The Separation Guide

Author: David R. Greig
Publisher: Self-Counsel Press
ISBN: 1770408185
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The companion to Separation Agreement (forms kit) readers have been asking for! The Separation Guide is filled with practical steps for dealing with assets, finances, legal processes, and post-separation life planning when in the midst of separation. While mainly speaking from his experience as a family law lawyer for separating and divorcing couples, author David Greig offers advice that can be applicable to all types of long-term unions, including common-law and same-sex couples. The Separation Guide provides guidance on: Understanding the legal case Negotiating with confidence The benefits of a formal separation agreement Managing the division of finances, assets, and liabilities, including such complicated factors as pensions and possession When to get legal assistance This comprehensive book includes chapters on all types of separation issues, so that you can rest assured that you are well informed in the midst of the separation process. It will help you to understand your situation and options, take control, and get your life back on track.

Getting Apart Together

Author: Martin Kranitz
Publisher: Rebuilding Books
ISBN: 9781886230217
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Guess which couple got more of what they wanted: Charles and Charlotte, who worked out a negotiated settlement together? Or John and Joyce, who let the court settle their differences? Couples who want to negotiate their own divorce settlements now have a comprehensive self-help guide, complete with ground rules, agendas for discussion, sample forms, and options for divorce mediation without "bloodshed." Not quite a "do-it-yourself" manual - you'll still needan attorney - but packed with real-couple examples of successful agreements on Co-Parenting, Custody, Financial Support, College Planning, Property, Insurance, Taxes.... An organized, thorough guide to the important issues for every separating couple, and an effective aid for those who seek professional mediation. "Your chances of getting the outcome you want are best when you take control of the decision-making process," says Martin Kranitz, Director of the National Centerfor Mediation Education in Annapolis, Maryland. "Couples can work out their own decisions, if they know what to talk about."

Nolo s Essential Guide to California Divorce

Author: Ed Sherman
Publisher: Nolo Press Occidental
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book is Part One of attorney Ed Sherman’s famous “How to Do Your Own Divorce in California.” This is where you get essential information for any kind of divorce—how California divorce laws affect your income, property, debts and children. Most important, you’ll learn how to solve disagreements without going to court. There are references to Part Two, but if you do not plan to do your own paperwork, you won’t need Part Two unless you want to use it to supervise a professional you hired to do your paperwork for you. If you decide you want the whole kit, you can get it for 50% off, so you won’t end up paying more than if you had bought “How to Do Your Own Divorce” in the first place. Specific to California, this book gives you practical and legal advice in clear, simple language that will answer your questions and guide you to a faster, smoother, less painful and less expensive divorce. Shows you how to stay out of court and complete your divorce with little or no help from an attorney. How to: • reduce conflict and avoid court battles • divide property fairly without a fight • deal with spousal support • deal with child support, custody and visitation • draft a settlement agreement

Hope For the Separated

Author: Gary D Chapman
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802479650
Format: PDF
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The unfortunate reality is that Christians are separating and divorcing at the same rate as the unbelieving world. But does separation have to mean the end? You may not feel like reconciling. You may not see hope for a reunion. But the biblical ideal for a separated couple is reconciliation. So how do you do it? When doors slam and angry words fly, when things just aren't working out, and even when your spouse has abandoned your trust, there is hope. Hope for the Separated will show you through God's Word that your marriage can be restored. Recognizing that restoration will not happen for everyone, Dr. Chapman also gives insightful advice for those who experience the pain of divorce.

Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life

Author: Sam Margulies
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 074320641X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An updated guide to the entire divorce process explains how the emotional and financial aspects of divorce can lead to conflict, offers practical advice on reaching an amicable agreement, and includes tips on the negotiation and legal process. Original. 12,500 first printing.

The Guys only Guide to Getting Over Divorce

Author: Sam J. Buser
Publisher: Bayou Pub
ISBN: 9781886298323
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Provides advice, in a question and answer format, for men who are faced with divorce discussing legal issues, trying to make a relationship work, parenting, living alone, support groups, dating again, remarriage, and other related topics.

Your Divorce Advisor

Author: Diana Mercer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743218566
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A lawyer and a psychologist offer a groundbreaking divorce strategy that protects both your finances and your family. From your first thought of divorce through the final paperwork, Your Divorce Advisor takes you step by step toward a divorce that dissolves the marriage but not your dignity, your sense of family, or your financial security. Whether you hire a lawyer or a mediator, or do it yourself, this practical, direct, and empowering guide offers you the wise counsel you need for both the legal and the emotional processes of ending your marriage. Your Divorce Advisor shows you how to: -Keep a healthy perspective that leads to a successful legal strategy and recognize when emotions threaten your case -Protect your assets without destroying your family Offering: -Detailed coverage of all your legal options and guidance through every legal step, including anticipating the emotional repercussions of your decisions -More information on custody than any other divorce book, including age-appropriate custody schedules -A sample divorce agreement explained one paragraph at a time Your Divorce Advisor helps you set yourself and your family on a positive course toward a new life.

Separation Agreement

Author: David R Greig
ISBN: 9781770402287
Format: PDF, Mobi
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If you and your spouse choose to live apart, you each have certain rights and obligations that can be settled by agreement - or be determined by the courts. A separation agreement is a must. Calm discussion of these issues and the preparation of a contract settling your arrangement can help you avoid costly and traumatic court attendances.

Divorce After 50

Author: Janice Green
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 1413322271
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Today, 1 in 4 people going through a divorce are over 50. Over-50 divorces can be more financially burdensome because they usually involve alimony, retirement, health insurance, and Social Security benefits – this book covers all these issues and more.

Now what Do I Do

Author: Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski
Publisher: ACTA Publications
ISBN: 087946304X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When a marriage ends, it is hard enough for the two people directly involved. When there are children in the family, however, the destructive effects of a divorce or separation are magnified. In Now What Am I Supposed to Do? author Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski offers a workbook for teens to help them flush out their feelings and fears over their parents? divorce or separation. The author's own parents divorced when she was eleven, and she writes with a style that teens can easily relate to without feeling talked down to. The exercises in Now What Am I Supposed to Do? can be done alone or with friends. While this book is aimed at teens, it is also a helpful guide for parents and youth ministers who want to help teens work through their emotions.