Unterrichtsstunde Die Reise der Kartoffel nach Europa

Author: Jürn Jakob Lohse
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3640256336
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Unterrichtsentwurf aus dem Jahr 2006 im Fachbereich Sachunterricht, Heimatkunde (Grundschulpadagogik), Note: bestanden, Universitat Bremen, 4 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die vorliegende Stunde ist die letzte Sequenz der Unterrichtseinheit Rund um die Kartoffel." In ihr soll es um die Geschichte der Kartoffel gehen und zusatzlich soll sie die Unterrichtseinheit abrunden. In den vorangehenden Stunden wurde der Unterschied zwischen Obst und Gemuse hervorgehoben (Std. 1-2) dann wurde die Kartoffel eingefuhrt (Std.2-4). Zum selbstandigen Lernen sollten die Stunden 3-4 beitragen, indem die SuS binnendifferenziert sich an unterschiedlichen Kartoffelstationen" probierten. Die Stunden 5-6 ( Wir kochen eine Kartoffelsuppe") sollte die SuS anregen mit allen Sinnen zu lernen und die Stunden 7-8 ( Der Starkenachweis") sollte zum Experimentieren einladen."

Deutsche Bibliographie D 2 Deutsche Bibliographie D F nfjahres Verzeichnis B cher u Karten Bibliographie aller in Deutschland erschienenen Ver ffentlichungen u d in sterreich u d Schweiz im Buchhandel erschienenen deutschsprach Publikationen sowie d deutschsprach Ver ffentlichungen anderer L nder unter Mitw d sterreichischen Nationalbibliothek in Wien f r d sterr u d Schweizerischen Landesbibliothek in Bern f r d schweizer Titel bearb von d Deutschen Bibliothek Frankfu

Author: Frankfurt am Main Deutsche Bibliothek
ISBN: 9783765714511
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Seeds of Change

Author: Henry Hobhouse
Publisher: Counterpoint Press
ISBN: 9781593760496
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An account of the historical influences of six commercial plants, including sugar, tea, cotton, potatoes, quinine, and coca, evaluates their role in the Atlantic slave trade, opening up of China, and establishment of multiple colonial empires. Reprint.

Treating Attachment Disorders

Author: Karl Heinz Brisch
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1462504833
Format: PDF
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Organized around extended case illustrations—and grounded in cutting-edge theory and research—this highly regarded book shows how an attachment perspective can inform psychotherapeutic practice with patients of all ages. Karl Heinz Brisch explores the links between early experiences of separation, loss, and trauma and a range of psychological, behavioral, and psychosomatic problems. He demonstrates the basic techniques of attachment-based assessment and intervention, emphasizing the healing power of the therapeutic relationship. With a primary focus on treating infants and young children and their caregivers, the book discusses applications of attachment-based psychotherapy over the entire life course. New to This Edition*Incorporates advances in research on neurobiology, genetics, and psychotraumatology.*Expanded with a section on inpatient treatment for traumatized children, including in-depth cases.*Describes two promising prevention programs for expectant couples, families, and young children.*The latest knowledge on disorganized attachment, attachment disorders, and assessments.

Coop Himmelb l au

Author: Frank Werner
Publisher: Axel Menges
ISBN: 9783932565663
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Text in English & German. The architects in the Viennese Coop Himmelb(l)au team have felt committed to the credo of constructing cities and buildings that float like clouds ever since the practice was founded in 1968, though it did take a while before gently curving, "floating" buildings became a reality. It was not until new, computer-aided design and building methods and the use of innovative building materials came along recently that it became possible to realise even unthinkable architectural hybrids so light that they actually do seem to float. So the new Musée des Confluences is currently under construction in Lyon, a cloud that has been in the planning phase for some years. And a cloud building like this also does exist in reality in Munich in the form of the new BMW World, conceived by Coop Himmelb(l)au and recently opened. This new building completes the spectacular trio of museum buildings, the Mercedes-Benz and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, by UNStudio and Delugan Meissl Associated Architects respectively. A series of excellent interior and exterior photographs provide a record of this demonstration project by BMW. The urban-sculptural and internal spatial qualities of the new BMW World are also analysed thoroughly, and dealt with in detail in the contexts of Coop Himmelb(l)au's older and more recent work. The question is also addressed of the extent to which the structural and material shape of the building actually corresponds with an image of something light enough to float. The presentation is rounded off by a digression into the world of "branding", which has learned how to use spectacular architecture more and more directly as a publicity factor, and to convey an image, or as an artefact.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Author: Thomas Haenselmann
Publisher: Oldenbourg Verlag
ISBN: 3486714465
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Wireless sensor networks consist of small, mostly battery powered computers. Despite their simplicity, each sensor node is equipped with its own memory, CPU and radio transceiver. A typical application is to scatter many of them over a large area. Some sensor nodes can take measurements like temperature, air pressure and humidity. The latest models can also capture audio and images. But even the simplest capabilities like monitoring the temperature can be used e.g., to detect and fight forest fires at an early stage. The strength of this new paradigm comes from the mere number of nodes. Messages are forwarded over long distances from node to node. However, a sensor network does not only provide its own communication infrastructure. Within this book, it will also be shown how it can be used like a massively distributed database or as a compute cluster which filters and analyzes its data prior to transmission. A key-factor to the success of a sensor network is its longevity. Communication algorithms for medium access, routing but also for encryption and time synchronization have to be redesigned carefully with energy efficiency in mind.

Back to the Wild

Author: Christopher Johnson McCandless
ISBN: 9780983395508
Format: PDF
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The photographs and writings of Christopher McCandless

Mastering Symfony

Author: Sohail Salehi
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784394262
Format: PDF
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Orchestrate the designing, development, testing, and deployment of web applications with Symfony About This Book Create a robust and reliable Symfony development pipeline using Amazon's cloud platform Cut development and maintenance costs by defining crystal clear features and possible scenarios for each feature before implementation Follow detailed examples provided in each chapter to create a task management application Who This Book Is For If you are a PHP developer with some experience in Symfony and are looking to master the framework and use it to its full potential, then this book is for you. Though experience with PHP, object-oriented techniques, and Symfony basics is assumed, this book will give you a crash course on the basics and then proceed to more advanced topics. What You Will Learn Install and configure Symfony and required third-party bundles to develop a task management application Set up a continuous integration server to orchestrate automatic builds every time you add a new feature to your project Reduce maintenance costs dramatically using Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Create a slick user interface using the Bootstrap framework Design robust business logic using Doctrine Build a comprehensive dashboard and secure your project using the Sonata project Improve performance using Redis, Memcache, and Varnish Create customized Symfony commands and add them to your console In Detail In this book, you will learn some lesser known aspects of development with Symfony, and you will see how to use Symfony as a framework to create reliable and effective applications. You might have developed some impressive PHP libraries in other projects, but what is the point when your library is tied to one particular project? With Symfony, you can turn your code into a service and reuse it in other projects. This book starts with Symfony concepts such as bundles, routing, twig, doctrine, and more, taking you through the request/response life cycle. You will then proceed to set up development, test, and deployment environments in AWS. Then you will create reliable projects using Behat and Mink, and design business logic, cover authentication, and authorization steps in a security checking process. You will be walked through concepts such as DependencyInjection, service containers, and services, and go through steps to create customized commands for Symfony's console. Finally, the book covers performance optimization and the use of Varnish and Memcached in our project, and you are treated with the creation of database agnostic bundles and best practices. Style and approach A step-by-step guide to mastering Symfony while developing a task management application. Each chapter comes with detailed examples.