The Practice of Federal Criminal Law

Author: Harry I. Subin
Publisher: West Academic
ISBN: 9780314146137
Format: PDF
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This book describes the formal rules and informal practices involved in the development and resolution of a criminal case, from the decision to charge to disposition by trial or plea, and sentencing. Analysis of the work of prosecutors and defense attorneys in a hypothetical case helps students to contexualize criminal procedure doctrine by demonstrating the way in which the attorney applies constitutional and statutory law. The Practice of Federal Criminal Law: Prosecution and Defense can be used in conjunction with criminal procedure courses using traditional casebooks as well as in skills training courses and prosecution and defense clinics.

Federal Criminal Law and Its Enforcement

Author: Norman Abrams
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781628100105
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Sixth Edition is an entire reworking of this classic casebook. Beyond its traditional role in teaching a broad-gauge federal criminal law course, the book is well suited for use in white collar crime courses or seminars. For example, the fraud materials focus on business practices uncovered in the current economic meltdown. New chapters and new sections include Corporate Criminal Liability (new chapter 9), the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (chapter 5, section E), Plea Bargaining after Lafler and Frye (chapter 17 Part B), corporate plea, cooperation, and deferred-prosecution agreements (chapter 17, Section C), and general defenses to federal criminal liability (chapter 8, Section E). All chapters have been substantially revamped, reflecting recent Supreme Court rulings, new case law and statutory changes in the areas of mail fraud, obstruction, money laundering, terrorism, and weapons offense, and death penalty enhancements for Controlled Substance Act violations.

The Prosecution and Defense of Public Corruption

Author: Peter J. Henning
Publisher: Lexis Nexis
ISBN: 0195378415
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Prosecution and Defense of Public Corruption: The Law and Legal Strategies is the first comprehensive, practice-oriented treatment of the law of public corruption in the U.S. legal market. This unique publication provides a thorough legal analysis of the disparate areas of the law that can be used to prosecute public officials at all levels of government. In The Prosecution and Defense of Public Corruption, authors Peter J. Henning and Lee J. Radek discuss how counsel can develop appropriate legal strategies for prosecuting and defending these cases. Many essential topics are addressed with the practitioner in mind, including: Evidence Gathering Issues; Privilege Issues; Issues at Trial; Sentencing Issues.

Federal Criminal Practice

Author: C. Williams
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781634603560
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Federal Criminal Practice combines substantive Federal Criminal Law, Federal Criminal Procedure, and the Federal Rules of Evidence, with a mock case. Students apply what they learn in a manner that expands their understanding. Course materials consist of a textbook, mock case materials, and a teacher's manual. The mock case involves an arson committed to collect insurance proceeds. Classes involve lectures, discussion, and written and oral exercises. Students write a search warrant application, an indictment, and a substantive exhibit/witness list. Students examine witnesses before the grand jury, conduct voir dire, present opening statements and closing arguments, and conduct direct and cross examination.

Federal Grand Jury Practice and Procedure Fifth Edition

Author: Paul S. Diamond
Publisher: Juris Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1578233593
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Written by a federal district judge and former prosecutor who represented clients throughout the country in grand jury related litigation, Federal Grand Jury Practice and Procedure is designed to assist judges, prosecutors, and defense counsel through the complexities of federal grand jury practice and procedure. Concise, thorough, and well organized, Federal Grand Jury Practice and Procedure is an indispensable resource for every lawyer practicing criminal law in federal court today. This guide reveals the inner workings of the federal grand jury, providing you with the most definitive guidance available. It contains an extensive practical discussion and analysis of the Justice Department's Federal Grand Jury Practice Manual. In one volume, the entire grand jury process is covered, including: Grand jury's investigative power; Judiciary's supervisory authority over the grand jury; Prosecutorial misconduct before the grand jury; The grand jury's contempt powers; The grand jury's power to punish for perjury and the obstruction of justice; Grand jury administration; Constitutional and common law privileges before the grand jury; Subject-target procedures before the grand jury; Immunity privileges; Grand jury secrecy requirements; and Grand jury practice in all circuits.

Defining Crimes

Author: Joseph L. Hoffmann
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 145488794X
Format: PDF
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Defining Crimes, by the distinguished author team of William J. Stuntz (late of Harvard) and Joseph L. Hoffmann (Indiana), breaks from the tradition of Model Penal Code-centric casebooks and focuses instead on the rich intellectual and theoretical issues that arise from how crimes actually get defined and applied today by state and federal legislatures, trial and appellate courts, police, prosecutors, defense lawyers, and juries. The innovative approach of Defining Crimes enables the in-depth study of the problems and issues that affect the day-to-day contemporary practice of criminal law.

How to Try a Murder Case

Author: Michael D. Wims
Publisher: Amer Bar Assn
ISBN: 9781616320850
Format: PDF
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How to Try a Murder Case covers the preparation from the very beginning — even before the crime was committed — and progresses through the investigation to searches, arrest, and interrogation. This book explains the law, provides examples, and gives advice by offering the reader vicarious experience in trying a murder case.

Criminal Pretrial Advocacy

Author: Peter Henning
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781634602570
Format: PDF, ePub
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Criminal Pretrial Advocacy fills a critical gap in the skills training for law students by providing a complete course addressing the pretrial phase of a federal criminal prosecution along with plea negotiation and sentencing. It contains materials to follow cases through all the important steps in a criminal prosecution from the decision to file charges to challenges to the investigative tactics and evidence to plea bargaining. The casebook describes the pretrial process in a federal criminal case by incorporating both a discussion of the rules and procedures in each phase as well as the basic constitutional doctrines related to criminal prosecutions that can arise. This book gives students the substantive foundation to proceed through a Criminal Pretrial Advocacy course by providing a foundation for understanding how each phase of the process unfolds. The casebook, in conjunction with the case files described below, are designed to help students improve their advocacy skills by giving them the opportunity to engage in both writing exercises and court appearances. The casebook and Teacher's Manual are accompanied by three case files designed to provide students with the opportunity to work with the materials as a prosecutor and defense counsel during the semester. The cases involve drug distribution, mortgage fraud, and sex trafficking. They incorporate a set of agent reports that give the basic factual scenario along with related documents, such as a criminal history of the defendants and interview notes, that can be provided to the students at different points in the semester. An electronic version of the case files is available on a website that may only be accessed by instructors,, and samples of the types of documents in each case file can be found in the Teacher's Manual. The Teacher's Manual provides the instructor with detailed information about how to structure a Criminal Pretrial Advocacy course and the various issues that will arise as the students progress through the process. It also contains sample rubrics, schedules, and bench memos detailing the legal issues that are likely to be raised in the three case files that can be used in conjunction with the casebook.