The Shocks of Adversity

Author: William Leisner
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476722420
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An original novel set in the universe of Star Trek: The Original Series! En route to a diplomatic mission, the Enterprise receives a distress call from the USS McRaven. As the Enterprise approaches the area where the McRaven appears to be, the crew encounters an anomoly unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. Space itself seems inconsistent—warping, changing appearance. But during the brief periods of calm, they locate the McRaven—along with other ships of various origins, all tightly surrounding and being held in place by an enormous unidentified vessel....

An Essay Towards a Philosophy of Education

Author: Charlotte M. Mason
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415696305
Format: PDF
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This was the last and most important and comprehensive work of Charlotte Mason, (founder of the Parents' National Educational Union). For more than half a century the practical results of her original thought on education could be seen in all parts of the world in the Charlotte Mason Method and the Parents' Union Schools.

Miscellaneous Works of the Rev Charles Buck Author of the Theological Dictionary Containing the Young Christian s Guide Or Suitable Directions Cautions and Encouragement to the Believer on His First Entrance Into the Divine Life a Treatise on Religious Experience in which Its Nature Evidences and Advantages are Considered Together with Anecdotes Religious Moral and Entertaining Alphabetically Arranged and Interpersed with a Variety of Useful Observations

Author: Charles Buck
Format: PDF, ePub
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Development Under Adversity

Author: Ishac Diwan
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 9780821344187
Format: PDF, Docs
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"War, border closures, violence, and unemployment have hampered the Palestinian economy for over a decade. Despite these obstacles and setbacks, the future outlook is optimistic." Based on the research of the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS), the World Bank, and other organizations, 'Development Under Adversity' reviews the development of the Palestinian economy since the 1993 Declaration of Principles. The Palestinian economy has enormous potential. Its general development indicators, including life expectancy, literacy, and child mortality rates, are among the best in the Middle East and North Africa. The book identifies the conditions under which the Palestinian economy can grow. They include trade channels that reduce the economy's reliance on Israel; the creation of a more efficient civil service; more investment-oriented public expenditure; and more resourceful support from NGOs in the delivery of health, education, welfare, and infrastructure services. 'Development Under Adversity' provides historical background, an objective examination of recent economic and political developments, and a comprehensive analysis of the contribution that the donor community can make toward alleviating poverty. Throughout its analysis, the book focuses on the human consequences of economic uncertainty. It studies the social and household costs of border closures, and includes complete chapters about the education and health sectors. The result is a book that will be relevant to a wide range of institutional and private lenders, as well as to anyone with a general interest in the well-being and future of the Palestinian economy.


Author: Julia Cameron
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1440674426
Format: PDF, ePub
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In this gift-sized book, Julia Cameron shares beautiful prayers of empowerment followed by potent declarations and reflections on the nature of change and coping. They extend beyond affirmations to facilitate a powerful awakening of the potential of the human soul and to revitalize our abilities to transform our lives in the face of whatever the universe may put in our life's path.Transitions will help guide the soul and draw readers toward the source of their inner strength. Whether read in one sitting, or used over time, this is a book no thoughtful being will want to be without.