The Passionate Muse

Author: Keith Oatley
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199921318
Format: PDF, Docs
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The emotions a character feels--Hamlet's vengefulness when he realizes his uncle has killed his father, Anna Karenina's despair when she feels she can longer sustain her life, Marcel's joy when he tastes a piece of madeleine cake--are vital aspects of the experience of fiction. As Keith Oatley points out, it's not just the emotions of literary characters such as these in which we are interested. If we didn't ourselves experience emotions, we wouldn't go to the play, or watch the film, or read the book. In The Passionate Muse, Oatley, who is both a prize-winning novelist and a distinguished research psychologist, offers a hybrid book that alternates sections of an original short story, "One Another," with chapters that illuminate the psychology of emotion and fiction. Oatley not only provides insight into how people engage in stories, he also illuminates the value of emotion and the importance of stories for our psychological well-being. Indeed, he offers evidence that the more fiction we read, the better is our understandings of others. Through fiction, we come to know more about the emotions of others and ourselves.

Song of Songs

Author: F. Scott Spencer
Publisher: Liturgical Press
ISBN: 0814681492
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Arguably the biggest blockbuster love song ever composed, the Song of Songs holds a unique place in Jewish and Christian canons as the “holiest” book, in the minds of some readers, and the sexiest in its language and imagery. This commentary aims to interpret this vibrant Song in a contemporary feminist key, informed by close linguistic-literary and social-cultural analysis. Though finding much in the Song to celebrate for women (and men) in their embodied, passionate lives, this work also exposes tensions, vulnerabilities, and inequities between the sexes and among society at large—just what we would expect of a perceptive, poignant love ballad that still tops the charts.

How Authors Minds Make Stories

Author: Patrick Colm Hogan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107311438
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book explores how the creations of great authors result from the same operations as our everyday counterfactual and hypothetical imaginations, which cognitive scientists refer to as 'simulations'. Drawing on detailed literary analyses as well as recent research in neuroscience and related fields, Patrick Colm Hogan develops a rigorous theory of the principles governing simulation that goes beyond any existing framework. He examines the functions and mechanisms of narrative imagination, with particular attention to the role of theory of mind, and relates this analysis to narrative universals. In the course of this theoretical discussion, Hogan explores works by Austen, Faulkner, Shakespeare, Racine, Brecht, Kafka and Calvino. He pays particular attention to the principles and parameters defining an author's narrative idiolect, examining the cognitive and emotional continuities that span an individual author's body of work.

The Oxford Handbook of Emotion Social Cognition and Problem Solving in Adulthood

Author: Paul Verhaeghen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199383073
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Over the last decade, the field of socio-emotional development and aging has rapidly expanded, with many new theories and empirical findings emerging. This trend is consistent with the broader movement in psychology to consider social, motivational, and emotional influences on cognition and behavior. The Oxford Handbook of Emotion, Social Cognition, and Problem Solving in Adulthood provides the first overview of a new field of adult development that has emerged out of conceptualizations and research at the intersections between socioemotional development, social cognition, emotion, coping, and everyday problem solving. This field roundly rejects a universal deficit model of aging, highlighting instead the dynamic nature of socio-emotional development and the differentiation of individual trajectories of development as a function of variation in contextual and experiential influences. It emphasizes the need for a cross-level examination (from biology and neuroscience to cognitive and social psychology) of the determinants of emotional and socio-emotional behavior. This volume also serves as a tribute to the late Fredda Blanchard-Fields, whose thinking and empirical research contributed extensively to a life-span developmental view of emotion, problem solving, and social cognition. Its chapters cover multiple aspects of adulthood and aging, presenting developmental perspectives on emotion; antecedents and consequences of emotion in context; everyday problem solving; social cognition; goals and goal-related behaviors; and wisdom. The landmark volume in this new field, The Oxford Handbook of Emotion, Social Cognition, and Problem Solving in Adulthood is an important resource for cognitive, developmental, and social psychologists, as well as researchers and graduate students in the field of aging, emotion studies, and social psychology.

Das Geheimnis der Muse

Author: Jessie Burton
Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag
ISBN: 3458758216
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Das Geheimnis der Muse erzählt von zwei jungen Frauen, deren Leben durch ein Gemälde schicksalhaft miteinander verwoben sind: Olive, eine talentierte Malerin am Vorabend des Spanischen Bürgerkriegs, und Odelle, eine angehende Schriftstellerin im London der Swinging Sixties. London, 1967. Odelle Bastien, aus Trinidad nach England gekommen, um ihren Traum vom Schreiben zu verwirklichen, ergattert einen Job in der renommierten Kunstgalerie Skelton. Durch einen sensationellen Fund – ein Gemälde des seit dem Spanischen Bürgerkrieg verschollenen Künstlers Isaac Robles –, wird Odelle in eine Geschichte verstrickt, die ihr Leben völlig auf den Kopf stellt. Denn um das Gemälde rankt sich ein folgenschweres Geheimnis, das ins Jahr 1936 zurückreicht, als Olive Schloss, eine begabte junge Malerin, in Andalusien auf den Künstler und Revolutionär Isaac Robles trifft. Eine Begegnung, die ungeahnte Konsequenzen nach sich zieht ... Zwischen dem schillernden London der Sechziger und dem schwülheißen Andalusien der Dreißiger entspinnt sich diese fesselnde und betörende Geschichte um große Ambitionen und noch größere Begierden.

Chocolate Pie and Hard Cheese

Author: Pattie Hamilton
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 059531709X
Format: PDF
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A collection of miscellaneous writings by Pattie Tarlton Polsgrove Hamilton reflecting her life and her love for her family.


Author: Muse
Publisher: Muse
ISBN: 1456389653
Format: PDF, Mobi
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LOVE...the very essence of emotion.The dictionary succinctly defines love as; '¬Sextreme affection'¬ that hardly seems to encompass the vastness of love. Anthesis is a menagerie of love; it savors the beauty of words and luxuriates in the plethora of imagery they evoke. Each amorous sonnet, explores a distinctive environment. Be prepared for a romantic embrace, a journey where Muse picturesquely paints poetic scenes that explore the very essence of love.This book of sonnets is accompanied by full color art, which includes many original Muse pieces. Personalized altered art applications will allow the reader to capture a vision of each sonnet; to peek into the mind of Muse beyond her written word.

Das M dchen mit dem Edelwei

Author: Jillian Cantor
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641219361
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Ein fast vergessener Brief, der Mut zweier Menschen und eine grenzenlose Liebe Schon als Kind war Katie mit ihrem Vater auf Flohmärkten, um nach Briefmarken zu suchen. Immer hoffte er, eines Tages einen ganz besonderen Schatz unter ihnen zu finden. Doch daran erinnert er sich schon lange nicht mehr. Um ihrem an Alzheimer erkrankten Vater eine Freude zu bereiten, bringt Katie seine Sammlung zu dem Philatelist Benjamin. Er soll herausfinden, ob sich unter den vielen Marken eine ganz besondere befindet. Und tatsächlich entdeckt Benjamin einen ungeöffneten Brief, der mit einer seltenen Briefmarke aus den Dreißigerjahren versehen ist. Darauf zu sehen: der Stephansdom, in den ein Edelweiß eingelassen ist. Katie und Benjamin beschließen, dem Geheimnis des Briefs auf die Spur zu gehen und dessen Adressaten zu finden. Doch was sie nicht ahnen: Ihre Suche wird sie ins Österreich des Jahres 1938 führen. An den Ort, wo ein junges Paar sich einst begegnete und sich ewige Liebe versprach. »Jillian Cantor hat mich von der ersten bis zu letzten Seite in ihren Bann gezogen.« - Jerusalem Post