The Struggle of Latino Latina University Students

Author: Felix M. Padilla
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136747532
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Based on a three-year ethnographic study of a class on the sociology of Latino/a society, this book tells the story of how the students navigated academic life in a predominantly white university to construct their own education. Padilla weaves together journal entries, his own experiences in education, cultural analysis, and theory to create a rich narrative.

College Men and Masculinities

Author: Shaun R. Harper
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470448423
Format: PDF
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COLLEGE MEN and Masculinities is a comprehensive handbook that offers a compilation of the best classic and contemporary research on male students in higher education. The editors, Shaun R. Harper and Frank Harris III—two experts in the field of men and masculinities—frame each of the six sections of the book with a summary of issues and implications for educational practice. Each section also includes a wealth of forward-thinking strategies and suggestions that faculty and institutional leaders can creatively employ on their campuses to reverse problematic trends and outcomes among male undergraduates. With contributions from leading scholars in education, sociology, psychology, and other disciplines, College Men and Masculinities explores the following issues in depth: Identity development and gender socialization Sexualities and sexual orientations Destructive behaviors (judicial offenses, alcohol abuse, and violence) Health and wellness College men of color College men and sports This vital resource will help educators and administrators address the alarming trends and issues that arise from identity-related challenges among boys and college men. "What a valuable resource! This book includes some of the most influential research and theory on all aspects of collegiate masculinity—from sports to spirituality, hazing to hook-ups, and alcohol to assault. Always sensitive to how different groups of men experience college life, Harper and Harris's book will surely become the touchstone text for those who work with or study college men."—Michael Kimmel, author of Manhood in America and professor of sociology, Stony Brook University "Essential reading for all who care about gender equity, this book advances the conversation about men in college at the critical nexus of identity development, culture, and relationship, enabling faculty and student affairs administrators to build more thoughtful and challenging educational environments for men from diverse populations."—Susan Marine, Women's Center director and assistant dean for student life, Harvard University "This book offers educators and administrators much-needed guidance for understanding and effectively meeting the developmental, academic, and social needs of undergraduate men."—Chauncey Smith, undergraduate student leader, Morehouse College

Diversity s Promise for Higher Education

Author: Daryl G. Smith
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421417359
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Daryl G. Smith has devoted her career to studying and fostering diversity in higher education. She has witnessed and encouraged the evolution of diversity from an issue addressed sporadically on college campuses to a reality of the modern university experience. In Diversity’s Promise for Higher Education, Smith brings together scholarly and field research relevant to the next generation of diversity work. The book argues that achieving excellence in a diverse society requires increasing the institutional capacity for diversity while simultaneously working to understand how diversity is tied to better leadership, positive change, research in virtually every field, student success, accountability, and more equitable hiring practices. To become more relevant to society, the nation, and the world while remaining true to their core missions, colleges and universities must continue to see diversity—like technology—as central, not parallel, to their work. In Diversity’s Promise for Higher Education, Smith proposes a set of clear and realistic practices that will help colleges and universities locate diversity as a strategic imperative and pursue diversity efforts that are inclusive of the varied—and growing—issues apparent on campuses without losing focus on the critical unfinished business of the past. In this edition, which is aimed at administrators, faculty, researchers, and students of higher education, Smith emphasizes a transdisciplinary approach to the topic of diversity, drawing on an updated list of sources from a wealth of literatures and fields. The tables have been refreshed to include data on faculty diversity over a twenty-year period and the book includes new information about gender identity, stereotype threat, student success, the growing role of chief diversity officers, the international emergence of diversity issues, faculty hiring, and implicit bias.

La Comunidad Latina in the United States

Author: David T. Abalos
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275958930
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A guide to understanding the personal, political, historical and sacred faces of the Latino community in the United States as they struggle to create a more just and compassionate culture in the service of transformation.

The Challenge of Diversity Involvement or Alienation in the Academy

Author: Daryl G. Smith
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN: 9780787981228
Format: PDF
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A new edition of The Challenge of Diversity with new introduction from the editors, which compares today's statistics to those in 1989. The original monograph is still valuable and relevant, and it is presented in its original form. In 1989 when The Challenge of Diversity was first published, the monograph made the case that the country's changing demographics required reframing diversity to focus on institutions' capacity to educate and involve an increasingly diverse student population. Looking at current research, the book pointed to patterns of alienation, not involvment. Our demographics are indeed different today, but many of the same challenges remain: access and success for historically underrepresented minority groups, but also the basic institutional issues such as curriculum, climate, and hiring. At the same time, the context has changed: nontraditional students (older students, women, and part-timers) are now mainstream, and numbers of some minority groups and multiracial students continues to grow. While higher education has changed profoundly, our institutions still have not yet developed the capacity to successfuly educate the diversity of students present on our campuses today. In addition, we are experiencing a backlash to some diversity initiatives, and societal factors indicate that higher education needs to become more proactive in responding favorably to diversity. If the monograph were first published today, we would call it The Imperative of Diversity. This is Volume 30 Issue 6 of the Jossey-Bass series ASHE Higher Education Report.

Interrogating Racism in Qualitative Research Methodology

Author: Gerardo R. López
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
Format: PDF, Docs
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Contents: Sylvia R. Lazos Vargas: Introduction: Critical Race Theory in Education: Theory, Praxis, and Recommendations -- Cynthia Tyson: Research, Race, and an Epistemology of Emancipation -- Melanie Carter: Telling Tales Out of School: "What's the Fate of a Black Story in a White World of White Stories?" -- Edward Buendia: Fashioning Research Stories: The Metaphoric and Narrative Structure of Writing Research About Race -- Gerardo R. Lopez: Parent Involvement as Racialized Performance -- Jennifer Ng: Multicultural Education in Teacher Training Programs and Its Implications on Preparedness for Effective Work in Urban Settings -- Arisve Esquivel: On Whose Terms? The (In)visibility of the Latina/o Community at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign -- Laurence Parker: Critical Race Theory and Its Implications for Methodology and Policy Analysis in Higher Education Desegregation -- Wanda Pillow: Race-Based Methodologies: Multicultural Methods or Epistemological Shifts? -- Gerardo R. Lopez/Laurence Parker: Conclusion.

The New Handbook of Language and Social Psychology

Author: W. Peter Robinson
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471490968
Format: PDF, Docs
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When originally published in 1993 the first edition of this book was widely acknowledged as a definitive text in the field.The New Handbook builds on this success to provide updated reviews of many of the important theoretical and practical areas in which progress has been achieved in the last decade. It has also been expanded to contain additional material on the integra ion of verbal and non-verbal features in communication,and how such systems work,especially in applied settings and social relationships. With its strong reviews,the new Handbook of Language and Social Psychology provides rapid access to a social psychological perspective for linguists, anthropologists,sociologists, and other academics concerned with language. KEY FEATURES: - Completely updated edition of the definitive handbook on language and social psychology. - Expanded range of topics covered. - Provides state-of-the-art reviews of many of the important theoretical and practical areas in which progress has recently been achieved.

Ethnic studies research

Author: Timothy P. Fong
Publisher: Altamira Pr
ISBN: 9780759111417
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An invaluable resource for students and service practitioners alike, Ethnic Studies Research reflects on important trends in ethnic studies offering a breadth of understanding on critical topics pertaining to the discipline.