The Limits of Competition Policy

Author: A. E. Rodriguez
Publisher: Kluwer Law International
ISBN: 9041131779
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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What the authors offer is a thoroughgoing analysis clearly demonstrating that, whatever economic path developing countries pursue, imposing Western-style antitrust regimes will engender uncertainty, chill economic behaviour, and foster an unhealthy climate for business. They employ the influential error-cost methodology to appraise the performance of competition policy and to show how such a policy creates irresolvable tensions in fragile economies with weak institutions - economies characterized by informal rules of business practice, long-standing symbiotic business-state relationships, and unpredictable state action. They mount a powerful critique of the arguments of neo-institutionalists (who fail to recognize the vulnerable nature of emerging market economies) and competition `advocates' (who presume to stand ready and vigilant to enforce competition policy on state entities). --

New Technologies and Human Rights

Author: Norberto Nuno Gomes de Andrade
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317087909
Format: PDF, Docs
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Whilst advances in biotechnology and information technology have undoubtedly resulted in better quality of life for mankind, they can also bring about global problems. The legal response to the challenges caused by the rapid progress of technological change has been slow and the question of how international human rights should be protected and promoted with respect to science and technology remains unexplored. The contributors to this book explore the political discourse and power relations of technological growth and human rights issues between the Global South and the Global North and uncover the different perspectives of both regions. They investigate the conflict between technology and human rights and the perpetuation of inequality and subjection of the South to the North. With emerging economies such as Brazil playing a major role in trade, investment and financial law, the book examines how human rights are affected in Southern countries and identifies significant challenges to reform in the areas of international law and policy.

The Industrial Policy Revolution II

Author: J. Esteban
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137335238
Format: PDF, ePub
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This volume is the result of the 2012 International Economic Association's series of roundtables on the theme of Industrial Policy. The first, 'New Thinking on Industrial Policy,' was hosted by the World Bank in Washington, D.C, and the second, 'New Thinking on Industrial Policy: Implications for Africa,' was held in Pretoria, South Africa.

Competition and Development

Author: Susan P. Joekes
Publisher: International Development Research
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"This book demonstrates the importance of true and fair competition to sustainable development and an effective marketplace, touching on issues of globalization, consumer welfare, cartels and monopolies, and trade liberalization. It provides an introduction to competition, and to competition law and policy in developing countries. It focuses on the practical problems faced in developing countries and the steps that have been and can be taken to overcome those problems. It is about anticompetitive practices as they occur in developing countries and the policies that governments and citizens can promote and implement to limit the impact of such practices." "The book will be of particular interest to consumer groups and NGOs, as well as to government officials, legislators, trade negotiators, and the judiciary. Educators, students, development professionals, and business groups will also find the book useful."--BOOK JACKET.

International Antitrust Law Policy Fordham Competition Law 2009

Author: Barry E. Hawk
Publisher: Juris Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1578232651
Format: PDF
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Every October the Fordham Competition Law Institute brings together leading figures from governmental organizations, leading international law firms and corporations and academia to examine and analyze the most important issues in international antitrust and trade policy of the United States, the EU and the world. This work is the most definitive and comprehensive annual analysis of international antitrust law and policy available anywhere. Each annual edition sets out to explore and analyze the areas of antitrust/competition law that have had the most impact in that year. Recent "hot topics" include antitrust enforcement in Asia, Latin America: competition enforcement in the areas of telecommunications, media and information technology. All of the chapters raise questions of policy or discuss new developments and assess their significance and impact on antitrust and trade policy. The chapters are revised and updated before publication when necessary. As a result, the reader receives up-to-date practical tips and important analyses of difficult policy issues. The annual volumes are an indispensable guide through the sea of international antitrust law. The Fordham Competition Law Proceedings are acknowledged as simply the most definitive US/EC annual analyses of antitrust/competition law published. Value Package + Buy International Antitrust Law and Policy: Fordham Competition Law 2009 - Downloadable Electronic Product and get International Antitrust Law & Policy: Fordham Competition Law 2009 at an additional 50% off our everyday low price. Total Price: $250.00 Price for the Bundle: $187.50 This Item: International Antitrust Law & Policy: Fordham Competition Law 2009 International Antitrust Law and Policy: Fordham Competition Law 2009 - Downloadable Electronic Product

Reshaping European Gas and Electricity Industries

Author: Dominique Finon
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080456195
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A unique and thorough investigation of the shift towards Europe-wide energy regulation, markets and business strategies, and the extent to which energy systems have become more liberalised over this period. Reshaping of European Gas and Electricity Industries analyses the key issues facing the European energy industry, from a regulatory, market, and business perspective. Current challenges within the field are also reviewed, including competitive and environmental issues. Liberalization: Delivers timely insights into the changes facing the European energy industry in the face of deregulation Competition: A direct look at business and marketing strategies in response to the influx of competition from across the globe Environment: Provides powerful [insights] into the way environmentally-based legislation has now become a key driver of the energy industry in Europe

Global Competition Policy

Author: Edward Montgomery Graham
Publisher: Peterson Institute
ISBN: 9780881321661
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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There is a growing consensus among international trade negotiators and policymakers that a prime area for future multilateral discussions is competition policy. Competition policy includes antitrust policy (including merger regulation and control) - but is often extended to include international trade measures and other policies that affect the structure, conduct, and performance of industries.

The International Competition Network at Ten

Author: Paul Lugard
Publisher: Intersentia Uitgevers N V
ISBN: 9789400001923
Format: PDF, ePub
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Since its inception in 2001, the International Competition Network (ICN) has achieved remarkable results. Currently uniting 114 competition authorities from both developed and developing countries, the ICN has contributed significantly to the harmonization and convergence of global procedural and substantive antitrust law and policy. The ICN substantially contributes to increasing international cooperation in the field of cartels and to a more uniform treatment of anticompetitive unilateral conduct by dominant companies. Moreover, the ICN has stimulated competition authorities to streamline procedures and build up capacity, resources, and knowledge to adequately review mergers in a multi-jurisdictional environment. Written by leading competition agency officials, private sector lawyers, and academics, this publication brings together essays on the origins, accomplishments, and aspirations of the ICN. The analytical and critical contributions offer valuable insights into the functioning of the ICN, its accomplishments, its key-success factors, the obstacles it has faced, and possible future directions. As such, this collection offers a wealth of information and insights for private practitioners and competition agency officials, as well as government officials and academics.