The Teacher s Attention

Author: Garrett Delavan
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 1592138950
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Teacher’s Attention is a fresh take on relationships in schools. Looking beyond our obsession with raising test scores, this book recognizes that education is a key partner in raising children. Garrett Delavan contends that allowing students, educators and parents to navigate a smaller number of relationships—a concept he calls "relationship load"—provides many benefits, including a better chance at achieving equal access to a good education for all children. Delavan shows how class size, school size, and longer-term student-teacher relationships are all equally critical components for educating our children ethically and successfully. After examining these proposed reforms in detail, Delavan also considers counterarguments and provides a detailed projection of costs and savings, putting to rest the assumption that smaller classes and smaller schools are necessarily more expensive. Finally, the book discusses possible steps toward implementation, showing how the author's proposed reforms are remarkably practical.

The Unacknowledged Disaster

Author: Bruce J. Biddle
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9462095213
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Unacknowledged Disaster concerns two huge and closely-tied but widely ignored problems that plague the U.S. On the one hand, America tolerates a massive amount of youth poverty, while on the other, youth poverty is the major social factor generating failure in the country’s education. (More than one-fifth of American youths are now impoverished–a poverty rate far worse than those for American adults or the elderly and more than twice the size of youth poverty rates in other advanced nations–and poverty generates most educational failure effects in the U.S. often assigned to such factors as student race, broken homes, and the supposed failures of teachers and school administrators.) These problems have been studied extensively, and the tragedies they create are well known to scholars, but they are often misrepresented, misunderstood, or unacknowledged by far-right advocates, media figures, policy makers, and those concerned with serious problems that now beset the United States. This book reviews evidence concerning these problems and their dire effects, discusses ineffective or tragic outcomes that result when these problems are ignored, assesses why these problems are so often unacknowledged in the United States, and sets forth clear, evidence-based policies that can reduce the disastrous scope of American youth poverty and its destructive effects in education.

Saving America s Schools

Author: John Harvey
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412061784
Format: PDF, Docs
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Out of the hills of Kentucky and Southern Indiana comes a teacher’s voice crying for a completely new approach to public education. A 30-year veteran of public education in 4 states, the author marshals some convincing arguments that the worst enemy of public education is itself and that the school administrations in most school systems are very definitely guilty of self-perpetuating and extending that failure. While hiding behind the façade of competent, caring administrators, all too many superintendents and principals are guilty of placing the almighty dollar first, their own reputations second and students a poor third. The writer places the blame for all of this failure on the heads of school administrations while not excusing the culpability of teachers and parents for believing those who try to convince them that education is available for everyone if the correct “magic” curricula, programs, methods, etc. are followed carefully and proper testing is done correctly. Public education is still only educating those students who come to school properly motivated or who are fortunate enough to find those few teachers who are willing to buck the system and teach the children, not the tests, the curricula or the currently popular (and ever-changing) programs. In answer to the inevitable questions of whether or not the system is worth preserving and what might be done to make a serious attempt at educating every child, the author proposes some interesting and thought provoking strategies. Radically different than those proposed by the Bush administration, these strategies are possible on any level from a single classroom to an entire nation. Saving America’s Schools is a must-read for every serious educator, every parent and every concerned citizen in this country.

Culture and Power in the Classroom

Author: Antonia Darder
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317261755
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This is a timely second edition of the enormously significant book which changed how teachers and community activists view their own practice. This edition concludes with personal essays by teachers, professors, and community activists explaining the direct impact which Culture and Power in the Classroom has had on their lives. Unlike many texts that discuss educational failure, this book provides a historical context for understanding underachievement in our nation. Thoroughly revised to include the new thinking on diversity and learning, this edition includes a new chapter on assessment and the brain. This second edition will be welcomed by previous and new readers alike, and will help influence the approach of a new generation of teachers, whether they are based in schools, colleges or community centres.

Critical Pedagogy and the Everyday Classroom

Author: Tony Monchinski
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402084633
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Critical Pedagogy addresses the shortcomings of mainstream educational theory and practice and promotes the humanization of teacher and student. Where Critical Pedagogy is often treated as a discourse of academics in universities, this book explores the applications of Critical Pedagogy to actual classroom situations. Written in a straight-forward, concise, and lucid form by an American high school teacher, drawing examples from literature, film, and, above all, the everyday classroom, this book is meant to provoke thought in teachers, students and education activists as we transform our classrooms into democratic sites. From grading to testing, from content area disciplines to curriculum planning and instruction, from the social construction of knowledge to embodied cognition, this book takes the theories behind Critical Pedagogy and illustrates them at work in common classroom environments.

Managing the Primary School

Author: Mrs Joan Dean
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134830165
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This new edition of Managing the Primary School brings up-to-date the consideration of the tasks and skills of the headteacher which was a feature of the first edition. Like the first edition, this book deals with all aspects of the headteacher's role, including a discussion of the changing relationships with parents and governors, and an examination of the headteacher's involvement with marketing the school and controlling its finances. Each chapter looks at a particular group of skills and tasks which are a part of the management role. Joan Dean takes into account the implications of the Education Reform Act and the National Curriculum and includes accounts of recent research, concentrating in particular on studies of effective schools. This book will be invaluable to all headteachers as well as other senior staff, advisors and consultants working in primary schools.

Harper s New Monthly Magazine

Author: Henry Mills Alden
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Harper's informs a diverse body of readers of cultural, business, political, literary and scientific affairs.

New Physical Ideas Are Here Needed Revolutionizing Education

Author: Art Bardige
ISBN: 1430312572
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How can we meet the increasing demands on American education for more content, greater complexity, and much higher levels of student success? How can we make every student a more effective learner? How can we help every teacher support learning more productively? How can we create schools that enable each and every child to achieve the education to which he or she aspires? We can with a new technology of education - a technology focused on student practice and conceptual visualization. Fortunately, this new technology is now at hand, and it can enable us to revolutionize education. Please join me in an exploration of these new physical ideas that are here, so desperately, needed. Art Bardige

The Disabled Schoolchild and Kitchen Sense

Author: Sydney Foott
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 1483140970
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Disabled Schoolchild and Kitchen Sense deals with home economics for physically handicapped schoolchildren. This book is concerned mainly with activities in the kitchen; but these activities are not separated from the many other facets of home economics taught in schools. At all times, there should be consideration of home making in its entirety, and no separation is intended or implied. As with physically handicapped adults, physically handicapped children are capable of and enjoy many more home activities than they are normally allowed or encouraged to undertake. If they are to grow up to become self-sufficient and as independent as possible within the limits of their disability, they must have the opportunity of learning these skills. This book provides necessary information in helping the disabled schoolchildren learn the activities. This text is intended for the home economics teachers in a special school for physically handicapped children.

Cool School

Author: Jane Loosmore
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781469765990
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The present school system is steadily becoming dysfunctional, and its time to improve that system, ensuring it becomes one in which every child feels safe, welcome, interested, and eager to learn. In Cool School, author Jane Loosmore presents a new, two-part approach to education that facilitates effective, child-friendly public schools. Cool School outlines a plan called the Two-School System from Cost to Classroom (2SS)a school concept that is flexible, holistic, and recognizes each child as a blossoming individual. This system is based on the decades of experience by Loosmore and her late husband, Robertfrom their parenting and teaching in many different types of schools, from rural to urban and from grades 1 to 12 in a wide span of subjects. Collecting from their many experiences, Loosmore offers the best of the best of what theyve learned, including discussion on class size, length of the school day, instruction methods, technology, curriculum, and class composition. Loosmore communicates that the purpose of the 2SS is to educate each child to his or her potential for becoming a competent, caring, knowing, reasoning citizen of the world. Its important to prepare this young generation for the usual challenges of adulthood and for finding and creating solutions to the problems with the environment and global enmity.