The Mannings

Author: Lars Anderson
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 1101883847
Format: PDF, ePub
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From Lars Anderson comes a revealing portrait of the first family of American sports. What the Kennedys are to politics, the Mannings are to football. Two generations have produced three NFL superstars: Archie Manning, the Ole Miss hero–turned–New Orleans Saint; his son Peyton, widely considered one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game; and Peyton’s younger brother, Eli, who won two Super Bowl rings of his own. And the oldest Manning child, Cooper—who was forced to quit playing sports after he was diagnosed at age eighteen with a rare spinal condition—might have been the most talented of them all. In The Mannings, longtime Sports Illustrated writer Lars Anderson gives us, for the first time, the never-before-told story of this singular athletic dynasty—a story that shows us how finding strength in the face of catastrophe can be the key to success on and off the playing field. Growing up, the three Manning brothers dream of playing side by side on the gridiron at Ole Miss. But with Cooper forced to the bench before his prime, Peyton must fight to win glory for them both. Meanwhile, Eli is challenged by his college coach to stop trailing in the footsteps of others and forge his own path. With Archie’s achievements looming over them, the brothers begin the climb to football history. From the Manning family backyard to the bright lights of Super Bowl 50, The Mannings is an epic, inspiring saga of a family of tenacious competitors who have transfixed a nation. Praise for The Mannings “Anderson, an accomplished storyteller, writes about the Manning football legacy—warts and all—with style and verve, backed by an abundance of research and scholarship.”—Publishers Weekly “An expertly written impressionistic account of the first family of football.”—Library Journal “This is one of the most beautifully written and memorable books I’ve read in years—stunningly spectacular. I couldn’t put it down. Once again, Lars Anderson has shown why he is one of the seminal sportswriters of this generation. The Mannings is an absolute masterpiece.”—Paul Finebaum, ESPN college football analyst and New York Times bestselling author of My Conference Can Beat Your Conference “Lars Anderson drills to the core of the Manning family. I love this book because it’s not just about football; it’s about how to raise a family.”—Bruce Arians, head coach of the Arizona Cardinals “Anderson’s yarn never wobbles. . . . A winner for fans of modern football.”—Kirkus Reviews “Anyone who has paid attention to the NFL over the last five decades understands the significance of the Mannings. They are to America’s best-loved game what the Holbeins are to portraiture, what the Bachs are to classical music, what the Kardashians are to mindless reality television, an unsurpassed dynasty. In The Mannings, Lars Anderson delivers an incisive, honest, and thorough chronicle of the first family of football.”—Jeremy Schaap, New York Times bestselling author of Triumph: The Untold Story of Jesse Owens and Hitler’s Olympics From the Hardcover edition.

In the Name of the Father Family Football and the Manning Dynasty

Author: Mark Ribowsky
Publisher: Liveright Publishing
ISBN: 1631493108
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The story of America’s most sacred and carefully constructed football dynasty is revealed in this unflinching family portrait. For generations, American athletes have enjoyed the ever-escalating celebrity lavished upon them when they combine on-the-field talent with off-the field charisma, but never before have we seen as transformative a sports dynasty as the Mannings: a bloodline of strong arms, Southern values, and savvy business instincts—each man compelling in his own right, made whole by family. But how, in just fifty years, did this private trio achieve football immortality? A gripping and definitive account, In the Name of the Father traces Archie, Peyton, and Eli’s roots from red-clay Mississippi to the bright lights of the Super Bowl to reveal the truth of their grit and dedication, their inherent ability, and the drama they endured behind closed doors. As New York Times Notable biographer Mark Ribowsky meticulously chronicles, the road to football stardom was not paved smoothly for patriarch Archie. The most celebrated and beloved athlete to emerge from tiny Drew, Mississippi, Archie lost his father to suicide during his heyday at Ole Miss. Then, despite his playing through the pain, a string of surgeries prematurely ended a storied NFL career, most memorably spent with the New Orleans Saints. Similar savior-like expectations were passed to Archie’s eldest, Cooper, the most gifted of his brood, but the shocking discovery of a spinal condition prevented Cooper from ever playing a single snap of college ball. Luckily, Archie had been raising all three of his sons to love the gridiron, throwing deep balls to them off the front porch, and there were two more heir apparents in the wings. Raised watching dusty old game films in the family den, Peyton was swiftly hailed as a generational talent, his record-breaking tenure at Tennessee paving a clear path to the NFL. Winning Super Bowls with both the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos, he was able to overcome a debilitating neck injury—after barely being able to hold a football—to eclipse Archie in football success. It was Peyton who would first pair his football cachet with capitalism, selecting commercials and appearances to show off his humor and expand the now-ubiquitous Manning brand into mainstream popular culture. And finally there was quiet Eli, with an arm and a career to match his big brother’s but a reserved and enigmatic affect all his own. The good-boy who followed his father to Ole Miss, Eli entered the NFL even more carefully managed then his brother was, forcing a trade when the lackluster San Diego Chargers selected him with the first pick in the draft. Even with two dramatic Super Bowl wins with the New York Giants, Eli’s lows have been catastrophic, and he has never been quite the media darling his brother is. But even as their football careers wind down, the power of the Manning name only grows. Drawing on new interviews and research, Ribowsky reveals a family of transcendent talent and intense loyalty dedicated to maintaining an all-American façade that has, on occasion, shown cracks. From the family’s past steeped in problematic parts of Southern identity, to locker-room scandal turned lawsuit, to flashes of fraternal jealousy, Ribowsky leaves no stone unturned. Rich in gridiron dramatics and familial intrigue, In the Name of the Father is a quintessentially American saga of a multifaceted lineage that has forever changed the game.

Der Junge den es nicht gab

Author: Sjón
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104031738
Format: PDF, Docs
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BJÖRK »Niemand verbindet Herz und Verstand poetischer als SJÓN.« Island 1918: Die Spanische Grippe versehrt das Land, Vulkan Katla verdunkelt den Himmel und Island erhält endlich seine Unabhängigkeit. Zeiten des Aufruhrs und Aufbruchs. Mittendrin Máni Steinn: ohne Eltern, ohne Arbeit und zu allem Übel kann er weder lesen noch schreiben. Schlechte Voraussetzungen für einen jungen Mann in dieser Zeit. Aber Máni liebt das Kino und findet Rettung bei den Stummfilmen – und bei der schönen Sóla. Auf ihrem Motorrad entführt sie ihn aus der Dunkelheit und zeigt ihm, dass sich der Kampf lohnt, wenn man sich treu bleibt. In einer lyrischen, bildgewaltigen Sprache verwebt Sjón Historisches mit Phantastischem. Auch sein neuer Roman ist Weltliteratur.

That First Season

Author: John Eisenberg
Publisher: HMH
ISBN: 0547417721
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The story of a team, a town, and a leader: Vince Lombardi’s first year as head coach of the Green Bay Packers, and how he turned them into a powerhouse. The once-vaunted Green Bay Packers were a laughingstock by the late 1950s. They hadn’t fielded a winning team in more than a decade, and were close to losing their franchise to another city. They were in desperate need of a savior—and he arrived in a wood-paneled station wagon in the dead of winter from New York City. In a single year, Vince Lombardi—the grizzled coach who took no bull—transformed a team of underachievers into winners and resurrected a Wisconsin city known for its passion for sport. He would lead them to championship to championship, and bring out the best in players including Bart Starr, Jim Taylor, Willie Davis, Forrest Gregg, and many more. From an award-winning sportswriter, That First Season is “a compelling read about perhaps the most compelling coach ever to stride an NFL sideline” (Washington Times). “Richly detailed in seamless prose, this is historical sportswriting at its finest.”—Lars Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of The Mannings: The Fall and Rise of a Football Family

Das unvollendete Leben der Addison Stone

Author: Adele Griffin
Publisher: cbt Verlag
ISBN: 3641153107
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sie lebte für die Kunst und für die Liebe Addison Stone ist eine hochbegabte, dynamische Künstlerin, die in New York lebt und gewagte Kunstwerke in Szene setzt – ein gefeiertes Wunderkind in der Szene. Doch ihr Leben endet viel zu früh, als sie eines Abends von der Manhattan Brücke stürzt. Sie war erst achtzehn Jahre alt. War es Selbstmord? Ein Unfall? Oder Mord? Anhand von Interviews mit ihrer Familie, ihren Freunde, ihrer hippen New Yorker Entourage und ihren vergangenen Liebhabern, einer Vielzahl von Kunstwerken und Fotos gerät man in den atemberaubenden Sog von Addison Stones faszinierendem und enigmatischem Leben ...


Author: Nell Zink
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644000654
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nell Zink, listige Humoristin und Autorin des fulminanten, von der Kritik gefeierten Debüts «Der Mauerläufer», nimmt in ihrem neuen Roman das gespaltene Amerika aufs Korn. Penny Baker, soeben mit dem College fertig, jetzt arbeitslos und zudem durch den kürzlichen Tod ihres Vaters neben der Spur, beschließt, erst mal dessen verfallendes Elternhaus in Jersey City zu renovieren, um wieder Boden unter die Füße zu bekommen. Doch Überraschung: Sie findet es besetzt von ein paar netten, noch rauchenden Anarchisten, die ihrer WG den Namen «Nicotine» verpasst haben. Erster Eindruck: «Als hätte man ungefragt einen Haufen Bettwanzen, die immerhin den Abwasch machen.» Mit der Zeit jedoch geben ihr die Bewohner und andere Hausbesetzer aus der Nachbarschaft einen Sinn für Zugehörigkeit und Gemeinschaft, den Penny dringend braucht, und bald zieht sie nebenan ein und engagiert sich in den politischen Kämpfen der Besetzer. Nur hat der Rest der Familie andere Pläne: Ihre Mutter und ihr spießiger Halbbruder, dem sie noch nie ganz grün war, würden die jungen Chaoten am liebsten von der Polizei räumen lassen. Doch Penny nimmt den Kampf für sie auf – vor allem für Rob, den aus Überzeugung asexuell lebenden Mann, in den sie sich verliebt hat. Dies ist ein Roman über den Kampf zwischen Habenichtsen und Immer-mehr-Wollern, zwischen Idealismus und Pragmatismus – ein Buch über Amerika heute, das kaum witziger, böser, klüger sein könnte.

Shoe Dog

Author: Phil Knight
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag
ISBN: 3862489280
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Als junger, abenteuerlustiger Business-School-Absolvent auf der Suche nach einer Herausforderung lieh Phil Knight sich von seinem Vater 50 Dollar und gründete eine Firma mit einer klaren Mission: qualitativ hochwertige, aber preiswerte Laufschuhe aus Japan importieren. In jenem ersten Jahr, 1963, verkaufte Knight Laufschuhe aus dem Kofferraum seines Plymouth Valiant heraus und erzielte einen Umsatz von 8000 Dollar. Heute liegen die Jahresumsätze von Nike bei über 30 Milliarden Dollar. In unserem Zeitalter der Start-ups hat sich Knights Firma Nike als Maßstab aller Dinge etabliert und sein "Swoosh" ist längst mehr als nur ein Logo. Es ist ein Symbol von Geschmeidigkeit und Größe, eines der wenigen Icons, die in jedem Winkel unseres Erdballs sofort wiedererkannt werden. Aber Knight selbst, der Mann hinter dem Swoosh, ist immer ein Geheimnis geblieben. Jetzt erzählt er endlich seine Geschichte. Seine Memoiren sind überraschend, bescheiden, ungeschönt, humorvoll und handwerklich meisterhaft. Den Anfang markiert eine klassische Situation am Scheideweg. Der 24-jährige Knight bereist als Rucksacktourist Asien, Europa und Afrika, ihn bewegen die ganz großen philosophischen Fragen des Lebens. Und er entscheidet sich für einen unkonventionellen Lebensweg. Anstatt für ein großes etabliertes Unternehmen zu arbeiten, beschließt er, etwas ganz Eigenes zu schaffen – etwas, das neu, dynamisch und anders ist. En détail beschreibt Knight die vielen unberechenbaren Risiken, mit denen er sich auf seinem Weg konfrontiert sah, die niederschmetternden Rückschläge, die skrupellosen Konkurrenten, die zahllosen Zweifler und Widersacher, die abweisenden Banker, die etlichen Male, wo er knapp einer Katastrophe entging, ebenso wie seine vielen triumphalen Erfolge.

From Vick Tim to Vick Tory

Author: Ms Kenneth N. Robinson
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
ISBN: 1625163525
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Far beyond detailing NFL star Michael Vick s conviction for dog fighting, his prison sentence, and comeback, Kenneth N. Robinson raises important issues concerning the way race and deviance are treated in America. His book offers a critical analysis of the broader sports culture of the NFL and its dominant alliance, including the media, corporate sponsors, and the politics of the state. The book examines differential treatment by race and how this pertains to Vick, when compared to high-profile whites in the NFL (i.e., Ben Roethlisberger and Bill Belichick). In addition, the harmful impacts of negative labeling show the detrimental effects of Vick being typecast as the face of animal cruelty. Not only did the strong social reaction have a deleterious effect on Vick s criminal case, but following the police raid of his home in Smithfield, Virginia, on April 25, 2007, the number of African-Americans arrested for dog fighting increased disproportionately by race from the five years prior. This makes them the only group to see a percent increase in their arrests and convictions in the five years that preceded and followed the April 25th raid of Vick s property. This data raises serious questions of selective enforcement by race. Overall, the strength of this work lies in Robinson s unique analysis of Michael Vick s fall and rise. I don t think I have ever described an academic work as creative, but each section of this book is just that innovative, original, and inspired. I say this because of the specific comparisons that Robinson utilizes (i.e., dog fighting to bestiality; Vick s treatment to Roethlisberger s; the NFL to China), which have never previously been discussed so thoroughly and sophisticatedly, but are undeniable in proving the point that racial discrimination is alive and well in America. Adrienne N. Milner, Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham (About the Author) Kenneth N. Robinson, M.S., is an adjunct professor of sociology at his alma mater, Buffalo State, in Buffalo, New York. Publisher s website: http: // "