A History of Britain Volume 2

Author: Simon Schama
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1409018326
Format: PDF, Docs
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Simon Schama explores the forces that tore Britain apart during two centuries of dynamic change - transforming outlooks, allegiances and boundaries. From the beginning of July 1637, battles raged on for 200 years - both at home and abroad, on sea and on land, up and down the length of burgeoning Britain, across Europe, America and India. Most would be wars of faith - waged on wide-ranging grounds of political or religious conviction. But as wars of religious passions gave way to campaigns for profit, the British people did come together in the imperial enterprise of 'Britannia Incorporated'. The British Wars is a story of revolution and reaction, inspiration and disenchantment, of progress and catastrophe, and Schama's evocative narrative brings it vividly to life.

Stephen Kings Der dunkle Turm Band 2 Der lange Heimweg

Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Panini
ISBN: 3957831520
Format: PDF
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Neues aus der Welt des "Dunklen Turms" Der junge Revolvermann Roland war Zeuge, wie seine große Liebe Susan auf dem Scheiterhaufen verbrennen musste. Nun ist sein Geist in einer der gläsernen Kugeln des Zauberers Maerlyn gefangen. Kann er seinem Verderben entrinnen? Mit dem zweiten Band der epischen Graphic Novel wird ein völlig neues Kapitel von Stephen Kings großer Saga um den "Dunklen Turm" aufgeschlagen. Zweiter Band von Stephen Kings grandioser Graphic Novel mit völlig neuen Storys aus der Welt des "Dunklen Turms". Aufwändige Ausstattung mit über 70 Seiten Bonusmaterial.

Engelssturm Samael

Author: Heather Killough-Walden
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641165334
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Uriel, Gabriel, Azrael und Michael haben ihre Sternenengel und damit ihr Glück gefunden, aber niemand weiß, dass der Schöpfer noch einen fünften Sternenengel geschaffen hatte – eine Gefährtin für Samael, den Verstoßenen, den Gefallenen. Doch sie ist seit Jahrtausenden spurlos verschwunden, und Samael verzehrt sich mit jeder Faser seines dunklen Herzens nach ihr. Als er der charmanten Angel begegnet, glaubt er, in ihr seine wahre Liebe erkannt zu haben. Aber so leicht lässt sich Angel nicht erobern, und für die beiden beginnt ein stürmischer Tanz aus Magie und Verführung ...

Gateways Book Two Chain Mail

Author: Diane Carey
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471107779
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Abandoned remnants of an extinct interstellar civilisation, the Gateways connect the Alpha Quadrant with the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Their rediscovery could revolutionise space travel...but it could also open the door to who knows what dangers from the other side. Twenty years ago, in the space near the planet of Belle Terre, a caravan of alien vessels disappeared into a gigantic Gate. Now the descendants of those aliens have returned, armed with incredible new weapons and abilities. Commander Nick Keller of the USS Challenger, already struggling to maintain peace in a volatile sector of space, is all that stands in the path of a fleet of invaders driven by a hostile -- and fanatical -- agenda. Diane Carey revisits the ship and crew she created for Challenger, the final volume of the Original Series six-part New Earth sequence, in which Keller and the USS Challenger's crew took over the guardianship of the new colony of Belle Terre from Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise. Now Keller finds himself defending not just a farflung colony of terrestrial pioneers but the security of half the known galaxy itself.

The Concise Guide to Physiotherapy Volume 2 E Book

Author: Tim Ainslie
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702052906
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This exciting new resource is designed to assist undergraduate physiotherapy students and new graduates in confidently treating patients in a range of physiotherapy areas outside the ‘core’ areas of practice. Areas covered include paediatrics, geriatrics, mental health and rheumatology. Valuable content is easily accessible in a small portable format which will be an invaluable reference during placement or practice. Each chapter provides a concise overview of the philosophy and the specific treatment processes for each of the 17 practice specialties. A wealth of online learning resources are also available with the Guide, these include access to case studies, multiple-choice questions and a reference list for each chapter. In addition there is a bank of downloadable photographs and line drawings relating to each of the 17 chapters. Used along with The Concise Guide to Physiotherapy: Volume 1 Assessment, Volume 2 Treatment will be an indispensable tool for any physiotherapist. A blend of resources providing an insight into the ‘non core’ areas of practice, enabling the individual to prepare ahead or refresh knowledge in order to feel confident about approaching the treatment of patients in practice areas not previously encountered. Easy access to nuggets of information on 17 ‘non core’ speciality areas, including burns and plastics, learning disabilities and rehabilitation A handy quick reference tool for both students and physiotherapists Access to online resources including, reference lists, an image bank, 51 cases studies and over 300 MCQs!