Ultimate Explanations of the Universe

Author: Michael Heller
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3642021034
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We humans are collectively driven by a powerful - yet not fully explained - instinct to understand. We would like to see everything established, proven, laid bare. The more important an issue, the more we desire to see it clarified, stripped of all secrets, all shades of gray. What could be more important than to understand the Universe and ourselves as a part of it? To find a window onto our origin and our destiny? This book examines how far our modern cosmological theories - with their sometimes audacious models, such as inflation, cyclic histories, quantum creation, parallel universes - can take us towards answering these questions. Can such theories lead us to ultimate truths, leaving nothing unexplained? Last, but not least, Heller addresses the thorny problem of why and whether we should expect to find theories with all-encompassing explicative power.

Das elegante Universum

Author: Brian Greene
Publisher: Siedler Verlag
ISBN: 3641185653
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Eine hervorragende Darstellung unseres physikalischen Wissens und der Suche nach der „Weltformel“. Was ist die Superstringtheorie? Brian Greene, einer der führenden Physiker auf dem Gebiet der Superstrings, nimmt uns mit auf eine faszinierende und aufregende Reise zu den Grenzen unseres Verständnisses von Zeit, Raum und Materie.„Das elegante Universum“ ist ein populär geschriebenes und allgemein verständliches Kompendium unseres physikalischen Wissens.

Unser mathematisches Universum

Author: Max Tegmark
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 3843710783
Format: PDF
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„Max Tegmark, Prophet der Parallelwelten, flirtet mit der Unendlichkeit.“ ULF VON RAUCHHAUPT, FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE SONNTAGSZEITUNG WORUM GEHT ES? Max Tegmark entwickelt eine neue Theorie des Kosmos: Das Universum selbst ist reine Mathematik. In diesem Buch geht es um die physikalische Realität des Kosmos, um den Urknall und die „Zeit davor“ und um die Evolution des Weltalls. Welche Rollen spielen wir dabei – die Wesen, die klug genug sind, das alles verstehen zu wollen? Tegmark findet, dieses Terrain sollte nicht länger den Philosophen überlassen bleiben. Denn die Physiker von heute haben die besseren Antworten auf die ewigen Fragen. WAS IST BESONDERS? „Eine hinreißende Expedition, die jenseits des konventionellen Denkens nach der wahren Bedeutung von Realität sucht.“ BBC „Tegmark behandelt die großen Fragen der Kosmologie und der Teilchenphysik weitaus verständlicher als Stephen Hawking.“ THE TIMES WER LIEST? • Jeder, der das Universum verstehen will • Die Leser von Richard Dawkins und Markus Gabriel

Theories of Everything

Author: John D. Barrow
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A new account of the search for the definitive theory of the physical world examines changing ideas about the existence, from creation myths to Einstein to the most recent trends in physics

The Elegant Universe Superstrings Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

Author: Brian Greene
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 9780393071344
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A new edition of the New York Times bestseller—now a three-part Nova special: a fascinating and thought-provoking journey through the mysteries of space, time, and matter. Now with a new preface (not in any other edition) that will review the enormous public reception of the relatively obscure string theory—made possible by this book and an increased number of adherents amongst physicists—The Elegant Universe "sets a standard that will be hard to beat" (New York Times Book Review). Brian Greene, one of the world's leading string theorists, peels away the layers of mystery surrounding string theory to reveal a universe that consists of eleven dimensions, where the fabric of space tears and repairs itself, and all matter—from the smallest quarks to the most gargantuan supernovas—is generated by the vibrations of microscopically tiny loops of energy. Today physicists and mathematicians throughout the world are feverishly working on one of the most ambitious theories ever proposed: superstring theory. String theory, as it is often called, is the key to the Unified Field Theory that eluded Einstein for more than thirty years. Finally, the century-old antagonism between the large and the small-General Relativity and Quantum Theory-is resolved. String theory proclaims that all of the wondrous happenings in the universe, from the frantic dancing of subatomic quarks to the majestic swirling of heavenly galaxies, are reflections of one grand physical principle and manifestations of one single entity: microscopically tiny vibrating loops of energy, a billionth of a billionth the size of an atom. In this brilliantly articulated and refreshingly clear book, Greene relates the scientific story and the human struggle behind twentieth-century physics' search for a theory of everything. Through the masterful use of metaphor and analogy, The Elegant Universe makes some of the most sophisticated concepts ever contemplated viscerally accessible and thoroughly entertaining, bringing us closer than ever to understanding how the universe works.

The Ultimate Theory of the Universe

Author: Pram Nguyen
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462834671
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Modern scientists are on the verge of crises for new guidance for their research in the 21st century because of new technologies, which have shed light on new discoveries that contradict with the Standard Model and the Big Bang theory. The Ultimate Theory of the Universe not only explains the structure of the cosmos, but also the spiritual facet that the 20th century science has never studied in depth. This book may be used as guidance for both scientists and ordinary people to live a meaningful life. REASONS YOU SHOULD OWN THE ULTIMATE THEORY OF THE UNIVERSE (THE LINK BETWEEN SCIENCE AND BUDDHISM FOR BETTER LIVING ON EARTH IN THE 21ST CENTURY) New Guidance for Research in the Twenty-First Century New Book Boldly Fuses Science, Religion, and Philosophy * The only complete source of information on Buddhism and modern science * Revealed in innovative new concepts on space and time measurements! * Get expert guidance on searching for the truth * Practical solutions to tough human problems * Everything you need to discover the latent potentialities within you and your environment! A COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE EXPLORING A BROAD SPECTRUM OF LIFE AND THE UNIVERSE No God, no Brahma can be found, No mater of this wheel of life, Just bare phenomena roll Dependent on conditions all! Visuddhimagga Unlike an animal, man requires more than mere physical comfort and needs help to cope with his frustration and miseries arising from his daily experience. We seem to have an instinctive urgent to seek the Truth, but somehow lack the capacity to find it. The dilemma of trying to set up an absolute standard is merely one of the many puzzles that have harassed mankind since the dawn of civilization. Mans search for Truth has been a never-ending obsession. The Ultimate Theory of The Universe is a bridge between modern science and Buddhism. The author had tried to use Buddhism as a compass for the people of the 21st century. It seeks to answer major questions about Buddhism relation to modern science. ARRANGED INTO THIRTEEN COMPREHENSIVE SECTIONS It isnt fair to say that despite all the scientific progress achieved and the advantages conferred on man, science leaves the inner world basically unchanged. It has only heightened mans feeling of dependence and insufficiency, and has barely scratched the surface of mans inner world. Modern scientists are on the verge of crises for new guidance for their research in the 21st century because of new technologies, which have shed light on new discoveries that contradict with the Standard Model and the Big Bang theory. In addition to its failure to bring security to mankind, science has also made everyone feel even more insecure by threatening the world with the possibility of wholesale destruction. On the other hand, it is not difficult to understand that many of the views held in many religions regarding the cosmos and life are just conventional thoughts of which have long been superseded. It is a general truth to say that religions have greatly contributed to human development and progress. They have laid down value and standards and formulated principles to guide human life. But, for all the good they have done, religions can no longer survive in the modern scientific age if the followers insist on imprisoning truth into set forms and dogmas, on encouraging ceremonies and practices which have been depleted of their original meaning. Technology has pushed us to the brink of advancement. But the new discoveries and achievements in science are contradicting to the accepted classic theories of today. This conflict calls for a new platform of alignment to guide the world to

Theism and Ultimate Explanation

Author: Timothy O'Connor
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1444350889
Format: PDF, ePub
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An expansive, yet succinct, analysis of the Philosophy of Religion – from metaphysics through theology. Organized into two sections, the text first examines truths concerning what is possible and what is necessary. These chapters lay the foundation for the book’s second part – the search for a metaphysical framework that permits the possibility of an ultimate explanation that is correct and complete. A cutting-edge scholarly work which engages with the traditional metaphysician’s quest for a true ultimate explanation of the most general features of the world we inhabit Develops an original view concerning the epistemology and metaphysics of modality, or truths concerning what is possible or necessary Applies this framework to a re-examination of the cosmological argument for theism Defends a novel version of the Leibnizian cosmological argument