The Legal Considerations in Business Financing

Author: Alan S. Gutterman
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780899307992
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This comprehensive guide to all the essential legal and business considerations in financing the business activities of the modern corporation. Readers are provided with a clear and concise introduction to the legal and contractual framework that governs the major capital raising transactions in which a firm might be involved, with a particular emphasis upon the federal and state securities laws. An indispensable resource for consummating any private investment transaction, public offering, or commerical loan transaction, as well as dealing with disclosure requirements, the structuring of underwriting arrangements, and complying with public company responsibilities. Intended for entrepreneurs and managers at firms of all sizes.

The Law of Domestic and International Strategic Alliances

Author: Alan S. Gutterman
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780899305493
Format: PDF, ePub
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The comprehensive guide to all the essential legal and business considerations in structuring domestic and international strategic business alliances. Readers are provided with a clear and concise introduction to the various domestic and international laws and regulations that impact strategic business relationships, including intellectual property law, antitrust law, commercial law, tax law, agency and distribution laws, and foreign investment laws. An indispensable resource for consummating sales representation arrangements, licensing arrangements, research and development arrangements, manufacturing and distribution arrangements, joint ventures, equity investment, and negotiated acquisitions. The book is intended for entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals. Entrepreneurs, executives, lawyers, accounts, and others involved in structuring cooperative business arrangements will benefit from the step-by-step approach to each strategic business relationship. The book provides guidance on each of the crucial steps in the negotiation process, including the selection of the prospective strategic business partner, the protection of trade secrets and confidential information, the due diligence process, representations and warranties, and dispute resolutions. Readers will gain an understanding of the essential bodies of law that might affect a relationship, such as intellectual property law, antitrust and competition law, laws relating to the sale of goods, agency and distribution laws, tax laws, export controls and antiboycott laws, and foreign inbound investment and technology transfer laws. The book covers each basic strategic business relationship that a firm might enter into to facilitate the development, manufacture, and distribution of products and services, including long-term functional contracts and joint ventures, minority investments, and negotiated acquisitions.

Encyclopedia of Alternative Investments

Author: Greg N. Gregoriou
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420064896
Format: PDF, ePub
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A pioneering reference essential in any financial library, the Encyclopedia of Alternative Investments is the most authoritative source on alternative investments for students, researchers, and practitioners in this area. Containing 545 entries, the encyclopedia focuses on hedge funds, managed futures, commodities, and venture capital. It features contributions from well-known, respected academics and professionals from around the world. More than a glossary, the book includes academic references for money managers and investors who want to understand the jargon and delve into the definitions. About the Editor Greg N. Gregoriou, Ph.D., is Professor of Finance in the School of Business and Economics at the State University of New York, Plattsburgh, USA. A prolific author, Dr. Gregoriou is hedge fund editor of the Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds as well as an editorial board member of the Journal of Wealth Management and the Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions. His research primarily focuses on hedge funds and managed futures.

The Corporate Finance Handbook

Author: Jonathan Reuvid
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749447028
Format: PDF, Docs
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Corporate finance is central to almost every major decision a company takes and yet, due to its complexity, it is only vaguely understood by the majority of company directors and corporate decision-makers. This jargon-free handbook provides a practical guide to the intricacies of corporate finance in a form that is easily accessible to hard-pressed CEOs and their boardroom colleagues, and is particularly relevant to middle-market UK companies. Fully revised and updated, this new edition of The Corporate Finance Handbook offers authoritative advice on financing issues related to growth and acquisition, debt restructuring, private and public equity, export expansion, risk management and improving cash flow. It will give senior executives all they need to know both to manage their business finances creatively and to deal effectively with banks, investors, accountants and professional advisers. A wide range of expert contributions includes advice on: -financing growth; -debt and structure finance; -private equity markets; -MBOs (and buy-ins); -flotations; -mergers and acquisitions -management issues in generating investment

Mergers and Acquisitions

Author: Edwin L. Miller, Jr.
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119276772
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The legal, financial, and business primer to the M&A process Mergers and Acquisitions offers accessible step-by-step guidance through the M&A process to provide the legal and financial background required to navigate these deals successfully. From the initial engagement letter to the final acquisition agreement, this book delves into the mechanics of the process from beginning to end, favoring practical advice and actionable steps over theoretical concepts. Coverage includes deal structure, corporate structuring considerations, tax issues, public companies, leveraged buyouts, troubled businesses and more, with a uniquely solution-oriented approach to the M&A process. This updated second edition features new discussion on cross-border transactions and "pseudo" M&A deals, and the companion websites provides checklists and sample forms to facilitate organization and follow-through. Mergers and acquisitions are complex, and problems can present themselves at each stage of the process; even if the deal doesn't fall through, you may still come out with less than you bargained for. This book is a multi-disciplinary primer for anyone navigating an M&A, providing the legal, financial, and business advice that helps you swing the deal your way. Understand the legal mechanics of an M&A deal Navigate the process with step-by-step guidance Compare M&A structures, and the rationale behind each Solve common issues and avoid transactional missteps Do you know what action to take when you receive an engagement letter, confidentiality agreement, or letter of intent? Do you know when to get the banker involved, and how? Simply assuming the everything will work out well guarantees that it will—for the other side. Don't leave your M&A to chance; get the information and tools you need to get it done right. Mergers and Acquisitions guides you through the process step-by-step with expert insight and real-world advice.

The Chancellor Guide to the Legal and Shari a Aspects of Islamic Finance

Author: Hymayon A. Dar
Publisher: Chancellor Publications
ISBN: 1899217096
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Unprecedented economic growth and wealth accumulation in predominately Muslim countries have prompted many financial institutions in the US and Europe to position their investment teams across the Middle East and Asia to be closer to the markets in which they invest, and to take advantage or asset-gathering opportunities. This growth has also encouraged an increasing number of western industrialised countries to adopt legislation that responds to the requirements of the Musli investment community. To be effective in these markets it is essential that professionals have an understanding of how Shari'a legal principles are applied in the financial sector. Failure to do so exposes them and their clients to potential financial, legal and reputational pitfalls. The Chancellor Guide to the Legal and Shari'a Aspects of Islamic Finance is the first professional reference to focus specifically on the legal dimension of Islamic Finance. The guide brings together nineteen Islamic Finance legal practitioners and advisers to provide a comprehensive yet practical legal perspective on the subject. Each contributor draws on several years' hands-on experience in Islamic Finance product development and advice to leading financial institutions to provide a real-world, contemporary assessment of the key legal issues in Islamic Finance. The guide's hands-on approach and accessible style make it required reading for everyone with a professional interest in Islamic Finance, be they lawyers, accountants, regulators, bankers or investors. It is also a unique reference for academic institutions worldwide.

The Independent Filmmaker s Law and Business Guide

Author: Jon M. Garon
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1569763976
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Preparing independent or guerrilla filmmakers for the legal, financial, and organizational questions that can doom a project if unanswered, this guide demystifies issues such as developing a concept, founding a film company, obtaining financing, securing locations, casting, shooting, granting screen credits, distributing, exhibiting, and marketing a film. Updated to include digital marketing and distribution strategies through YouTube or webisodes, it also anticipates the problems generated by a blockbuster hit: sound tracks, merchandizing, and licensing. Six appendices provide sample contracts, copyright forms and circulars, Writer's Guild of America definitions for writing credits, and studio contact information.