American Immigration An Encyclopedia of Political Social and Cultural Change

Author: James Ciment
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317477170
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Thoroughly revised and expanded, this is the definitive reference on American immigration from both historic and contemporary perspectives. It traces the scope and sweep of U.S. immigration from the earliest settlements to the present, providing a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to all aspects of this critically important subject. Every major immigrant group and every era in U.S. history are fully documented and examined through detailed analysis of social, legal, political, economic, and demographic factors. Hot-topic issues and controversies - from Amnesty to the U.S.-Mexican Border - are covered in-depth. Archival and contemporary photographs and illustrations further illuminate the information provided. And dozens of charts and tables provide valuable statistics and comparative data, both historic and current. A special feature of this edition is the inclusion of more than 80 full-text primary documents from 1787 to 2013 - laws and treaties, referenda, Supreme Court cases, historical articles, and letters.

The Oxford Handbook of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

Author: Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191645877
Format: PDF
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Refugee and Forced Migration Studies has grown from being a concern of a relatively small number of scholars and policy researchers in the 1980s to a global field of interest with thousands of students worldwide studying displacement either from traditional disciplinary perspectives or as a core component of newer programmes across the Humanities and Social and Political Sciences. Today the field encompasses both rigorous academic research which may or may not ultimately inform policy and practice, as well as action-research focused on advocating in favour of refugees' needs and rights. This authoritative Handbook critically evaluates the birth and development of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, and analyses the key contemporary and future challenges faced by academics and practitioners working with and for forcibly displaced populations around the world. The 52 state-of-the-art chapters, written by leading academics, practitioners, and policymakers working in universities, research centres, think tanks, NGOs and international organizations, provide a comprehensive and cutting-edge overview of the key intellectual, political, social and institutional challenges arising from mass displacement in the world today. The chapters vividly illustrate the vibrant and engaging debates that characterise this rapidly expanding field of research and practice.

Religious and Ethical Perspectives on Global Migration

Author: Elizabeth W. Collier
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739187155
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Religious and Ethical Perspectives on Global Migration examines the complicated social ethics of migration in today's world. Editors Elizabeth W. Collier and Charles R. Strain bring the perspectives of an international group of scholars toward a theory of justice and ethical understanding for the nearly two hundred million migrants who have left their homes seeking asylum from political persecution, greater freedom and safety, economic opportunity, or reunion with family members.

Encyclopedia of the Cold War

Author: Spencer Tucker
Publisher: Abc-clio
ISBN: 9781851097012
Format: PDF, ePub
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From the Second World War to the collapse of the Soviet Union, this work provides information on various military conflicts, battlefield and surveillance technologies, diplomatic initiatives, important individuals and organizations, national histories, economic developments, and societal and cultural events.

P dagogische und kulturelle Str mungen in der k u k Monarchie

Author: Johanna Hopfner
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783631567197
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Aus unterschiedlichen Perspektiven beleuchtet dieser Band den Zusammenhang von Padagogik und Kultur in ausgewahlten Landern der k. u. k. Monarchie. Das Gewicht liegt auf Osterreich, Ungarn und Slowenien. Bezogen auf den Herbartianismus waren auch deutsche Vertreter einzubeziehen. Die einzelnen Beitrage zeigen immer wieder Uberschneidungen, gedanklichen Austausch und sogar unkonventionelle Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen Lebensreform, Reformpadagogik und Herbartianismus. Das ist uberraschend, weil bisher fast ausschliesslich Gegensatze wahrgenommen wurden und ideologische Urteile den Blick systematisch verstellten. Dabei spiegeln sich vor allem in den Bereichen der Lehrerbildung und der Kindheitsforschung die kulturellen und lebensreformerischen Stromungen aus der Wende zum 20. Jahrhundert."

Library Journal

Format: PDF
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Includes, beginning Sept. 15, 1954 (and on the 15th of each month, Sept.-May) a special section: School library journal, ISSN 0000-0035, (called Junior libraries, 1954-May 1961). Also issued separately.

Mechanisms of Immigration Control

Author: Grete Brochmann
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781859732670
Format: PDF
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Perhaps the most vexing question facing Europe today is what to do about asylum seekers and people in search of work who arrive daily, some escaping nations where poverty and persecution are, for them, facts of life. Given its costs - both human and economic - immigration policy has understandably become a highly politicized issue. With the abolition of internal borders within the EU, new controls are needed to stop immigration and to prevent non-citizens from working illegally. New external policies are being used, such as early warning systems and visa controls, with the long-term aim of reducing emigration from poor and war-ridden nations. Europe has also intensified its control of internal aliens. But there are limits to how tight a control can be made without violating the norms and values of the democratic state, where human rights should be valid for citizens and non-citizens alike. However, free immigration is not in the interests of the European states. It might undermine labour and housing markets, make planning impossible, and alter the preconditions for welfare states. This timely book addresses the politics and mechanisms of immigration control in Europe in an effort to unravel its complexities and propose sensible solutions. It covers recent events, including racist and populist party politics, as well as changes in the international setting, such as the development within the European Union and Schengen, and the recent refugee crisis in the former Yugoslavia. It will be essential reading for anyone interested in immigration studies, European politics, international relations, anthropology and sociology.