The Math of NASCAR

Author: Ian F. Mahaney
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 1448825555
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Using NASCAR racing, readers must employ addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to determine seating capacity at the Brickyard, horsepower, number of laps remaining, and fuel usage.

NASCAR Cars Drivers Races Carryalong

Author: K. C. Kelley
Publisher: Reader's Digest Children's Books
ISBN: 9780794404130
Format: PDF
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Young race car fans can take the exciting world of NASCAR with them wherever they go, thanks to this CarryAlong book.

NASCAR Then and Now

Author: Ben White
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 1610601017
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In this unique gallery book, historical shots of people, cars, events, tracks, shops, and other NASCAR landmarks are paired with comparable modern shots to present a fascinating review of America’s top motorsport. See what Darlington looked like when it was built in 1950 compared to what it looks like now. Get a real sense of how pit stops have changed between 1949 and today. Compare a Ford stock car from 1962 with one from 2009. Nowhere else can NASCAR fans so graphically trace the evolution of their favorite motorsport.

Growing Up NASCAR

Author: Humpy Wheeler
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 9780760337752
Format: PDF, ePub
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From the earliest days of the sport, when Humpy often used his fists to keep order, to NASCAR's transition to a multi-billion-dollar business, Humpy's life has paralleled American stock car racing.

The Physics of Nascar

Author: Diandra Leslie-Pelecky
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101213949
Format: PDF
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A physicist explores the science of speed racing and the #1 spectator sport in America, with 75 million fans. Every NASCAR fan—at one time or another—asks the same question: Why isn’t my favorite driver winning? This is your chance to discover how much more there is to NASCAR than “Go fast, turn left and don’t crash.” If you’ve ever wondered why racecars don’t have mufflers, how “bump drafting” works, or what in the world “Let’s go up a pound on the right rear and add half a round of wedge” means, The Physics of NASCAR is for you. In this fast-paced investigation into the adrenaline-pumping world of NASCAR, a physicist with a passion uncovers what happens when the rubber hits the road and 800-horsepower vehicles compete at 190 miles per hour only inches from one another. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky reveals how and why drivers trust the engineering and science their teams literally build around them not only to get them across the finish line in first place, but also to keep them alive. Leslie-Pelecky is a physicist in love with the sport’s beauty and power and is uniquely qualified to explain exactly how physics translates into winning races. Based on the author’s extensive access to race shops, pit crews, crew chiefs and mechanics, this book traces the life cycle of a race car from behind the scenes at top race shops to the track. The Physics of NASCAR takes readers right into the ultra competitive world of NASCAR, from the champion driver’s hot seat behind the detachable steering wheel to the New Zealander nicknamed Kiwi in charge of shocks for the No. 19 car. Diandra Leslie-Pelecky tells her story in terms anyone who drives a car—and maybe occasionally looks under the hood--can understand. How do drivers walk away from serious crashes? How can two cars travel faster together than either car can on its own? How do you dress for a 1800°F gasoline fire? In simple yet detailed, high-octane prose, this is the ultimate thrill ride for armchair speed demons, auto science buffs, and NASCAR fans at every level of interest. Readers, start your engines.


Author: Michael Hembree
Publisher: HarperEntertainment
ISBN: 9780061050800
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Each weekend, hundreds of thousands of fans are thrilled by the fabulous reality NASCAR has become. The spectacular weekly drama that features sleek race cars, ultramodern superspeedways, compelling drivers, heart-stopping action, and family entertainment is the result of a dream "Big Bill" France had over half a century ago on the sands of Daytona Beach, Florida. And it's the offspring of a rich history filled with moonshiners, classic rivalries, gritty daredevils, and smoke-filled rooms. This compelling tale is told in NASCAR: The Definitive History of America's Sport, the most authoritative look at the ultimate spectator sport's dramatic ascendance and a family business built on hard work, calculated risks, and close ties. All of NASCAR's greatest moments 7 beloved heroes, hottest cars and innovations, fabulous finishes, and behind-the-scenes stories are captured in this elegant information packed volume. With modern-day action shots, historic photography, portfolios, memorabilia, and an enlivening text by one of the sport's most esteemed chroniclers, NASCAR: The Definitive History of America's Sport is a must-have for any die-hard NASCAR fan.

Nascar Legends Memorable Men Moments and Machines in Racing History

Author: Robert Edelstein
Publisher: The Overlook Press
ISBN: 1468300873
Format: PDF, ePub
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NASCAR Legends traces the story of stock car racing through the courageous, record-breaking drivers who made it the Number One spectator sport in America. NASCAR's 60-year history is rich with varied lore about heroic racers, incredible races, and love of family. There are profiles of true NASCAR stars: Bill France; Bobby and Davey Allison; Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.; Tony Stewart; Richard, Kyle, and Adam Petty, among other legends of the speedway. TV Guide motorsports reporter Edelstein's painstaking journalistic work, combined with his encyclopedic knowledge and love of the sport, make NASCAR Legends an essential book for anyone drawn to the roaring magic of the track.

NASCAR 01 Rolling Thunder

Author: T. B. Calhoun
Publisher: HarperEntertainment
ISBN: 9780061059308
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fifteen-year-old Kin Travis is spending the summer with his stock-car legend granddad, Hotshoe Hunter. Kin wants to learn to drive but doesn't know where to start. Then his younger sister and brother, Laura and Laptop, arrive from Boston with a message from the past...and a plan for the future! Official NASCAR Adventures! Each one authentic! Each one Original! Each one exciting! This action-packed new series brings the roar, speed, and spectacle of NASCAR racing to youthful fans across America. Don't miss a single one of these official day's heroes, and tomorrow's drivers come together for fast cars and nonstop racing thrills.