Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research

Author: Rona F. Flippo
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317245164
Format: PDF, Docs
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The most comprehensive and up-to-date source available for college reading and study strategy practitioners and administrators, the Third Edition of the Handbook of College Reading and Study Strategy Research reflects and responds to changing demographics as well as politics and policy concerns in the field since the publication of the previous edition. In this thorough and systematic examination of theory, research, and practice, the Handbook offers information to help college reading teachers to make better instructional decisions; justification for programmatic implementations for administrators; and a complete compendium of both theory and practice to better prepare graduate students to understand the parameters and issues of this field. The Handbook is an essential resource for professionals, researchers, and students as they continue to study, research, learn, and share more about college reading and study strategies. Addressing current and emerging theories of knowledge, subjects, and trends impacting the field, the Third Edition features new topics such as disciplinary literacy, social media, and gaming theory.

Building the Responsive Campus

Author: William G. Tierney
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 145226340X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This critique of modern academia is also a proposal for making campuses more effective -- that is, better at meeting the clients' or customers' needs. The author addresses the problems that many academic institutions have today in clinging to the practices and organization of the past. By outlining the many problems in organization that colleges and universities face today, the author hopes to reveal workable solutions.

Academic Writing

Author: Andrew P. Johnson
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1475823576
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book provides a foundation and framework to enhance your understanding of the various processes involved in academic writing. The term, academic writing, here refers to the types of writing used in college level writing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. However, this book was not written simply to help you pass another English class or to get you through the next writing intensive course (although it will certainly do that). At some point you will be out in the real world (hopefully). Thus, the purpose of this book is to enable you to be an effective writer and thinker in all contexts including your personal and professional lives.

Homework for Learning

Author: Gerry Czerniawski
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335245900
Format: PDF, Docs
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This is an essential resource for trainees and experienced teachers working in schools who are looking for new and creative ways of engaging and motivating their learners.

Elements of Structural Syntax

Author: Lucien Tesnière
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9027269998
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This volume appears now finally in English, sixty years after the death of its author, Lucien Tesnière. It has been translated from the French original into German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, and now at long last into English as well. The volume contains a comprehensive approach to the syntax of natural languages, an approach that is foundational for an entire stream in the modern study of syntax and grammar. This stream is known today as dependency grammar (DG). Drawing examples from dozens of languages, many of which he was proficient in, Tesnière presents insightful analyses of numerous phenomena of syntax. Among the highlights are the concepts of valency and head-initial vs. head-final languages. These concepts are now taken for granted by most modern theories of syntax, even by phrase structure grammars, which represent, in a sense, the opposite sort of approach to syntax from what Tesnière was advocating. Now Open Access as part of the Knowledge Unlatched 2017 Backlist Collection.

Key Concepts in Philosophy

Author: Paddy McQueen
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137093390
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An accessible account of philosophical concepts, theories and key thinkers with an emphasis on recent developments in the field. Containing over 300 entries, the terms are ordered alphabetically and cross referenced for ease of use. Suggestions for further reading follow the explanations, encouraging further reflection and independent learning.

Revision Cards for A2 Level Chemistry

Author: Richard Foulston
ISBN: 9781515270850
Format: PDF, Docs
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Learning the right facts for your exams is key to obtaining top grades, and a few reactions or definitions can make the difference between grades in an exam. Revision Cards are a great way to ensure that you learn all of the key facts that you need to know, and we honestly believe that these Revision Cards are the most concise and precise that you will find. These Revision Cards are for the old exams (for courses starting in 2014 or earlier), and are designed specifically for the OCR A Chemistry A2-level. They include 22 cards for F324 (including the 5 Reactions cards from F322, which also need learning for F324) and 15 cards for F325. These cards cover the key Reactions, Definitions, Equations and Reaction Mechanisms that you need to know for your exams (plus a few other important bits). Each Revision Card covers a single topic and gives only the facts that you need to learn off-by-heart for your exams. They have been carefully written to ensure that they do not contain any waffle - just the key facts that you need to learn. These cards were written by a group of experienced teachers, tutors and examiners, who have decades of combined teaching experience, thousands of hours of tuition experience and have marked thousands of exam papers as examiners/team leaders. They have painstakingly trawled through module specifications, textbooks and exam mark schemes to produce a set of Revision Cards which cover the key facts required for the F324 and F325 exams. They focus specifically on areas where students tend to perform badly in exams.

A History of German Literature

Author: Wolfgang Beutin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134928173
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Since the appearance of its first edition in Germany in 1979, A History of German Literature has established itself as a classic work used by students and anyone interested in German literature. The volume chronologically traces the development of German literature from the Middle Ages to the present day. Throughout this chronology, literary developments are set in a social and political context. This includes a final chapter, written for this latest edition, on the consequences of the reunification of Germany in 1990. Thoroughly interdiscipinary in method, the work also reflects recent developments in literary criticism and history. Highly readable and stimulating, A History of German Literature succeeds in making the literature of the past as immediate and engaging as the works of the present. It is both a scholary study and an invaluable reference work for students.

The European Folktale

Author: Max Lüthi
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253203939
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Niles' excellent translation should bring Lüthi's sensitive and articulate study the recognition it deserves among English readers." —Library Journal Lüthi demonstrates how the folktale, by its very distance from reality, can play upon the most important themes of human existence.