The Water and the Blood

Author: Nancy E. Turner
Publisher: Harper Perennial
ISBN: 9780060989026
Format: PDF
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I turned and faced the road we'd come down, my face hard and set. The kids moved on without me. I could still see a slight glow and the murky, gray smoke reaching above the trees, where it spread to the south.... When I thought they were out of earshot, I took a deep breath. "You lied to me," I whispered toward the building, to all the people it represented, to the hours I'd spent on those hard, split-log seats, and to my childish epiphanies born there .... "You lied," I said. "These are my best friends now." Rare is the gift of a writer who is able to conjure up the voices of very different worlds, to give them heat and power and make them sing. Such is the talent of Nancy E. Turner. Her beloved first novel, These Is My Words, opened readers to the challenges of a woman's life in the nineteenth-century Southwest. Now this extraordinary writer shifts her gaze to a very different world -- East Texas in the years of the Second World War -- and to the life of a young woman named Philadelphia Summers, known against her will as Frosty. From the novel's harrowing opening scene, Frosty's eyes survey the landscape around her -- white rural America -- with the awestruck clarity of an innocent burned by sin. In her mother and sisters she sees fear and small-mindedness; in the eyes of local boys she sees racial hatred and hunger for war. When that war finally comes, it offers her a chance for escape -to California, and the caring arms of Gordon Benally a Native-American soldier. But when she returns to Texas she must face the rejection of a town still gripped by suspicion -- and confront the memory of the crime that has marked her soul since adolescence. Propelled by the quiet power of one woman's voice, The Water and the Blood is a moving and unforgettable portrait of an America of haunted women and dangerous fools -- an America at once long perished and with us still.

WATER The Blood of the Earth

Author: Allerd Stikker
Publisher: Cosimo Classics
ISBN: 9781616405892
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Allerd Stikker has always reminded me of Alexis de Tocqueville, who would have chosen to study the problem surrounding water rather than the American democracy. He has the same insatiable curiosity, the same energy, same passion, same ease in mixing analysis with intuition, the capacity to draw together different cultures, the same capacity to listen and to dialogue with those who reason from different starting blocks. "Water, the Blood of the Earth is the outcome of reflection and action of a cosmopolitan who has remained loyal to his native land, mixing some European thinking of the Age of Enlightenment with some futuristic viewpoints." -Charles Louis de Maudhuy, advisor to the chairman, Veolia Water "Lack of access to clean and sufficient water in many parts of the world, especially in Asia and Africa, will be a major issue in the coming decades. "This book presents an overall view on the diversity of problems and solutions, based on the author's involvement in water-related projects. Over the course of the years I have followed some of these projects with interest; they inspire us to take concrete actions." -Antony Burgmans, former chairman, Unilever "In this book Allerd describes his convincing views on desalination solutions for local and urban clean water shortages as well as his deeply felt findings on the spiritual meanings of water, all assembled on a 20 years' journey on which I was lucky to travel along." -Leonor Lindner

Blood In the Water

Author: Taylor Anderson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698162978
Format: PDF, ePub
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Taylor Anderson’s enthralling New York Times bestselling series of alternate history continues as game-changing revelations upend the Grand Alliance in a potentially cataclysmic war. Ever since the USS Walker came from another world war to defy the terrifying Grik and diabolical Dominion, Matt Reddy and his crew have given their all to protect the oppressed Lemurians. But with the Walker in desperate need of repairs just as the Grik’s First General is poised to strike, Reddy is desperate. With more enemies than ever before arrayed against them, the crew of the Walker needs new allies. That means combing the lethal wilds of Madagascar to find the Lemurians’ fabled ancestors, as well as the enigmatic dwellers east of the Pass of Fire. But what Reddy’s crew unearths may be more than they can handle—discoveries so shattering they could tilt the balance of the war in either direction. But Reddy’s greatest adversary is from his past: a madman named Kurokawa whose single-minded mission of revenge will shake the Alliance to its core and raise the stakes to the most personal and terrifying levels Reddy has ever faced.

Seeing Blood and Water

Author: Sebastian A. Carnazzo
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1610979419
Format: PDF
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One of the most significant features of the Fourth Gospel is its unique version of the crucifixion of Jesus (19:12-42). A full understanding of the central section of this scene, the depiction of Jesus' death and the details immediately surrounding (19:31-37), depends on the interpretation of the verse that recounts the piercing of his side and the flow of blood and water (19:34). Yet, there has never been a clear consensus as to the meaning of this verse. This difficulty is not insurmountable, as the solution becomes apparent when one lends an attentive ear to the voice of the narrator. The event described in verse 34 is explicitly declared by the narrator in verse 37 to be the fulfillment of a "Scripture passage" that says, "They shall look at him whom they have pierced." It is, therefore, to that Scripture, Zechariah 12:10, that the author directs his audience for the meaning of this occurrence, and it is then from the literary context of the Zechariah passage that we can come to understand better this Gospel's account of the death of Jesus.

Water in the Blood

Author: Alan G. Bunn
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780868636559
Format: PDF
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An accident gives Liam cause to reevaluate the lifestyle he shares with his surfing buddies. Assuming greater responsibility for himself and his future, Liam gains a new appreciation of school and family, develops a new sporting interest and set of friends, all of which bring him into conflict with the people of his past.