The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary

Author: Stephen Michael Sheppard
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
ISBN: 1454820179
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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NEW! The first complete revision of John Bouvier s great law dictionary in more than a century made relevant and authoritative for modern students of the law Derived from the famous 1853 law dictionary used by Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary Quick Reference has been brought completely up-to-date by a distinguished and widely-published legal scholar and teacher. Steve Sheppard, with law degrees from Oxford and Columbia Universities, brings his scholarship, international practice, and litigation experience to bear in making the famous text as relevant today as it was when it first broke ground in American law. Definitions derived from contemporary as well as classic sources give the reference book its depth and authority. Building on Bouvier's structure and entries, Professor Sheppard has added thousands of new terms and rewritten many original definitions. 8,500 short definitions explain more than 11,200 words and phrases, giving readers a general understanding of a term when a quick grasp of a concept is required. Each entry is written to be understood by the modern student, argued by the modern lawyer, and cited by the modern judge. An intuitive structure and thorough cross-referencing makes the first complete revision of this essential dictionary in more than a hundred years accessible and easy to use. Features of The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary Quick Reference: The classic becomes contemporary. Definitions derived from ancient and contemporary sources, with current statutes, regulations, cases, and treatises building on ancient and medieval sources Designed for modern use and contemporary issues Authority in General Editor Stephen Sheppard: Widely published by Cambridge, Oxford and other leading presses Holds law degrees from Oxford and Columbia Universities, including a doctorate in the science of law Draws on international legal practice, litigation, and teaching experience for the selection of terms Encyclopedic in scope: 8,500 entries, explaining more than 11,200 words and phrases, far more than Bouvier's original two-volume set with 6,600 entries Short definitions give readers a quick grasp of a concept and a general understanding in a hurry Clear statement of meanings, context and usage of key terms Intuitive structure, for ease of use: Major terms organize concepts and related terms: e.g. exceptions to Hearsay under hearsay, the forms of estate under Estate Thorough cross-referencing, making terms easy to find Summary of Contents: Welcome to the Bouvier Law Dictionary How to Use the Bouvier Law Dictionary Compact Edition The Order of Words and Phrases The Bouvier Law Dictionary Project The Entries, A-Z First Appendix: The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution Second Appendix: Justices of the United States Supreme Court

The Ashgate Handbook of Legal Translation

Author: Le Cheng
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317044223
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume investigates advances in the field of legal translation both from a theoretical and practical perspective, with professional and academic insights from leading experts in the field. Part I of the collection focuses on the exploration of legal translatability from a theoretical angle. Covering fundamental issues such as equivalence in legal translation, approaches to legal translation and the interaction between judicial interpretation and legal translation, the authors offer contributions from philosophical, rhetorical, terminological and lexicographical perspectives. Part II focuses on the analysis of legal translation from a practical perspective among different jurisdictions such as China, the EU and Japan, offering multiple and pluralistic viewpoints. This book presents a collection of studies in legal translation which not only provide the latest international research findings among academics and practitioners, but also furnish us with a new approach to, and new insights into, the phenomena and nature of legal translation and legal transfer. The collection provides an invaluable reference for researchers, practitioners, academics and students specialising in law and legal translation, philosophy, sociology, linguistics and semiotics.

Common Law Contract Law A Pratical Guide For The Civil Law Lawyer

Author: Jean Steadman
Publisher: IPSOA
ISBN: 8821751848
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Il testo è una guida pratica alla disciplina dei contratti nell’ambito del sistema common law e si rivolge a tutti gli operatori del settore legale che, per loro origine e formazione, fanno riferimento al sistema del diritto civile e si occupano di operazioni, transazioni e contratti regolati dal diritto inglese o americano qualunque sia l’oggetto del contratto o la nazionalità delle parti. Vengono analizzati gli istituti fondamentali del sistema common law in Inghilterra, Galles e Stati Uniti d’America, evidenziandone i tratti comuni e fornendo una dettagliata spiegazione delle principali differenze esistenti tra i due sistemi giuridici. Numerosi esempi consentono al lettore di meglio comprendere come la prassi contrattualistica trovi reale applicazione nella quotidiana pratica legale. Ogni capitolo è corredato da specifiche note esplicative. Sono presenti un dettagliato glossario e una checklist delle principali tipologie contrattuali. PIANO DELL'OPERA PARTE I - The Origins of the Common Law and the Legal System Chapter 1 - The Origins of the Common Law in England and Wales Chapter 1 - The Origins of the Common Law in America Glossary Chapter 2 - The Legal System in England and Wales Chapter 2 - The Legal System in America Glossary PARTE II - Hypothetical transaction Chapter 1 - Precontractual Liabilities and Agreements in England and Wales Chapter 1 - Precontractual Liability and Preliminary Agreements in America Glossary Checklist For Preliminary Agreements Hypothetical Transaction Wrap-Up Chapter 2 - The Formation of a Contract in England and Wales Chapter 2 - The Formation of a Contract in America Glossary Checklist For Contract Formation Hypothetical Transaction Wrap-Up Chapter 3 - Discharge of Obligations in England and Wales Chapter 3 - Discharge of Obligations in America Glossary Checklist For Discharge Of An Obligation Hypothetical Transaction Wrap-Up Chapter 4 - Resolution of a Contract in England and Wales Chapter 4 - Resolution of a Contract in America Glossary Checklist For Contract Resolution Of A Contract Hypothetical Transaction Wrap-Up Bibliography

Federal Tax Law

Author: Stephen Utz
ISBN: 9781454822455
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Federal Tax Law: Practice, Problems, and Perspective by Stephen Utz is a concise, user-friendly, accessible casebook with practice-ready features and robust online content. Featuring a stimulating, challenging, yet transparent presentation, Federal Tax Law retains the subtlety of classic texts while commenting explicitly on overlapping elements of statutory, regulatory and other sources of income tax law. This approach, combined with innovative online companion materials, allows students to see connections between policy and real-world practice. KEY FEATURES: Modern pedagogy featuring multiple learning modalities, immersive learning experiences, adaptive assessment, and measurable learning outcomes. Numerous examples richly illustrate the introduction of new material, and factually detailed problems offer students the opportunity to test their understanding of each sub-topic. Interpretive questions after cases and rulings encourage careful student reading of sources. Integrated multimedia, including videos and flashcards for self-assessment. Bundled with the VitalSource ebooks of the Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary, Compact Edition and the supplement. Access to the Law Simulation Series Platform with ten videos covering key topics from the book. These experiential units give students a preview of practice, requiring creative investigation and negotiation skills for the solution of complex client-oriented problems. A more extensive treatment of tax shelters, with diagrams, than any existing introductory tax casebook.

Die Erbin

Author: John Grisham
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641131332
Format: PDF
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Keine Macht, kein Recht Spektakulärer hätte Seth Hubbard seinen Tod nicht inszenieren können. Als sein Mitarbeiter ihn eines Morgens aufgehängt an einem Baum findet, ist die Bestürzung im beschaulichen Clanton groß. Niemand hätte mit einem Freitod gerechnet. Hubbards Familie sieht das pragmatischer und ist in erster Linie an der Testamentseröffnung interessiert. Was sie nicht weiß: Kurz vor seinem Tod hat Hubbard sein Testament geändert. Alleinige Erbin ist seine schwarze Haushälterin Lettie Lang. Ein erbitterter Erbstreit beginnt . . . Als der schwer kranke Seth Hubbard seinem Leben ein Ende setzt, ahnt niemand, welche Folgen diese Tat haben wird. Hubbard, ein grimmiger Einzelgänger, blieb im Wesentlichen für sich. Versorgt von einer Haushälterin, hatte er kaum mehr Kontakt zu seiner Familie. Hubbards erwachsene Kinder absolvieren die Trauerfeier für ihren Vater denn auch wie einen Pflichtbesuch, um sich danach möglichst schnell der Testamentseröffnung zu widmen. Die Überraschung könnte kaum größer sein, als sich herausstellt, dass Hubbards Vermögen 24 Millionen Dollar umfasst. Den Löwenanteil spricht Hubbard seiner Haushälterin Lettie Lang zu. Seine Familie indes geht leer aus. In Windeseile fechten Hubbards Kinder das Testament an. Mit allen Mitteln versuchen sie Hubbards Unzurechnungsfähigkeit zu beweisen. Die Rechnung scheint aufzugehen. Bis Jack Brigance, der Anwalt an Lettie Langs Seite, Hubbards verschwundenen Bruder Ancil ausfindig macht, der eine Geschichte zu berichten hat, die einem das Blut in den Adern gefrieren lässt. Plötzlich ergibt Seth Hubbards Testament auf tragische Weise Sinn.

Iren us als johanneischer Theologe

Author: Bernhard Mutschler
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161482847
Format: PDF, Docs
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English summary: Is Irenaeus, as he writes himself, a pupil of Polycarp of Smyrna, the pupil of John, who wrote the Fourth Gospel? How strong are the Johannine traces in his work? How does he explain the Johannine Gospel? Apart from the section related to John, this study also includes a comprehensive overview of all the biblical and non-biblical quotations and allusions made by the 2nd century father of the church and brings new and computer-aided methods (e.g. statistics, diagrams etc.) into the debate. Irenaeus is shown as a careful, clever and responsible interpreter of the Scriptures, an excellent scholar of the Corpus Johanneum and above all a prudent and solicitous bishop of his local Gallic church. German description: Der kleinasiatische Bischof Irenaus von Lyon hat sich im letzten Drittel des zweiten Jahrhunderts als Enkel und Schuler des Verfassers des Corpus Johanneum verstanden. Ausgehend davon, untersucht Bernhard Mutschler den johanneischen Charakter in den erhaltenen Werken dieses Kirchenvaters. Er vergleicht zunachst unter Einbeziehung statistischer Arbeit, tabellarischer Ubersichten und graphischer Darstellungen quantitativ alle erkennbaren Zitate und Anspielungen. Irenaus ist Bibeltheologe, deswegen uberwiegen die Bezugnahmen auf das Alte und Neue Testament bei weitem; aber auch die Anleihen aus der klassischen griechischen Literatur werden beleuchtet. Der zweite Teil des Buches wendet sich ausschliesslich dem Corpus Johanneum zu. Er setzt ein mit einer Analyse des haufig auf Johannes angewendeten Ausdrucks (der) Junger des Herrn und listet sodann alle bisher bekannten 309 johanneischen Bezuge nach einer bestimmten Kategorisierung qualifiziert auf. Diese Liste wird sodann betrachtlich erweitert.Im Ergebnis erweist sich Irenaus durchaus als johanneischer Theologe. Sein haufiger Ruckgriff auf das Corpus Johanneum hangt jedoch ebenso mit den fur die Kirche gefahrlichen Herausforderungen seiner Zeit und seiner Gemeinde im Rhonetal zusammen wie mit der in singularer Weise in Anspruch genommenen Enkelschulerschaft zum Evangelisten Johannes.

Die Ballade von der gebrochenen Nase

Author: Arne Svingen
ISBN: 3732513505
Format: PDF, ePub
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Voller Situationskomik und Witz, unsentimental und authentisch erzählt: Bart ist jemand, der dem Ärger am liebsten aus dem Weg geht. Trotzdem schickt ihn seine Mutter zum Boxunterricht, damit er sich verteidigen kann. Dabei gehört seine Leidenschaft der Musik. Er liebt Opern und singt heimlich. Das darf in der Schule natürlich nie jemand erfahren! Doch Bart hat die Rechnung ohne Ada gemacht. Sie ist so anders als all seine Mitschüler und stellt sein Leben von einem Tag auf den anderen völlig auf den Kopf. Am Ende hat Bart nicht nur eine gebrochene Nase und ein paar Geheimnisse weniger, sondern auch eine echte Freundin...