The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce

Author: Julia M. Lewis
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0786870737
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Divorce is at once a widespread reality and a painful decision, so it is no surprise that this landmark study of its long-term effects should both spark debate and find a large audience. In this compelling, thought-provoking book, Judith Wallerstein explains that, while children do learn to cope with divorce, it in fact takes its greatest toll in adulthood, when the sons and daughters of divorced parents embark on romantic relationships of their own. Wallerstein sensitively illustrates how children of divorce often feel that their relationships are doomed, seek to avoid conflict, and fear commitment. Failure in their loving relationships often seems to them preordained, even when things are going smoothly. As Wallerstein checks in on the adults she first encountered as youngsters more than twenty-five years ago, she finds that their experiences mesh with those of the millions of other children of divorce, who will find themselves on every page. With more than 100,000 copies in print, The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce spent three weeks on the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Denver Post bestseller lists. The book was also featured on two episodes of Oprah as well as on the front cover of Time and the New York Times Book Review.

What About the Kids

Author: Sandra Blakeslee
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1401397611
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce gave us new and important insight into the long-term effects of divorce on children who have grown into adulthood. What About the Kids? is a new book that tells parents in unprecedented detail how to help their children over the long haul--what to say, what to do, what to expect--every step of the way. Tapping into the latest findings on how children develop, this clearly written guidebook helps parents understand why children at different ages react the way they do to divorce and how to head off trouble before it begins. The book follows divorce chronologically so parents can find advice for whatever stage of the experience they are in, including how to help older children many years after the breakup. Part One--The Immediate Breakup: What you need to know to get your own life back on track, what to tell the children, how children react, the reasons for their reactions, and thoughts on when is the best time to divorce. Part Two--The First Few Years: Setting routines, getting legal help, choosing the right custody to fit your child, finding support, and how to realistically follow the advice 'don't fight.' Part Three--Assessing the Post-Divorce Family Five and Ten Years Down the Road: Take another close look at yourself and your kids. Divorce requires a new kind of father, mother, and teenager. Part Four--When Outsiders Join the Family: Dating, sex, remarriage, blended families, holidays, and what step-parents need to know. Part Five--Conversations for a Lifetime: How to talk with your children as they enter young adulthood so they feel safe and free to seek relationships based on love, trust, and mutual commitment. What About the Kids? is the ultimate resource for any person wishing to ease the effects of divorce on children, and for all divorced parents who want to ensure their children's future happiness.

What Is and What Ought to Be

Author: Michael G. Lawler
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780826417039
Format: PDF, Docs
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Michael Lawler sets out a new approach for theology which must, he says, be historical, empirical, and in interdisciplinary collaboration with the social sciences. He explores the relationship between practical theology (which is concerned with the church as it is and as it ought to be) and sociology, using as example two Catholic moral doctrines: artificial contraception and divorce and remarriage without prior annulment. In addition to being a useful primer on the relationship between theology and sociology (both theoretical and empirical), the book provides a wonderfully clear description of the sea-changes that have occurred in Roman Catholic theology worldwide over the past 70 or so years.

Trauma Through a Child s Eyes

Author: Peter A. Levine
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781556436307
Format: PDF, ePub
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A step-by-step handbook for helping children to face and overcome trauma is based on the author's Somatic Experiencing method and counsels readers on how to address a range of traumatic sources, from abuse and medical procedures to accidents and stress. Original.

Gute Ehen

Author: Judith S. Wallerstein
ISBN: 9783407221629
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Es gibt sie wirklich, die glücklichen, harmonischen Ehen. Die renommierten Beziehungsforscherinnen Judith S. Wallerstein und Sandra Blakeslee zeigen, wie und warum sie funktionieren. Die Autorinnen erzählen und analysieren die alltäglichen und doch ungewöhnlichen Geschichten dieser Ehen, ihren Beginn, ihre Krisen, ihre Geheimnisse. Über glückliche Ehen ist so gut wie nichts bekannt. Deshalb beschloss J. Wallerstein, einige langjährige Ehen unter die Lupe zu nehmen. >Denn letztlich, so die Autorin, ist es absurd zu behaupten, dass die Sehnsucht nach Liebe und Vertrautheit in der Ehe passé ist. In ihrem Buch analysiert sie erfüllte und harmonische Partnerschaften und berichtet von den 9 notwendigen Aufgaben, die jedes glückliche Paar auf seine Weise gelöst hat. Judith Wallerstein und Sarah Blakeslee machen Mut zur Ehe - mit einem Psychobuch wie aus Rosamunde Pilchers Feder.