The Truth about Divorce

Author: Mark J. Kittleson
Format: PDF
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Alphabetically arranged entries focus on issues relating to divorce, including child support, visitation, relationship failure, and stress factors. For the past few decades, the divorce rate in America has remained around 50 percent; although this rate has declined since 1990, it remains high. However, the Journal of Divorce reported that a study of 273 typical college students showed that even kids who have lived through multiple divorces still expect to get married. A comprehensive A-to-Z guide to the facts and myths, The Truth about Divorce explains the social, legal, and personal effects of divorce. Using straightforward prose while refraining from a pedantic tone, this valuable resource guides readers toward a greater understanding of the topic while providing effective strategies for coping. Self tests, fact or fiction sidebars, and up to date statistics and charts engage readers and encourage discussion both at home and in the classroom. Topics include: blended families, child support, divorce in America, love and marriage, relationship challenges.

Literary Market Place 2006

Author: Information Today Inc
Publisher: Information Today
ISBN: 9781573872218
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Literary Market Place 2006 is the ultimate insider's guide to the U.S. book publishing industry, covering every conceivable aspect of the business. Two easy-to-use volumes provide: 54 sections organizing everyone and everything in the business-from publishers, agents, and ad agencies to associations, distributors, and events. Over 14,500 listings in all-featuring names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers; key personnel, activities, specialties, and other relevant data; e-mail addresses and Web sites; and more. Some 22,000 decision makers throughout the industry, listed in a separate "Personnel Yellow Pages" section in each volume. Thousands of services and suppliers equipped to meet every publishing need or requirement. LMP 2006 leaves no stone unturned in connecting you with the publishing firm, service, or product you or your patrons need. Completely revised and updated, LMP 2006 helps: Publishers locate other publishers, freelancers, agents, printers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Suppliers find names and numbers of potential publishing customers. Job seekers locate contact names, addresses, and phone numbers throughout the industry. Writers locate agents and publishers for their works. Librarians provide patrons with the reference source they need to navigate the publishing industry. When it comes to books, you can reach the people who publish, package, review, represent, edit, translate, typeset, illustrate, design, print, bind, promote, publicize, ship, and distribute, all at one world-famous business address: Literary Market Place 2006.

Winning Divorce Strategies

Author: Brian D. Perskin, Esq.
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781475956856
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Unfortunately, a divorce is akin to a war; one does not go to battle without being sufficiently prepared and without considering every strategy prior to engagement. In Winning Divorce Strategies, author and attorney Brian D. Perskin details the tactics his firm has learned and the mistakes he’s seen in divorce cases with the with the goal of maximizing your happiness and ensuring you achieve the best possible outcome. From filing for divorce through the trial, Winning Divorce Strategies provides guidance to help you avoid the pitfalls of divorce and to help you prepare a game plan to take control of your divorce. It provides information on • choosing a lawyer; • deciding to litigate ornegotiate; • recognizing the opposition; • filing and serving papers; • being prepared; • making financial decisions; • winning custody strategies; and • negotiating a win-win settlement. Through experience gained from real-life situations, Perskin shares the divorce secrets he has discovered and details the tactics that have been designed to ensure you are in the best possible position throughout the case.

The Truth About Children and Divorce

Author: Robert E. Emery Ph.D.
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101157011
Format: PDF, Docs
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Nationally recognized expert Robert Emery applies his twenty-five years of experience as a researcher, therapist, and mediator to offer parents a new road map to divorce. Dr. Emery shows how our powerful emotions and the way we handle them shape how we divorce—and whether our children suffer or thrive in the long run. His message is hopeful, yet realistic—divorce is invariably painful, but parents can help promote their children’s resilience. With compassion and authority, Dr. Emery explains: • Why it is so hard to really make divorce work • How anger and fighting can keep people from really separating • Why legal matters should be one of the last tasks • Why parental love—and limit setting—can be the best “therapy” for kids • How to talk to children, create workable parenting schedules, and more

The Divorce Trial Manual

Author: Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin
Publisher: American Bar Association
ISBN: 9781590312377
Format: PDF, Docs
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This concise guide is a complete roadmap through a divorce trail from the initial interview to trial preparation to the closing argument.

The Facts on File Companion to American Drama

Author: Jackson R. Bryer
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438129661
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Features a comprehensive guide to American dramatic literature, from its origins in the early days of the nation to the groundbreaking works of today's best writers.

File for Divorce in New Jersey

Author: F. Clifford Gibbons
Publisher: SphinxLegal
ISBN: 1572485124
Format: PDF, ePub
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Going through a divorce is emotionally and financially challenging, but an understanding of how the process works and what forms you need to fill out can make it easier. File for Divorce in New Jersey provides the latest information and necessary forms to ease your divorce process. See why this is the #1 divorce manual in New Jersey.

File for Divorce in Maryland Virginia or the District of Columbia

Author: James J. Gross
Publisher: SphinxLegal
ISBN: 9781572485365
Format: PDF, Docs
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Simplify the Divorce Process A divorce can be the most painful and expensive experience of your life. Whether you use a lawyer or not, protect yourself by getting all the information you need about divorce laws and your legal rights. Let File for Divorce in Maryland, Virginia or the District of Columbia help you get control over this stressful time in your life. Learn how to: - File an Uncontested or Contested Divorce - Protect Your Assets, Yourself and Your Children - Save Money when Working with a Lawyer - Negotiate Child Support and Visitation Agreements Essential documents you need to: - End the Marriage and Start Fresh - Resolve Property Disputes - Calculate Child Support - Develop a Visitation Schedule - And much more . . .