Unexpected World

Author: Chris Pike
ISBN: 9781534742918
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Author Chris Pike's debut novel Unexpected World is a gritty and compelling survival tale about human courage and steadfast determination to live, to endure, and to persevere against all odds. Assistant District Attorney Dillon Stockdale is on the phone with his daughter when an EMP obliterates the entire electrical grid of the United States. Anything relying on a computer is fried, including the plane his daughter is on. Gripped with the terrifying realization the plane has crash-landed somewhere in the expansive and dangerous landscape of Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin, Dillon sets out to rescue her before it's too late.A harrowing survival story with non-stop, pulse-pounding action, Unexpected World is a story of good vs. evil, of a complex narrative of fight or flight, and mind-bending choices resulting in profound consequences. Dillon Stockdale is determined, he's well-equipped, and nothing will stop him. Or will it?

In an Uncertain World

Author: Robert Rubin
Publisher: Ottawa
Format: PDF, Docs
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Robert Rubin was sworn in as the seventieth U.S. Secretary of the Treasury in January 1995 in a brisk ceremony attended only by his wife and a few colleagues. As soon as the ceremony was over, he began an emergency meeting with President Bill Clinton on the financial crisis in Mexico. This was not only a harbinger of things to come during what would prove to be a rocky period in the global economy; it also captured the essence of Rubin himself--short on formality, quick to get into the nitty-gritty. From his early years in the storied arbitrage department at Goldman Sachs to his current position as chairman of the executive committee of Citigroup, Robert Rubin has been a major figure at the center of the American financial system. He was a key player in the longest economic expansion in U.S. history. With In an Uncertain World, Rubin offers a shrewd, keen analysis of some of the most important events in recent American history and presents a clear, consistent...

One Second After

Author: William R. Forstchen
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780765356864
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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One man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war in one second, a war based upon an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon that will send America back to the Dark Ages.


Author: Ilsa J. Bick
Publisher: Carolrhoda Lab ™
ISBN: 1606842315
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky, destroying every electronic device, wiping out every computerized system, and killing billions. When it happens, Alex was hiking in the woods to say good-bye to her dead parents and her personal demons. Now desperate to find out what happened after the pulse crushes her to the ground, Alex meets up with Tom—a young soldier—and Ellie, a girl whose grandfather was killed by the EMP. For this improvised family and the others who are spared, it's now a question of who can be trusted and who is no longer human. Author Ilsa J. Bick crafts a terrifying and thrilling novel about a world that could be ours at any moment, where those left standing must learn what it means not just to survive, but to live amidst the devastation.

The Unwanteds

Author: Lisa McMann
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442407689
Format: PDF, Docs
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In a society that purges thirteen-year-olds who are creative, identical twins Aaron and Alex are separated, one to attend University while the other, supposedly Eliminated, finds himself in a wondrous place where youths hone their abilities and learn magic.

Under a Tell Tale Sky

Author: R. E. McDermott
ISBN: 9780983741763
Format: PDF, Docs
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"A different sort of post-apocalyptic series." Imagine you won the lottery the same day everyone else went bankrupt - then had to collect your winnings in the worst part of town. "In cash!" When the lights go out, seemingly for good, Captain Jordan Hughes quickly discovers being stranded far from home on a ship with working generators and a cargo of ten million gallons of irreplaceable fuel isn't exactly a low profile position. Faced with rising crew discontent, and surrounded by worsening violence ashore, things can't get much worse - until FEMA flexes their muscles. As the remains of federal government becomes increasingly corrupt and self-serving, Hughes joins a ragtag band of sailors, farmers, preppers ex-Coast Guardsmen, and dissident soldiers in an effort to re-unite his crew with their families and use remaining resources to rebuild a devastated society. Along the way they face a desperate and starving population, rampant violence from street gangs and escaped convicts, and powerful warlords created as an unintended consequence of the federal government's ill-advised use of mercenaries.

Daunting Days of Winter

Author: Ray Gorham
ISBN: 9781505471205
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Kyle Tait, having survived the harrowing, cross-country journey home to his family, must now struggle for existence in a post-EMP world that no one could have imagined just three short months prior. Each day brings new challenges - how to fight the bitter cold, where to scavenge food for the table, how to best fend off intruders and keep their community safe.As the cold, dark days of winter begin the slow transition to spring, the Tait family is faced with a challenge that dwarves all others and threatens to shatter their already precarious grip on sanity. Kyle and Jennifer are once again forced to endure a trial that threatens the survival of each member of their family.Follow Kyle, Jennifer, and the citizens of Deer Creek, MT as they plumb the depths of their resourcefulness, strength, endurance, and humanity while struggling together to survive the daunting days of winter. Written with the same thread of hope and optimism that seasoned the account of Kyle's epic journey home, Daunting Days of Winter is Ray Gorham's long-awaited sequel to his best seller, 77 Days in September.

The Girls of Room 28

Author: Hannelore Brenner-Wonschick
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 0805242449
Format: PDF
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Shares the stories of ten women who as children survived the Theresienstadt internment camp, describing the dormitory-like barracks in which they lived, their interactions with a series of counselors who exposed them to culture in spite of outside horrors, and their post-war lives.


Author: James Wesley Rawles
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 156975599X
Format: PDF, ePub
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A tale by the creator of SurvivalBlog.com imagines a world in which a cataclysmic financial crisis prompts a total collapse of American society and forces people to fend for themselves, in a story that follows a group of protagonists who make their way to a shared secure ranch in northern Idaho, where they struggle to survive against violent looting and natural hazards. Original.


Author: Jay J. Falconer
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781523440269
Format: PDF, Docs
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Society will collapse in days... And that's the good news. Former Special Ops and survivalist Simon Redfall has lost everything: his wife, his fortune, and his future. Despite being hunted by angry mobs and his own bankrupt government, Simon arrives in Washington, DC to attend the first ever, pay-per-view execution of someone he loves. Then red storm clouds appear and begin to spread their potentially toxic rain across the planet. The mysterious weather phenomenon grounds all travelers, knocks out communications, and threatens to take down the grid, sending civilization back to the Stone Age. As society tumbles into chaos, Simon joins a group of like-minded preppers to unlock the secrets behind a terrifying global conspiracy. What he and his band of freedom fighters soon learn will put their lives at risk, and the lives of everyone else on the planet. For humanity, time is running out . . . When the red rain stops falling, it will be too late to stop what's coming next. Book 1 in the American Prepper Series "This is the most unique end-of-the-world story I have ever read." ~ML Banner, #1 Best-Selling author of the Stone Age Series. If you're looking for a TEOTWAWKI story about survival that combines hard science with a sweeping conspiracy, you'll love REDFALL. It's a combination of One Second Later and Sum of All Fears, while set against the backdrop of a suffocating weather event affecting the entire world. ~Amazon 2015 Kindle Scout Winner, Jay J. Falconer