The Literature 100

Author: Daniel S. Burt
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438127065
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Here is the revised and expanded edition of Daniel S. Burt's fascinating assessment of the 100 most influential novelists, playwrights, and poets of all times and cultures now with 25 additional entries and some reassessments as well as 25 new black-and-white photographs and illustrations. From Doris Lessing and Gabriel Garc a M rquez to Homer and Marcel Proust, the entries provide a compelling, accessible introduction to significant writers of world literature. All of the writers selected have helped to redefine literature, establishing a standard with which succeeding generations of writers and readers have had to contend. The ranking attempts to discern, from the broadest possible perspective, what makes a literary artist great and how that greatness can be measured and compared. Each profile distills the essence of the writer's career and character to help prompt consideration of literary merit and relationships by the reader.

The Novel 100

Author: Daniel S. Burt
Publisher: Checkmark Books
ISBN: 9780816078608
Format: PDF, ePub
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Rates and evaluates one hundred noteworthy novels, from the medieval Japanese "Tale of Genji" to contemporary works, and provides summaries, details about their origins, critical opinions, and an account of their impact.

The Literature Book

Author: DK
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1465454551
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A global look at the greatest works of Eastern and Western literature and the themes that unite them, for students and lovers of literature and reading. The Literature Book is a fascinating journey through the greatest works of world literature, from the Iliad to Don Quixote to The Great Gatsby. Around 100 crystal-clear articles explore landmark novels, short stories, plays, and poetry that reinvented the art of writing in their time, whether Ancient Greece, post-classical Europe, or modern-day Korea. As part of DK's award-winning Big Ideas Simply Explained series, The Literature Book uses infographics and images to explain key ideas and themes. Biographies of important authors offer insight into their lives and other writings, and a section on Further Reading details more than 150 additional works to explore. Discover masterpieces from the world's greatest authors, and explore the context, creative history, and literary traditions that influenced each major work of fiction with The Literature Book.

The History and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote

Author: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9780820324302
Format: PDF, Docs
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"Smollett's Don Quixote first appeared in 1755 and was for many years the most popular English-language version of Cervantes's masterpiece. However, soon after the start of the nineteenth century, its reputation began to suffer. Rival translators, literary hucksters, and careless scholars initiated or fed a variety of charges against Smollett - even plagiarism. For almost 130 years no publisher risked reprinting it.".

120 Banned Books

Author: Nicholas J. Karolides
ISBN: 9780816082322
Format: PDF, ePub
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Presents summaries and censorship accounts of books that have been banned throughout history for political, religious, sexual, and social reasons.

100 Experiential Learning Activities for Social Studies Literature and the Arts Grades 5 12

Author: Eugene F. Provenzo
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 151070079X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Learning in secondary school classrooms involves much more than students reciting the "right" answers on high-stakes tests. This activity-packed book encourages educators to move beyond traditional models of teaching and learning and provides them with the tools for getting started. 100 Experiential Learning Activities for Social Studies, Literature, and the Arts, Grades 5–12 focuses on using active learning to engage students in critical thinking and reflection about complex content knowledge in the humanities and the arts. The 100 activities address significant social issues, including social justice, culture, language, and diversity. Teachers can emphasize comprehension, encourage creative thinking, and promote transfer across disciplines to help students: • Explore primary sources to uncover practical and relevant information • Construct careful arguments to integrate new learning with prior knowledge • Question deeply held assumptions to arrive at authentic understandings • Approach new ideas with confidence Take your students through meaningful learning experiences and make knowledge come alive!

Books of the Century

Author: Charles McGrath
Publisher: Three Rivers Press (CA)
ISBN: 9780609806883
Format: PDF, ePub
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Presents book reviews and essays on literature originally published in The New York times book review.

Beatrix Potter s Peter Rabbit

Author: Margaret Mackey
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 9780810841970
Format: PDF
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Thirteen essays explore the timeless appeal of Peter's antics, and the impact of this extraordinary book on children worldwide. Contributors, each a respected scholar in the field of children's literature, examine details of Potter's life, her history as an artist, her accomplishments as a naturalist, and the contextual factors affecting her writing and illustrations. Others investigate the timelessness of this story, exploring its psychological and sociological truths and comparing Peter Rabbit to present day literature.