Ungrateful Daughters

Author: Maureen Waller
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1429982098
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In 1688, the birth of a Prince of Wales ignited a family quarrel and a revolution. James II's drive towards Catholicism had alienated the nation and his two staunchly Protestant daughters by his first marriage, Mary and Anne. They are the 'ungrateful daughters' who usurped their father's crown and stole their brother's birthright. Seven prominent men sent an invitation to William of Orange---James' nephew and son-in-law---to intervene in English affairs. But it was the women, Queen Mary Beatrice and her two stepdaughters, Mary and Anne, who played a key role in this drama. Jealous and resentful of her hated stepmother, Anne had written a series of malicious letters to her sister Mary in Holland, implying that the Queen's pregnancy was a hoax, a Catholic plot to deny Mary her rightful inheritance. Betrayed by those he trusted, distraught at Anne's defection, James fled the kingdom. Even as the crown descended on her head, Mary knew she had incurred a father's curse. The sisters quarreled and were still not speaking to each other when Mary died tragically young. Anne did nothing to deserve her father's forgiveness, declaring her brother an outlaw with a price on his head. Acclaimed historian Maureen Waller recreated the late Stuart era in a compelling narrative that highlights the influence of three women in one of the most momentous events in English history. Prompted by religious bigotry and the emotion that beset any family relationships, this palace coup changed the face of the monarchy, and signaled the end of a dynasty.

Ungrateful Daughters

Author: Justyna Wlodarczyk
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443824461
Format: PDF, Docs
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Has the third wave of feminism in the United States spawned a literary movement? Is there a third wave equivalent of the consciousness-rasing novel? A lot has been written about the relationship of the third wave of feminism in the United States to the second wave, yet no one has examined works by young female writers as belonging to the third wave of feminism. This book fills the gap. Using tools of literary criticism to analyze the literary output of third wave feminism in the United States, Ungrateful Daughters looks at the main anthologies of third wave writings, paying attention to their structure, production process and narrative forms used in the individual pieces. It also attempts to define third wave fiction and analyze the memoirs and novels coming from writers who could be classified as third wave (specifically, Rebecca Walker, Danzy Senna and Michelle Tea), tracing how these books exhibit “third wave sensibility” and reflect generational experiences of third wave writers. A lot of attention is devoted to comparisons of second and third wave feminism and the ambivalent relationship of third wave feminism to postfeminism. Wendy Kaminer wrote in True Love Waits: “If it ultimately fails as a liberation movement, feminism will at least have achieved considerable literary success.” Ungrateful Daughters examines whether the literary success helps or hinders the cause of women’s liberation.

The Dragon Lord s Daughters

Author: Bertrice Small
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 075827291X
Format: PDF, ePub
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Three sisters in the shadow of Arthurian legend find magic, menace, and passion in the New York Times–bestselling author’s enchanting historical romance. The defiant daughters of King Arthur’s descendant, Merlin Pendragon, have an appetite for adventure and a gift for driving men wild. Marrying them off may seem an easy task, but they live and love according to their own rules . . . Averil is the lord’s eldest daughter, whose dazzling beauty can buy her what she wants most: marriage to royalty. But fate thrusts her kicking and screaming into the arms of rugged and penniless Rhys FitzHugh. He’s looking forward to the challenge of winning her love, her loyalty, and her trust. Maia has a hefty dowry and the man of her choice: the dangerously seductive Emrys Llyn, descendant of Lancelot and the Lady of the Lake—a man surrounded by rumors that the women in his life suffer terrible fates. Can Maia prove the cursed reputation false . . . or will she fall victim as well? The uncontrollable and irrepressible Junia is the lord’s youngest, a free spirit content to roam the countryside where she can be alone with the golden-haired son of her father’s sworn enemy. But having a secret love might cost Junia more than she can ever imagine. “Bertrice Small is a legend.” —Linda Lael Miller

Key Papers in Literature and Psychoanalysis

Author: Glen O. Gabbard
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0429915411
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Since Freud invoked the Oedipus story to exemplify and verify his findings with patients and in analyzing his own dreams, psychoanalysis and literature have had a fruitful if often distrusting relationship. Literature and theory have increased enormously in range. Education no longer insists upon classics of Western literature as building blocks for understanding. Yet the tie between psychoanalysis and imaginative literature remains vital, and the two disciplines can interact vibrantly, as these selected essays of recent years from the International Journal of Psychoanalysis handsomely show. They explore overlaps of literary experience and psychoanalytic process, both of which activate our capacity to 'see feelingly', which is to say, provide occasion for a structured richness of knowing with a felt tie to truth. Both enhance consciousness, expand the emotions, undermine unconscious closures, and provoke thought; and it is those very qualities that inform their illustrative and explanatory usefulness to one another.

Getting Rid of Mama

Author: Liz Dolan
Publisher: Untreed Reads
ISBN: 1611875498
Format: PDF, Mobi
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What happens when a Jewish mother from Brooklyn moves in with her lesbian daughter and partner in small town, Delaware? Of course, Mother never acknowledges their relationship and the partner decides either she or the mother has got to go. What does a good daughter do? Maybe her and her mother's shared love of film, and especially Bette Davis, will help them save the day. A short story.