Constitution making and Human Rights in the Sudans

Author: Lutz Oette
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317227913
Format: PDF, Docs
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Sudan and South Sudan have suffered from repeated cycles of conflict and authoritarianism resulting in serious human rights and humanitarian law violations. Several efforts, such as the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement and transitional justice initiatives have recognized that the failure to develop a stable political and legal order is at the heart of Sudan’s governance problems. Following South Sudan’s independence in 2011, parallel constitutional review processes are under way that have prompted intense debates about core issues of Sudan’s identity, governance and rule of law, human rights protection and the relationship between religion and the State. This book provides an in-depth study of Sudan’s constitutional history and current debates with a view to identifying critical factors that would enable Sudan and South Sudan to overcome the apparent failure to agree on and implement a stable order conducive to sustainable peace and human rights protection. It examines relevant processes against the broader (constitutional) history of Sudan and identifies the building blocks for constitutional reforms through a detailed analysis of Sudanese law and politics. The book addresses constitutionalism and constitutional rights protection in their political, legal and institutional context in Sudan and South Sudan, and the repercussions of the relationship between state and religion for the right to freedom of religion, minority rights and women’s rights.

Enforcement of Economic Social and Cultural Rights

Author: Manoj Kumar Sinha
ISBN: 9788178271460
Format: PDF
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The enforcement of human rights in general, and economic, social and cultural rights in particular, depends to a great extent on legal provisions protecting these rights contained in international and regional treaties, as well as in national constitutions and laws. Since 1945, a large number of human rights treaties were adopted both at regional and international levels.The book explores the various international and regional human rights instruments available for the enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights. The book traces the relationship of the fundamental rights and the Directive Principles of State Policy in India. The book also traces the jurisprudence developed by the Indian judiciary in the field of economic, social and cultural rights. It concludes that after the Vienna Declaration civil and political and economic, social, and cultural rights are interdependent, indivisible and interrelated.This book will be extremely helpful to the academicians, NGOs, students and lawyers as well as other institutions dealing with international law and human rights.

An Integrative Rights based Approach to Human Development in Africa

Author: Dejo Olowu
Publisher: PULP
ISBN: 0981412467
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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There is consensus amongst the various theories on the rights-based approach to development that the full realisation of human rights should be a vital goal of development efforts. The integrative rights-based approach to human development canvassed in this book perceives human rights as vital components of development programmes and policies that must necessarily be integrated in all processes designed to deliver the promises of development. This approach contemplates people-centred modalities for development in ways that emphasise equality and non-discrimination; accountability and transparency; and popular participation.

Human Rights and Development

Author: Eva Brems
Publisher: Hotei Publishing
ISBN: 9004280251
Format: PDF, ePub
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Focusing on the interconnectedness between the protection of human rights and the achievement of development, the papers included in Human Rights and Development: Legal Perspectives from and for Ethiopia contribute to both the international and Ethiopian debate on this nexus.

Human Rights of Women

Author: Rebecca J. Cook
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812215380
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Rebecca J. Cook and the contributors to this volume seek to analyze how international human rights law applies specifically to women in various cultures worldwide, and to develop strategies to promote equitable application of human rights law at the international, regional, and domestic levels. Their essays present a compelling mixture of reports and case studies from various regions in the world, combined with scholarly assessments of international law as these rights specifically apply to women.

Challenges in Human Rights

Author: Elisabeth Reichert
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231510349
Format: PDF, Kindle
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By using human rights as a guidepost, social workers can help create social welfare policies that better serve societal needs. However, in applying human rights to contemporary situations, social workers often encounter challenges that require thinking outside the box. Bringing together provocative essays from a diverse range of authors, Elisabeth Reichert demonstrates how approaching social work from a human rights perspective can profoundly affect legislation, resource management, and enforcement of policies. Topics include the reconciliation of cultural relativism with universal human rights; the debate over whether human rights truly promote economic and social development or simply allow economically developed societies to exploit underdeveloped countries; the role of gender in the practice of human rights; the tendency to promote political and civil rights over economic and social rights; and the surprising connection between the social work and legal professions.