The Teacher s Guide to Grammar

Author: Deborah Cameron
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 019165051X
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Teacher's Guide to Grammar is unique in focusing directly on the aspects of grammar that teachers need to know. Assuming little or no formal linguistic education, this concise and accessible book provides the necessary background knowledge required in the classroom context. There are detailed chapters on the nuts and bolts of language: words, morphology, sentences, phrases, verbs, and clauses. Other important educational issues concerned in the teaching of English are discussed: the grammatical variation that differentiates standard and non-standard English; how grammar varies in relation to the purpose and audience of a text; and the different grammatical characteristics of different languages. Throughout, illustrations are given using examples from the real spoken and written language produced by learners. Here are the essentials every English and literacy teacher needs to know about grammar in one practical and relevant guide.

The Teacher s Grammar of English with Answers

Author: Ron Cowan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521809733
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Teacher's Grammar of English is a comprehensive resource text designed to help ESL/EFL teachers understand and teach American English grammar. The Teacher's Grammar of English is a comprehensive resource text designed to help ESL/EFL teachers and teachers-in-training understand and teach American English grammar. In addition to complete, up-to-date coverage on form, meaning, and usage, each chapter includes practical suggestions for teaching, as well as a unique section that analyzes common errors made by learners from different first-language backgrounds, based on current research in second-language acquisition. Review exercises throughout each chapter make the book an ideal text for a course on English grammar. An answer key is included.

The Teacher s Grammar Book

Author: James D. Williams
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135606501
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Teacher's Grammar Book, Second Edition introduces the various grammars that inform writing instruction in our schools, and examines methods, strategies, and techniques that constitute best classroom practices for teaching grammar and writing. Designed for students who are preparing to become English or language arts teachers, as well as for credentialed teachers who want an easy-to-use guide to questions of methods, grammar, and teaching, this overview of basic English grammar includes the following major topics: a brief history of grammar, teaching grammar, grammar and writing, traditional grammar, transformational-generative grammar, cognitive grammar, dialects, black English, and Chicano English. New in the reorganized and fully updated Second Edition: *new chapter giving a brief history of grammar and grammar instruction; *new chapter on best practices--strategies and techniques that actually work; *expanded chapter on cognitive grammar--a topic not found in other texts of this nature; *expanded chapter on dialects; *summary and evaluation of the minimalist program (Noam Chomsky's most recent revision of transformational-generative grammar)--a topic unique among texts of this kind; and *reduced discussion of transformational grammar.

SPaG Book

Author: Matilda Rose
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781484113493
Format: PDF, Mobi
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**An Amazon bestseller** SPaG Book is the perfect companion for teachers of spelling, punctuation, and grammar...and now the National Curriculum and Ofsted consider EVERY teacher to be a teacher of literacy, that means you! Whether you're a grammar novice who doesn't know his adverbs from his elbow, or an expert English teacher who never splits his infinitives, this book has something for you. It explains the role SPaG has to play in the primary and secondary curricular, from EYFS to A Level. It explains what the SPaG assessment criteria means in practice. And it shares advice and ideas on what to teach and how to teach it. SPaG Book is also your one-stop-shop for checking spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules. It answers all those thorny questions about how to spell commonly mis-spelt words, how to use semi-colons, and how to avoid dangling your participles or ending your sentences with prepositions. This book also has a brief history of the English language which explains why English is such a wonderful (and difficult) language to master. The SPaG Book also has an appendix with subject spelling lists to help you build a bank of key words to display on your classroom wall.

American Sign Language

Author: Charlotte Lee Baker-Shenk
Publisher: Gallaudet University Press
ISBN: 9780930323844
Format: PDF
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Best known as the Green Books, the American Sign Language books provide teachers and students of American Sign Language (ASL) with the complete means for learning about the culture, community, and the native language of Deaf people. A group of 15 ASL teachers and linguists reviewed all five books to ensure that they were accurate and easy to comprehend. This volume of the American Sign Language series explains in depth the grammar and structure of ASL while also presenting a description of the Deaf community in the United States. Written for teachers with minimal training in linguistics, it includes many illustrations, examples, and dialogues that also focus on specific aspects of the Deaf community.

Literacy in the Disciplines

Author: Thomas DeVere Wolsey
Publisher: Guilford Publications
ISBN: 1462527922
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book gives all teachers in grades 5-12 practical strategies for building the unique literacy skills that students need for success in their respective subject areas. Drawing from interviews with leading educators and professionals in science, mathematics, history, the arts, and other disciplines, the authors explain what disciplinary literacy is and discuss ways to teach close reading of complex texts, discipline-specific argumentation skills, academic vocabulary, the use of multimodal tools and graphic organizers, and more. User-friendly features include classroom materials, lesson plans, practice activities, and recommended online teaching videos. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the book's 20 reproducible forms in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

Materials and Methods in ELT

Author: Jo McDonough
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118357450
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This is a comprehensive and practical introduction to central themes in the principle and practice of Teaching English as a foreign/second Language. It is written both for teachers and for those taking professional courses in ELT. The first part, focused on the principles on which current methods and materials are based, explores such topics as educational frameworks: the communicative approach; post-communicative trends in syllabus and materials design and the evaluation and adaptation of materials. Part Two relates these principles to individual language skills. It shows how theories concerned with the development of reading, speaking, listening and writing have affected the design and use of teaching materials. The final part of the book examines different methods available to teachers for organizing and managing the ELT classroom, discussing group and pair work; individualization; classroom observation and the teacher's role in the contemporary ELT context.

Primary Language Lessons

Author: Catherine Andrews
ISBN: 9781890623333
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons by Emma Serl are quickly becoming a mainstay in home education and in classical instruction, but one thing has been missing, until now?a modern guide for the teacher who wants to get the most out of these classic texts for today?s students. These guides contain all the original questions and exercises from the textbooks, along with suggested answers. Having been written from the ground up by a team of dedicated teachers, these guides are designed for use in today?s classrooms and in homeschool teaching. They include new optional ?Extended Activities? that reinforce and enhance the original study sections, along with worksheets made for copying and handout for use by students.

English Language Grammar Reference and Teacher s Guide First Edition

Author: C. Neil Linton
Publisher: Centerline
ISBN: 9780473209247
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This English Language Grammar Reference & Teacher's Guide has been thoughtfully created drawing on almost two-decades of accumulated knowledge and wisdom gained as an English Language Facilitator, a Teaching English as a Second Language Teacher-Trainer, and an owner / Principal of two Ministry of Education registered and Qualifications Authority accredited English language schools. The book has been created as a comprehensive alternative to the intimidating thick and costly technical grammar books most ESL teachers accumulate. These books are often filled with linguistic academic jargon that is not easily understood, not to mention being heavy to carry from class to class. With an ESL teacher's needs in mind, the book has been packed with relevant, practical classroom information, examples, and advice, as well as being a comprehensive resource to the grammar and usage of the English language. Chapter One contains a comprehensive outline to the grammar and usage of the eight ( 8 ) parts of speech found in the English language, in simple terms. You will find easy to understand explanations and real-life sentence examples for each concept. Chapter Two contains an English language punctuation guide. The guide can be used in two ways. First, the entire collection can be used as a reference to assist the ESL teacher in the correct use of punctuation. Second, the chapter can be used as a teaching tool. Each category, or a selection of categories within the chapter, can be the basis of an independent ESL lesson. Chapter Three contains a writing guide for either the teacher or their students. It provides invaluable information and guidance to all skill levels of writers who may attempt a simple composition, a more complex academic essay, or an advanced formal article. Chapter Four, Classroom Management, reflects the knowledge and wisdom gained by myself as a successful generalist educator, ESL facilitator, and a TESOL / TEFL Teacher-Trainer. I have also researched, observed and collected additional input from other passionate ESL educators and specialists. This chapter outlines classroom management techniques, and includes ways to identify and avoid potential problems, provides methods to inspire or motivate students, and expresses one of the most important concepts that an ESL teacher should gain knowledge on; the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity. Chapter Five gives a brief comprehensive overview to the main teaching perspectives or models available. There are many approaches and methods used; some are more mainstream then others. Chapter Six provides relevant, practical advice in regard to ESL lesson design and its delivery. This includes, but is not limited to, the individual components generally found in an ESL lesson plan, the environment in which delivery takes place ( in most cases the classroom ), the physical resources and technologies that can be considered, and the interpersonal skills needed to successfully build rapport, and to be credible and respected as a professional. This book has been designed and intended as a resource, to be used while creating lessons, but also used during actual real-time teaching. As students ask grammatical or composition questions, the English Language Grammar Reference & Teacher's Guide can be quickly accessed, explanations given, and examples modified from the book, and then written on a writing surface.

Explode the Code

Author: Nancy M. Hall
Publisher: Educators Pub Svc Incorporated
ISBN: 9780838816479
Format: PDF
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Teaches basic phonic concepts necessary for beginning reading. Builds a carefully controlled vocabulary sequentially from primer book A to book 8.