The Yellow River

Author: David A. Pietz
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674058240
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In the Maoist years the North China Plain was re-engineered to use every drop of water for irrigation and hydroelectricity. As David Pietz shows, China’s urban growth, industrial expansion, and agricultural intensification rested on compromised water resources, with effects that cast a long shadow over China’s future course as a global power.

China Along the Yellow River

Author: Cao Jinqing
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134296622
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This text had a major impact in its original Chinese version. Reviewed in the Far East Economic Review as 'one of the richest portraits of the Chinese countryside published in the reform era', it charts a long journey through the hinterland region of the Yellow River undertaken by the author between 1994 and 1996. It examines in exhaustive detail the lives and work of peasants, Party and local government officials, providing a wealth of data on the nature of life in post-reform rural China. The author argues that global integration is but the latest 'great leap forward' in a succession of reforms over a hundred years.

Crossing the Yellow River

Author: Sam Hamill
Publisher: Tiger Bark
ISBN: 9780981675299
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Poetry. East Asia Studies. Translated from the Chinese and with an introduction by Sam Hamill. This is a new and revised edition, originally published by BOA Editions in 2000. "In Crossing the Yellow River, Sam Hamill remaps Chinese poetry for our time. Anyone who writes poetry, or who cares about it, must have this book. It is one of the essential works of our time."—Jim Harrison

Yellow River Odyssey

Author: Bill Porter
Publisher: Chin Music Press Inc.
ISBN: 098876931X
Format: PDF
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Bill Porter is the ideal travel companion. His depth of knowledge of Chinese history and culture is unparalleled. His wit is ever-present. And his keen eye for the telling detail consistently reminds us that China is not what you think it is. Yellow River Odyssey, already a best-seller in China, reveals a complex, fascinating, contradictory culture like never before.

Daughter of the Yellow River

Author: Diana Lu
Publisher: Image Global Imapct
ISBN: 9781933726014
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This inspirational book - part memoir, part guidebook to personal and business success tells the story of the author's remarkable journey. When Diana Lu was three years old her world turned upside down - China's cultural revolution was under way, and Diana's family was forced to relocate to an impoverished coal-mining village at the edge of the Gobie Desert. Life in that remote place was a constant struggle against hunger, cold, and fear. Passionate and determined, Diana resolved to create a better life for herself. She graduated from medical school, explored university teaching, real estate, hotel management, and other fields before finding her niche as a top executive in the optical fiber industry.

Controlling the Dragon

Author: Randall A. Dodgen
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824823665
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Yellow River has long been viewed as a symbol of China's cultural and political development, its management traditionally held as a gauge of dynastic power. For centuries, the country's early rulers employed a defensive approach to the river by building dikes and diversion channels to protect fields and population centers from flooding. This situation changed dramatically after the Yuan (1260-1368) emperors constructed the Grand Canal, which linked the North China Plain and the capital at Beijing with the Yangtze Valley. One of the most ambitious imperial undertakings of any age, by the turn of the nineteenth century the water system had become a complex network of locks, spillways, and dikes stretching eight hundred kilometers from the mountains in western Henan to the Yellow Sea. Controlling the Dragon examines Yellow River engineering from two perspectives. The first looks at long-term efforts to manage the river starting in the early Ming dynasty, at the nature of the bureaucracy created to do the job, and finally focuses on two of the Confucian engineers who served successfully in the decade before the system was abandoned. In the second section, the author chronicles a series of dramatic floods in the 1840s and explores the way politics, environment, and technology interacted to undermine the state's commitment to the Yellow River control system.

The Yellow River

Author: Tetsuya Kusuda
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814280968
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Yellow River basin, located in the semi-arid and arid climate zones in northern China, is confronted with serious problems of water deficit as well as water pollution. Due to increasing population, rising living standards, increasing pressure of expanding irrigation areas and developing industries in the basin, efficient water resource allocation has become a pressing issue. On the surface this problem appears domestic, but in reality it is of international proportions OCo it may impact other countries through trade. As such, development in the basin is severely curtailed. In order to understand and provide a way of thinking about the issues pertaining to the current state of water resources in the basin, The Yellow River systematically explains the methods of modeling and the mechanism of water circulation on each element, while introducing several new-age technologies for water-saving. This book also presents the cutting-edge research results of a five-year project that improved the sustainability in utilizing and controlling water in the Yellow River basin. Sample Chapter(s). Chapter 1: Introduction (33 KB). Contents: Introduction (T Kusuda); Profile of the Yellow River Basin (D-W Yang & H Ishidaira); Water Resources and Use (D-W Yang et al.); Water Quality and River Ecology (T Kusuda & O Higashi); Sediment Yield and Transport in the Middle Yellow River Basin (H Hashimoto et al.); Modeling and Simulation on Water in the Yellow River (D-W Yang); Projection of Water Supply and Demand with Economy and Food Supply in the Yellow River Basin (H Imura et al.). Readership: Graduate students, researchers and practitioners in civil engineering, environmental science and hydrology.

The Ecology of War in China

Author: Micah S. Muscolino
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107071569
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book explores the interplay between war and the environment in Henan Province, a hotly contested frontline territory that endured massive environmental destruction and human disruption during the conflict between China and Japan that raged during World War II. In a desperate attempt to block Japan's military advance, Chinese Nationalist armies under Chiang Kai-shek broke the Yellow River's dikes in Henan in June 1938, resulting in devastating floods that persisted until after the war's end. Greater catastrophe struck Henan in 1942-1943, when famine took some two million lives and displaced millions more. Focusing on these war-induced disasters and their aftermath, this book conceptualizes the ecology of war in terms of energy flows through and between militaries, societies, and environments. Ultimately, Micah Muscolino argues that efforts to procure and exploit nature's energy in various forms shaped the choices of generals, the fates of communities, and the trajectory of environmental change in North China.