The Mismeasure of Man Revised Expanded

Author: Stephen Jay Gould
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393340406
Format: PDF
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The definitive refutation to the argument of The Bell Curve. When published in 1981, The Mismeasure of Man was immediately hailed as a masterwork, the ringing answer to those who would classify people, rank them according to their supposed genetic gifts and limits. And yet the idea of innate limits—of biology as destiny—dies hard, as witness the attention devoted to The Bell Curve, whose arguments are here so effectively anticipated and thoroughly undermined by Stephen Jay Gould. In this edition Dr. Gould has written a substantial new introduction telling how and why he wrote the book and tracing the subsequent history of the controversy on innateness right through The Bell Curve. Further, he has added five essays on questions of The Bell Curve in particular and on race, racism, and biological determinism in general. These additions strengthen the book's claim to be, as Leo J. Kamin of Princeton University has said, "a major contribution toward deflating pseudo-biological 'explanations' of our present social woes."

Das Buch des Lebens

Author: Stephen Jay Gould
ISBN: 9783802512698
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Reich illustrierte Geschichte des Lebens - von seiner Entstehung vor rund 4 Milliarden Jahren bis zur Entwicklung des Menschen vor 100000 Jahren.

Concepts and Theories of Human Development

Author: Richard M. Lerner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136674071
Format: PDF, Docs
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Concepts and Theories of Human Development is the most comprehensive and in-depth overview of the foundational theoretical contributions to understanding human development and the influence of these contributions for contemporary research and application in developmental science. Since its initial publication in 1976, it has been an essential resource for students and professionals alike, and has become the go-to book for graduate students studying for their comprehensive exam on human development. In this new Fourth Edition, Richard M. Lerner concentrates his focus on advanced students and scholars already familiar with the basic elements of major psychological theories. The book discusses the assumptions involved in such topics as stage theories, the nature-nurture issue, the issue of continuity-discontinuity, and the important role of philosophical ideas about theories – in particular, metatheories – in understanding the links between theory and research. It particularly focuses on relational developmental systems (RDS) metatheory, exploring its roots in the 1930s, following its development into the present day, and contrasting it with the fundamentally flawed genetic reductionist models that continue to be circulated by scientists, the media, and the general public. It discusses implications of theory for research methods and for applications aimed at the promotion of health, positive development, and social justice among diverse people across the life span.

Der Wert der Arbeitskraft

Author: Philipp Gerlach
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658042680
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Am Beispiel von Ingenieuren in der deutschen und französischen Automobilindustrie untersucht Philipp Gerlach, mithilfe welcher Werkzeuge und Verfahren Personalentscheider zu einem Urteil über die Eignung von Bewerbern kommen. Form und Inhalt der identifizierten Auswahlarrangements können nur im Zusammenhang mit dem sinnvollen Umgang mit Unsicherheit sowie der Notwendigkeit, Entscheidungen zu legitimieren und deren Unpersönlichkeit herzustellen, angemessen verstanden werden. Der Wunsch, einem normativen Ideal rational-systematischer Entscheidungsfindung zu entsprechen, gerät in Konflikt zur Vorliebe für informelle Auswahlpraktiken. Das Wechselspiel formalisierter und informeller Entscheidungsmodi prägt das Bild der betrieblichen Personalauswahl.

The Emperor s New Clothes

Author: Joseph L. Graves, Jr.
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 9780813533025
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Graves' answers could revise the ways in which humans interact with one another."--"Choice." "A fine start for thinking about race at the dawn of the millennium."--"American Scientist."