not to mention dangerous) mining camps, her strange and mystical experiences with the gypsies, and her true-life adventures as the Knife- Thrower's Assistant. She introduces readers to a wild and wooly assortment of oddballs and eccentrics, including Miz Arnette, who rewrote the Old Testament; Slim Rorem, the champion snake handler; Big Faye of the Fandango Hall and the Texas Four-Legged Woman; and her Uncle Homer, who fought with Pancho Villa and performed in the Pawnee Bill Wild West Show. At the centerpiece of her memoir, Edwards recalls her unconventional, irrepressible Mama and her cherished Papa, whose letters form the foundation and heart of the book. In The Knife Thrower's Assistant, Ronnie Claire Edwards creates a style all her own, what Fannie Flagg, in her Foreword, calls "Oklahoma Gothic." If there wasn't such a thing before -- there certainly is now.

We Others

Author: Steven Millhauser
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1780334001
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A magnificent collection from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author: stories from across three decades that showcase his indomitable imagination. Steven Millhauser's fiction has consistently, and to dazzling effect, dissolved the boundaries between reality and fantasy, waking life and dreams, the past and the future, darkness and light, love and lust. The stories gathered here unfurl in settings as disparate as nineteenth-century Vienna, a contemporary Connecticut town, the corridors of a monstrous museum, and Thomas Edison's laboratory, and they are inhabited by a wide-ranging cast of characters, including a knife thrower and teenage boys, ghosts and a cartoon cat and mouse. But all of the stories are united in their unfailing power to surprise and enchant. From the earliest to the stunning, previously unpublished novella-length title story-in which a man who is dead, but not quite gone, reaches out to two lonely women-Millhauser "makes our world turn amazing" (The New York Times Book Review). With this collection, Steven Millhauser carves out ever more deeply his wondrous place in the American literary canon. Praise for Steven Millhauser's Dangerous Laughter "There is a ferocious restlessness in [these] stories, a mingling of desire and dread...mesmerizing" - Cathleen Medwick, O, The Oprah Magazine "Tales fuelled by curiosity and wonder, from a master...dazzling" - Jeff Turrentine, Washington Post Book World "Beautiful and profound...Millhauser's work is among the most thought-provoking I've ever encountered" - David L. Ulin, Los Angeles Times Book Review "Millhauser is a marvel...Dangerous Laughter shimmers with eccentric research, sinuous explorations of the mysteries of artistic creation, and his preternatural sensitivity to the inner lives of children and experience that leaves [us] dazzles, enchanted" - Daniel Dyer, Cleveland Plain Dealer "Absorbing, impeccably imagined...the best [stories] linger strangely, like ghostly taps on your shoulder" - Gregory Kirschling, Entertainment Weekly "Prose wizardry...of such melodic wit and finesse that it's more akin to musicmaking than story telling" - Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times "Millhauser's lifelong loves-of cartoons, magic, board games, mechanical marvels of the 19th century and the quiet moments of daily life-shine through, and his taste for language and grasp of storytelling are flawless. Truly amazing stories." - Stewart O'Nan

Knife Tomahawk Throwing

Author: Harry K. McEvoy
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462902839
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Knife & Tomahawk Throwing helps keep alive these traditional arts of the old West. In these pages you will learn about the fundamentals of the sport and gain insight into some of the greatest professional knife throwers–the men who paved the way for the modern day thrower." — Bobby Branton, President of the American Knife Thrower's Alliance (AKTA) Harry McEvoy, foremost expert in the field of tomahawk and knife throwing and best-selling author of Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide, provides us with an exciting, in-depth look at the popular sport of weapon throwing. Meet the men who throw flaming knives at lovely ladies on a spinning target—and not scorch a hair; learn about the legendary "Skeeter" Vaughan, whose record-breaking throw saved the lives of hundreds of U.S. servicemen during World War II; and witness the courage of Tony Cascarella, who brought down a 275-pound wild boar with only three Bowie-Axe throwing knives. In addition, this book will clearly show you the skills involved in knife and tomahawk throwing—skills all the professionals first mastered before attempting the daring feats required when performing the "impalement arts." Also presented is an interesting history of throwing-knives, from the earliest times, through the development of the European daggers, and up to the knives used during the Vietnam War. Furthermore, you'll learn about many of the other throwing weapons of the world, including the martial arts weapons used by the Japanese ninja, and the deadly boomerangs of the Australian aborigines. Concisely written and illustrated with more than 50 photographs—including many of the "greats" in action—Knife and Tomahawk Throwing is a must for anyone interested in these fascinating sports. Chapters include: The Fine Points of Knife Throwing How to Build Targets Evolution of the Throwing Knife The Art of the Professionals The Saga of Skeeter Vaughn Tomahawk Throwing The Hunt of the "Hog Heaven" Boar The Other Throwing Instruments