Die Lord s Resistance Army Krieg um Gottes Willen

Author: Magnus Drechshage
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3640695992
Format: PDF, Docs
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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2008 im Fachbereich Ethnologie / Volkskunde, Note: 1,6, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen (Ethnologie), Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die Lord's Resistance Army, kurz LRA genannt, ist eine Rebellengruppierung, die im Norden des zentralafrikanischen Landes Uganda operiert. Dabei lasst der Name Widerstandsarmee Gottes," wie die Lord's Resistance Army zu Deutsch heisst, vermuten, dass diese Organisation religios inspiriert ist. Aber welche Motive stehen wirklich hinter der LRA? Ist die Religion ein Ziel oder ein Mittel zum Zweck? Oder spielt sie uberhaupt eine Rolle in der Motivation der Kampfer? Antworten auf diese Fragen zu finden, widmet sich die nachfolgende Arbeit. Dabei wird sich heraus stellen, dass es gerade bei der Lord's Resistance Army eine schwierige Aufgabe ist. Die Geschichte dieser Widerstandsgruppierung ist eng verbunden mit dem Schicksal des Acholi Volkes, welches somit eine zentrale Stellung in dieser Arbeit einnimmt. Ausserdem muss Joseph Kony in den Mittelpunkt des Interesses geruckt werden. Er vereint Fuhrer, Ideologe, General und Prophet in einer Person; mit anderen Worten: Joseph Kony ist die LRA. Zu Beginn der Arbeit soll ein kurzer Uberblick gegeben werden, wie Religion in Zusammenhang mit dieser Arbeit verstanden wird. Der nachste Abschnitt widmet sich dem Land Uganda. Es ist ein wichtiger Mosaikstein in einem musivischen Gemalde, das die LRA skizzieren soll. Anschliessend richtet sich der Fokus auf die LRA. Die Entstehungsgeschichte und die tagliche Praxis werden ebenso in die Darstellungen mit eingebunden wie ausgesuchte Stellen aus der Bibel. Nur durch diese holistische Herangehensweise ist es moglich die Antriebskrafte der LRA herauszukristallisieren. Am Ende der Arbeit wird ein Fazit gezogen, um die Hauptfrage, ob Kony einen Krieg um Gottes Willen fuhrt, anhand der vorher aufgefuhrten Punkte, zu beantwort

The Lord s Resistance Army

Author: Tim Allen
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1848139039
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Lord's Resistance Army is Africa’s most persistent and notorious 'terrorist' group. Led by the mysterious Joseph Kony, it has committed a series of horrific human rights abuses, including massacres and mutilations. Since the mid 1980s, it has abducted tens of thousands of people, including large numbers of children forced to train as fighters. The IC in 2005 issued warrants for Kony and his top commanders, and the United States is backing a military campaign against the group. But the LRA survives, continuing to inspire both fascination and fear. Authoritative but provocative, The Lord’s Resistance Army provides the most comprehensive analysis of the group available. From the roots of the violence to the oppressive responses of the Ugandan government and the failures of the international community, this collection looks at this most brutal of conflicts in fascinating depth, and includes a remarkable first-hand interview with Kony himself.

The Lord s Resistance Army

Author: Lawrence E. Cline
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440828555
Format: PDF, ePub
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A noted expert provides a detailed, if chilling, examination of one of the most brutal and long-lived insurgent groups in Africa: Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army. • Analyzes the Lord's Resistance Army's background, ideology, and operations • Assesses how the LRA's ideology and operations compare with other armed movements • Describes various efforts to contain or end the group • Describes the larger societal and political factors that can give rise to such groups, providing context for those interested in the overall security situation in East Africa

The Night Wanderers

Author: Wojciech Jagielski
Publisher: Seven Stories Press
ISBN: 1609803612
Format: PDF
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Fleeing the aggressive reach of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and their brutal leader Joseph Kony, on an average night in northern Uganda tens of thousands of children head for the city centers to avoid capture. They find refuge on the floors of aid agencies or in the streets. In recent years, the civil society was almost completely destroyed by the LRA, itself made up almost entirely of kidnapped children. Piecing together what has been broken is proving to be a nearly impossible task. Polish journalist Wojciech Jagielski inserts himself into this hellish landscape and finds a way to speak of these children and their wounded world. In The Night Wanderers, Jagielski shows his readers the horror of children who have been abducted from their homes and forced to kill their own family members; children who, even after they have escaped the LRA, carry the weight of their own acts of murder on their young shoulders. Jagielski portrays Uganda through their eyes as well as his own. Carrying on the rich tradition of Ryszard Kapuściński, Jagielski digs himself deep into the Ugandan landscape and emerges with a compassionate, incisive, painful, magisterial account of a world that is just starting to pull itself out of the horrors of war. The original Polish edition of The Night Wanderers is shortlisted for the Nike Prize, considered to be the most prestigious literary award in Poland.

Against Humanity

Author: Sam Dubal
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520296109
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"This is not about crimes against humanity. Rather, it is an indictment of "humanity," the concept that lies at the heart of human rights and humanitarian missions. Based on fieldwork in northern Uganda, this book brings readers inside the Lord's Resistance Army, an insurgent group accused of rape, forced conscription of children, and inhumane acts of violence. The author talks with and learns from former rebels as they find meaning in wartime violence, politics, spirituality, and love--experiences that observers often place outside the boundaries of humanity. Rather than approaching the LRA as a set of possibilities, humanity looks at the LRA as a set of problems, as inhuman enemies needing reform. Humanity hegemonizes what counts as good in ways that are difficult to question or challenge. It relies on very specific notions of the good--shaped in ideals of modern violence, technology, modernity, and reason, among others--in ways that do violence to the common good. What emerges from this ethnography is an unorthodox question--what would it mean to be 'against humanity'? Against Humanity provocatively asks us how to honor life existing outside normative moralities. It challenges us to shift toward alternative, more radical approaches to humanitarian, political, medical, and other interventions, rooted in anti-humanism"--Provided by publisher.

Sources of Resilience in the Lord s Resistance Army

Author: Pamela Faber
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by Ugandan national Joseph Kony, has survived for over three decades despite a concerted effort to defeat it. The LRA was formed in the late 1980s in response to the historic marginalization of the Acholi people, inequitable treatment by the Ugandan government and uneven development across the country. The LRA became a powerfully destructive force in northern Uganda, with thousands of combatants killing over 100,000 people. Since 2006, the group has been largely degraded to less than 150 core combatants, and is currently in survival mode on the borders of the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, and South Sudan. Despite these setbacks, the LRA is still active in central Africa and serves as a lesson in resiliency and survival. In March 2017, U.S. Africa Command announced the end of its anti-LRA operations. Although some observers see the operation as a success, it failed to capture Kony or to eliminate the group. This paper argues that the LRA has two major sources of resilience: it positions itself within the nexus of four interconnected conflicts in the region, and it adapts its tactics to changes in its capabilities and environment. The resilience of the LRA has implications both for its potential resurgence and for other armed groups who may look to it as a template for survival.

Understanding the Lord s Resistance Army Insurgency

Author: Adam Dolnik
Publisher: Insurgency And Terrorism Series
ISBN: 9781786341433
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book provides an in depth examination of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), which has, for almost 30 years, conducted untold atrocities across the central African nations of Uganda, Southern Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic. Understanding the Lord's Resistance Army Insurgency examines the LRA's emergence and evolution, the ideology, strategy and tactics behind it, motivational aspects of its recruitment, its engagement in peace processes, and a detailed description of leadership and group dynamics. This work is based on a wide range of written sources and extensive interviews with individuals intimately related to the group including top LRA commanders, government sources, victims, child soldiers, abductees and wives of Joseph Kony. Moving past stories of unimaginable brutality, forced recruitment, and the group's mystical belief system, the book provides a well-grounded analysis of the different stages of the LRA's development. It demonstrates how the group represents an obscure case study that challenges many of the common assumptions about the operational dynamics of terrorist organizations. Written to fill a gap in academia in relation to African- and Christian-based terrorism, this book is suited to students, researchers and practitioners in political sciences, war, conflict and terrorism studies, African politics and international relations and development.

First Kill Your Family

Author: Peter Eichstaedt
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1613749325
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Richard Opio has neither the look of a cold-blooded killer nor the heart of one. Yet as his mother and father lay on the ground with their hands tied, Richard used the blunt end of an ax to crush their skulls. He was ordered to do this by a unit commander of the Lord's Resistance Army, a rebel group that has terrorized northern Uganda for twenty years. The memory racks Richard's slender body as he wipes away tears." For more than twenty years, beginning in the mid-1980s, the Lord's Resistance Army has ravaged northern Uganda. Tens of thousands have been slaughtered, and thousands more mutilated and traumatized. At least 1.5 million people have been driven from a pastoral existence into the squalor of refugee camps. The leader of the rebel army is the rarely seen Joseph Kony, a former witchdoctor and self-professed spirit medium who continues to evade justice and wield power from somewhere near the Congo Sudan border. Kony claims he not only can predict the future but also can control the minds of his fighters. And control them he does: the Lord's Resistance Army consists of children who are abducted from their homes under cover of night. As initiation, the boys are forced to commit atrocities--murdering their parents, friends, and relatives--and the kidnapped girls are forced into lives of sexual slavery and labor. In "First Kill Your Family, "veteran journalist Peter Eichstaedt goes into the war-torn villages and refugee camps, talking to former child soldiers, child "brides," and other victims. He examines the cultlike convictions of the army; how a pervasive belief in witchcraft, the spirit world, and the supernatural gave rise to this and other deadly movements; and what the global community can do to bring peace and justice to the region. This insightful analysis delves into the war's foundations and argues that, much like Rwanda's genocide, international intervention is needed to stop Africa's virulent cycle of violence.

Child to Soldier

Author: Opiyo Oloya
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 144261417X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A collection of stories and interviews from former child soldiers of the Lord's Resistance Army.