The Unauthorised Agent

Author: Danny Busch
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521863880
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book focuses on a highly significant issue in agency law: the legal situation created when an agent acts without authority.

Verkehrsschutz im englischen Privatrecht

Author: Lukas Rademacher
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161548659
Format: PDF, ePub
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Im deutschen Eigentums-, Stellvertretungs-, Abtretungs- und Bereicherungsrecht gilt in unterschiedlichem Masse der Verkehrsschutzgedanke. Danach soll der Erwerb einer Rechtsposition grundsatzlich unabhangig sein von den Beziehungen zwischen dem Vertragspartner des Erwerbers und Dritten. Inwieweit lasst sich auch im englischen Recht ein allgemeines Verkehrsschutzprinzip identifizieren? Mit diesem Ansatz behandelt Lukas Rademacher aus vergleichender Perspektive ubergreifende Fragen der ansonsten zumeist unverbundenen Rechtsgebiete contract , property , tort , unjust enrichment und trust - jeweils zusatzlich durchzogen von der bis heute lebendigen gedanklichen Parallelitat von common law im engeren Sinne und equity . Dabei stellen die aus der deutschen Diskussion bekannten Problemfelder das Gerust bereit, anhand dessen das englische Recht entfaltet wird. Dies ermoglicht einen unmittelbar vergleichenden Zugriff auf die jeweils zugrunde liegenden Wertungen.

Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law Second Edition

Author: J. M. Smits
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1781006105
Format: PDF, Docs
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Acclaim for the first edition: ïThis is a very important and immense book. . . The Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law is a treasure-trove of honed knowledge of the laws of many countries. It is a reference book for dipping into, time and time again. It is worth every penny and there is not another as comprehensive in its coverage as ElgarÍs. I highly recommend the Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law to all English chambers. This is a very important book that should be sitting in every university law school library.Í _ Sally Ramage, The Criminal Lawyer Containing newly updated versions of existing entries and adding several important new entries, this second edition of the Elgar Encyclopedia of Comparative Law takes stock of present-day comparative law scholarship. Written by leading authorities in their respective fields, the contributions in this accessible book cover and combine not only questions regarding the methodology of comparative law, but also specific areas of law (such as administrative law and criminal law) and specific topics (such as accident compensation and consideration). In addition, the Encyclopedia contains reports on a selected set of countriesÍ legal systems and, as a whole, presents an overview of the current state of affairs. Providing its readers with a unique point of reference, as well as stimulus for further research, this volume is an indispensable tool for anyone interested in comparative law, especially academics, students and practitioners.

Die Qualifikation der Haftung des falsus procurator im Internationalen Privatrecht

Author: Stefan Reuter
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161544279
Format: PDF, Docs
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Stellvertreter werden vielfach im grenzüberschreitenden Rechtsverkehr eingesetzt. Gleichwohl existiert eine ausdrückliche Kollisionsnorm, wonach das anwendbare Recht auf die Haftung eines Vertreters bestimmt werden könnte, der ohne Vertretungsmacht handelt, weder im europäischen noch im deutschen Kollisionsrecht. In Literatur und Rechtsprechung ist lebhaft umstritten, nach welcher Kollisionsnorm das anwendbare Recht zu ermitteln ist. Mit Inkrafttreten der EU-Verordnungen Rom I und II hat die Diskussion eine neue Dimension erhalten. Stefan Reuter untersucht Kollisionsnormen sowohl der EU-Verordnungen als auch des deutschen Kollisionsrechts dahingehend, ob das anwendbare Recht auf die Haftung des falsus procurator mit Hilfe einer dieser Kollisionsnormen bestimmt werden kann. Stefan Reuter verneint dies und erarbeitet auf Grundlage der kollisionsrechtlichen Methodenlehre einen eigenen Regelungsvorschlag, der andere mitgliedstaatliche Rechtsordnungen sowie den DCFR berücksichtigt.

Commentaries on European Contract Laws

Author: Nils Jansen
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0192508008
Format: PDF
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The book provides rule-by-rule commentaries on European contract law (general contract law, consumer contract law, the law of sale and related services), dealing with its modern manifestations as well as its historical and comparative foundations. After the collapse of the European Commission's plans to codify European contract law it is timely to reflect on what has been achieved over the past three to four decades, and for an assessment of the current situation. In particular, the production of a bewildering number of reference texts has contributed to a complex picture of European contract laws rather than a European contract law. The present book adopts a broad perspective and an integrative approach. All relevant reference texts (from the CISG to the Draft Common European Sales Law) are critically examined and compared with each other. As far as the acquis commun (ie the traditional private law as laid down in the national codifications) is concerned, the Principles of European Contract Law have been chosen as a point of departure. The rules contained in that document have, however, been complemented with some chapters, sections, and individual provisions drawn from other sources, primarily in order to account for the quickly growing acquis communautaire in the field of consumer contract law. In addition, the book ties the discussion concerning the reference texts back to the pertinent historical and comparative background; and it thus investigates whether, and to what extent, these texts can be taken to be genuinely European in nature, ie to constitute a manifestation of a common core of European contract law. Where this is not the case, the question is asked whether, and for what reasons, they should be seen as points of departure for the further development of European contract law.

The Common European Sales Law in Context

Author: Gerhard Dannemann
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191668184
Format: PDF, ePub
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European Contract Law unification projects have recently advanced from the Draft Common Frame of Reference (2009) to a European Commission proposal for an optional Common European Sales Law (2011) which is to facilitate cross-border marketing. This book investigates for the first time how CESL and DCFR rules would interact with various aspects of domestic law, represented by English and German law. Nineteen chapters, co-authored by British and German scholars, examine such interface issues for eg pre-contractual relationships, notions of contract, formation, interpretation, and remedies, extending to non-discrimination, third parties, transfers or rights, aspects of property law, and collective proceedings. They go beyond a critical analysis of CESL and DCFR rules by demonstrating where and how CESL rules would interact with neighbouring areas of English and German law before English and German courts, how domestic traditions might influence the application, which aspects might motivate sellers and buyers to choose or reject CESL, and which might serve as model for national legislators. The findings are summarized in the final two chapters.

Contemporary Perspectives on Justice

Author: Wenzel Matiaske
Publisher: Rainer Hampp Verlag
ISBN: 3866185561
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Justice is a fundamental category in the social field as well as in social sciences. However, public and also scientific debates take place in narrow thematic boundaries. But in a world society that has been promoted by globalisation processes, the base of the traditional paradigm of development policy was shattered, prolonging the idea of the welfare state with respect to redistribution in the European post-war era along the north-south axis. The successes and failures of global economy have introduced new players to the game and limited the manoeuvering room of the former team captains in terms of an emphatic distribution policy. At the same time, new social inequalities arise in rich and in poor economies, which are not restricted to the material dimension alone. It is no longer solely about poverty and wealth or development and underdevelopment, but also about crossing ethnical, cultural and social barriers of participation. At the same time this constellation is a challenge for the disciplines of social sciences. The often requested interdisciplinarity, however, does not come about because there is a need, but rather requires occasions. This volume compiles the contributions of authors rooted in (social-) philosophy, sociology, political science and economics

International Law and Changing Perceptions of Security

Author: Jonas Ebbesson
Publisher: Hotei Publishing
ISBN: 9004274588
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In International Law and Changing Perceptions of Security the contributors debate how changing concepts and conceptions of security have affected fields such as the use of force, law of the sea, human rights, international environmental law and international humanitarian law.

Municipal Policing in the European Union

Author: D. Donnelly
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137290617
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The book applies a model of municipal policing to compare a number of police systems in the European Union suggesting that in the future local communities will have some form of police enforcement mechanism that will not always include the sworn police officer.