Jack Helen Frye Story

Author: Randall D Reynolds
Publisher: Sedona Legend Publishing
ISBN: 1502220342
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the shadows of beyond the words pour forth like summer rain…. The Jack and Helen Frye Story is much more than the chronology of two people’s lives, it’s a spiritual quest, a yearning from the heart of soul-mates Helen and Jack who desire their story to be told, their priceless paths not be erased! Time has a way of forgetting who was, and what was, but the written word lays it all at our feet. From a small town in West Virginia, to the gold-paved streets of Fifth Avenue, Helen Varner knew she was born to walk a path; a path that would lead her far and away from her origins. Her talents as a hat-maker and seamstress, writer, sculptor, and artist, opened doors to a gilded and rose-hued horizon. Within these pages, unfolds the sojourn of a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. Voluptuous and beautiful, the world’s most powerful men fall at her feet. In 1935, 26-year-old Helen Varner marries 36-year-old playboy Cornelius Vanderbilt IV. Later, after a separation, she moves to mystical Shanghai and Hollywood. By 1938, Helen meets the love of her life, aviation-legend Jack Frye. As President of TWA, Frye trail-blazes the dawning of aviation and tames Helen’s heart with his fleet of sleek airliners and big western charm. Jack and Helen marry by January 1941, and embark on the wings of an American Love Story, as only soul mates can share. In flights over the Western United States in their private plane, Jack and Helen settle on the Red Rock Country of Sedona Arizona to build a new life together. With a grand act of chivalry, Jack buys a massive ranch adjoining Oak Creek and hands the deed to Helen. Frye and Howard Hughes develop the Lockheed Constellation during W.W. II and Frye loans his planes to the U.S. Government, culminating in a wartime partnership with the White House. Meanwhile, Helen secures a grand colonial mansion on the shores of the Potomac, as a political power-center for TWA, and a home. By war’s end, in 1946, TWA has gained enough experience flying war personnel overseas, for Jack to secure the world’s commercial air routes. Jack’s dream of the first transatlantic commercial air service and round-the-world passenger travel is realized and the ‘Camelot Years of TWA’ have unfolded! By 1950, after Helen and Jack divorce, Helen remains at their Sedona Ranch. Soon though, she is engaged to Tyrone Power. Later still, she plans a re-marriage to Frye. Tragically, though, Frye is killed by a drunk driver, returning home from a secret meeting with Howard Hughes at Tucson. Sinking into the depths of despair, Helen becomes fodder for a notorious new-age cult called Eckankar. By 1979, she dies of cancer, but not before the group fleeces her of most her assets. Helen’s Will is burned by an ex-cult member con artist who had craftily befriended Helen before her death with his youthful charm ending her saga with a sensational estate trial. Is this really the end of Helen’s story? Thankfully, no, Helen saw to that! Reaching across the sands of time, she engaged the services of a kindred spirit, a member of her soul-family, a writer with the passion and dedication to insure that she and Jack; their ‘telling’ was not forgotten. Welcome to the World of Jack and Helen Frye! Note: (The Jack & Helen Frye Story – The Camelot Years of TWA is a Biography, however, it is written in a Novel format. This to reflect a movie script style for future development.) Cover photo by Randall Reynolds- Helen Frye’s Wings of the Wind House- View of Cathedral Rock to the North.


Author: Peter Pigott
Publisher: Harbour Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781550172928
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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With unique insight and straightforward prose, "Wingwalkers" tells the saga of Canada's other airline, a scrappy western mongrel that, through eight decades and numerous name changes--Canadian Airways, Queen Charlotte Airlines, CP Air, PWA, Wardair and Canadian Airlines International--transformed itself from a bush flying and mining operation into an international carrier. This revised edition brings the airline's story up to date with a new final chapter chronicling the corporate dogfight in Canada's skies that led to CAI's takeover by Air Canada. Wingwalkers begins in the early 1920s when millions of dollars were made by the brave and resourceful people who took advantage of exciting new technologies in transportation and communication. It shows how the growth of aviation in a rugged and sprawling nation depended on such larger-than-life characters as Punch Dickins, "the greatest bush pilot of them all," first commercial pilot to cross the Arctic Circle and a later company vice president; Wop May, a bush pilot who achieved fame for flying antitoxin in bitter cold to Little Red River, Alberta during a diphtheria outbreak; the charismatic Grant McConachie, an original pilot for Canadian Pacific Airlines who later led the airline through its heyday as company president; and Max Ward, a former pilot and owner of Wardair, a struggling company purchased by CAI under a storm of controversy. Accompanied by over 150 revealing photographs, the book also shows how the western-based independents found themselves in perpetual conflict with Ottawa after the creation of government-owned Trans Canada Airlines, which became Air Canada. From early spellbinding tales of daredevil aviators to theinfluential decisions made by hard-nosed business men, Wingwalkers is a meticulously researched history of the important role Canada's other airline played in shaping our nation.

Piedmont Airlines

Author: Richard E. Eller
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786491817
Format: PDF, ePub
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Founded by Thomas H. Davis in 1948, Piedmont Airlines was one of the most respected regional airlines of its time. This exhaustive history follows the airline from its humble beginnings at Smith Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to its 1989 absorption into USAir after a buyout at the highest price ever commanded by a regional airline. Drawing upon corporate documents, local news stories, and countless personal interviews with former Piedmont employees, the author tells the airline's history in detail. Nearly 100 photographs show the airline's development, and two appendices provide comprehensive lists of its fleet and service destinations. Fully indexed.


Author: Robert W. Rummel
Publisher: Smithsonian Inst Press
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Discusses Hughes' influence on the development of TWA, describes his management style, and explains why and how he was forced out of TWA

From Props to Jets

Author: Jon Proctor
Publisher: Specialty Press
ISBN: 1580071716
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Although the years from 1952 to 1962 saw the rise and dominance of luxurious piston-powered airliners like the Douglas DC-7, Lockheed Constellation, and Boeing Stratocruiser, revolutionary new jet airliners soon rendered them obsolete. Aircraft like the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8, and Convair 880 quickly shrank travel times around the world in half as the traveling public enthusiastically embraced the new and very futuristic jet age. This book celebrates that exciting time period with an in-depth look at all the aircraft that made commercial jet flight possible, comparing these radical new jetliners with the classic propeller-driven aircraft that preceded them. By using stunning original photography, ads, and graphics, this book beautifully captures the unique "feel" of that magical era by featuring the very best in rare aviation nostalgia. Additionally, the book offers accurate technical detail and rich historical perspective as well.

The Sky Is Not Falling

Author: John Martin Mcdonald
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781541362314
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In 1985, John Martin McDonald was unemployed, on food stamps, married and with a small child. His career took a fateful turn after landing a flight crew job with Trans World Airlines in St. Louis. He was the widely quoted spokesman when Flight 800 blew up, killing 230 people off the coast of New York. In a career in and out of airline PR, he managed media relations surrounding the hostage repatriation of oil pipeline employees, worked on two visits of Pope John Paul II to the United States and coordinated communications during several Fortune 500 bankruptcies. The Sky Is Not Falling puts you in the front seat of a wild drive through Corporate Communications, 35-years of marriage, and decades of substance abuse and recovery. If you want to see a behind-the-scenes PR life at high speed, you will enjoy The Sky Is Not Falling. Onward!

Braniff Airways

Author: Richard Benjamin Cass
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439654239
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Braniff Airways: Flying Colors takes readers on a magical flight through the history of Braniff International Airways, beginning with its small-town Oklahoma roots to its high-flying and stylish span of the globe. Braniff brought together the mystery of aviation with the glamorous fields of fashion, art, and design, and taught the flying world how to fly with style and beauty. It is this remarkable joining of forces that has made Braniff as popular today as it was when flying in style across the Atlantic and Pacific.

I m Supposed to Protect You from All this

Author: Nadja Spiegelman
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1594631921
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A Vogue Best Book of the Year "What Ferrante did for female friends--exploring the tumult and complexity their relationships could hold--Spiegelman sets out to do for mothers and daughters. She's essentially written My Brilliant Mom." --Slate A memoir of mothers and daughters--and mothers as daughters--traced through four generations, from Paris to New York and back again. For a long time, Nadja Spiegelman believed her mother was a fairy. More than her famous father, Maus creator Art Spiegelman, and even more than most mothers, hers--French-born New Yorker art director Fran�oise Mouly--exerted a force over reality that was both dazzling and daunting. As Nadja's body changed and "began to whisper to the adults around me in a language I did not understand," their relationship grew tense. Unwittingly, they were replaying a drama from her mother's past, a drama Nadja sensed but had never been told. Then, after college, her mother suddenly opened up to her. Fran�oise recounted her turbulent adolescence caught between a volatile mother and a playboy father, one of the first plastic surgeons in France. The weight of the difficult stories she told her daughter shifted the balance between them. It had taken an ocean to allow Fran�oise the distance to become her own person. At about the same age, Nadja made the journey in reverse, moving to Paris determined to get to know the woman her mother had fled. Her grandmother's memories contradicted her mother's at nearly every turn, but beneath them lay a difficult history of her own. Nadja emerged with a deeper understanding of how each generation reshapes the past in order to forge ahead, their narratives both weapon and defense, eternally in conflict. Every reader will recognize herself and her family in I'm Supposed to Protect You From All This, a gorgeous and heartbreaking memoir that helps us to see why sometimes those who love us best hurt us most.

Non stop

Author: Jack El-Hai
ISBN: 9780816674459
Format: PDF
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Non-Stop: A Turbulent History of Northwest Airlines captures the broad context and the intriguing details as it weaves together the accounts of individuals who gave the airline its unique character. The story it tells, touching on everything from airline food and advertising to smoking regulations and labor relations, encapsulates the profound changes to business, travel, and culture that marked the twentieth century.