Using QuickBooks for Real Estate Agent Bookkeeping

Author: Susan Williams
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781483966045
Format: PDF
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Using QuickBooks for Real Estate Agent Bookkeeping is a thorough "toolkit" that provides a complete system for setting up and managing the daily bookkeeping tasks faced by real estate agents. The system includes a workbook with easy-to-follow instructions and screenshots of each process, web-access to video demonstrations showcasing each concept in the workbook AND a special QuickBooks Company File template customized specifically for the real estate industry*. You'll learn how to use QuickBooks to keep track of all of your commission income deposits as well as company expenses paid using checks, debit cards and credit cards. Armed with this package specifically created for the real estate professional, you'll be up and running in no time with your own professionally designed bookkeeping process!Topics in the Using QuickBooks for Real Estate Agent Bookkeeping training system (workbook and video training demos) include:* Installation and registration of QuickBooks software on your computer* Customizing the QuickBooks Company File template with your own company information* Recording bank deposits of commission sales income and other types of funds received* Recording expenses paid directly by paper check, debit card, electronic transfers, credit cards, as well as the option to using QuickBooks to track bills owed to vendors you wish to pay later* Creating several reports that will help you track and analyze your company's financesThe Using QuickBooks for Real Estate Agent Bookkeeping system also includes a special QuickBooks data file that can be used to set up your real estate agent company with QuickBooks. The Company File template contains the recommended Chart of Accounts, Sales Items, Sales Receipt Templates, and Memorized Reports Packages that give real estate agents a complete bookkeeping system designed specifically for them - something that generic QuickBooks training doesn't.* Note: The QuickBooks Date File requires QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Mac versions 2013 or later

How to Start a Home based Bookkeeping Business

Author: Michelle Long
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0762769114
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In tough economic times and with rising unemployment, people are looking to take the bull by the horns and start their own home-based businesses.... From GPP's enormously successful How to Start a Home-Based Business series (more than half a million copies sold!), comes the essential guide to starting up a home-based Bookkeeping business.

Real Estate Agent s Tax Deduction Guide The

Author: Stephen Fishman
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 141331709X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"A complete guide to tax deductions for people in the business of selling real estate, whether as a broker or salesperson. It provides all the information agents need to know to maximize their deductions and minimize their taxes"--Provided by publisher.

Revenue Management

Author: Günter Fandel
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783834900500
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dieses Special Issue enthält Beiträge zum Revenue Management sowie der hierzu erforderlichen Produktspezifizierung und Preisgestaltung. Hierbei geht es um die erlös- bzw. gewinnmaximale Vermarktung von Kapazitäten durch entsprechende Preisdifferenzierungen und Marktsegmentierungen, um dadurch die unterschiedlichen Zahlungsbereitschaften verschiedener Nachfragergruppen abzuschöpfen und für das Unternehmen gewinnbringend zu nutzen. Die Möglichkeiten, dies auf gesicherterer informatorischer Basis zu tun, haben sich in der Praxis durch leistungsfähigere betriebliche IT-Systeme und mit Ausbreitung der Internetnutzung vermehrt.

Legal Tax and Accounting Strategies for the Canadian Real Estate Investor

Author: Steven Cohen
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
ISBN: 9780470678541
Format: PDF
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Legal, Tax and Accounting Strategies for the Canadian Real Estate Investor begins and ends with the premise that buying property in Canada can be a smart, safe and successful way to invest your money. However, like most things in life, success requires hard work. You need to do your homework, understand what you are buying, and know the pros and cons of various decisions. Most importantly, you also need to know how to structure and maintain your investment. That's where we come in. Experience is a good teacher-but its lessons can be nasty and, in the real estate business, mistakes can cost you big bucks. Our goal with this book is to help you do it right-the first time. Rest assured that this book covers a vast range of topics and you're going to appreciate its breadth and depth if you're wondering about things like whether: You should opt for a sole proprietorship versus a partnership or corporate ownership strategy. There are things you can do to manage the way HST impacts your real estate investment business. You need information about the tax implications of a real estate disposition. You can change your bookkeeping system to better meet your needs and those of your accountant. Who Are We? This book was written by two individuals whose collective experience in helping Canadians make wise property investment decisions spans several decades. Steve Cohen is a securities lawyer with a great deal of experience in the real estate sector. George Dube is a chartered accountant whose knowledge is based on many years of helping clients with their property buying needs. Both Steve and George are real estate investors themselves. Working from this foundation, we have put together the definitive guide on how to build a successful real estate portfolio in Canada from a legal, tax and accounting perspective.

Das Mind Map Buch

Author: Tony Buzan
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864155274
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Mit der Mind-Map-Methode® halten Sie den Schlüssel zu einem einzigartigen Denkwerkzeug in den Händen, mit dem Sie mühelos und effizient Ihr Gedächtnis, Ihre Kreativität, Ihre Konzentration, Ihre Kommunikationsfähigkeit, Ihre allgemeine Intelligenz und Ihre mentale Schnelligkeit verbessern können. Angewandt auf jedwede Herausforderung oder Zielsetzung, werden Ihnen Mind-Maps dabei helfen, - klar, kreativ und originell zu denken, - Probleme zu lösen und fundierte Entscheidungen zu treffen, - zu planen und zu verhandeln, - Ihre Gedächtnisleistung zu maximieren, - Ihr Leben erfolgreich zu strukturieren. Ihr Gehirn ist dazu imstande, Großartiges zu leisten – lernen Sie mithilfe des Mind-Map- Buchs, Ihr Potenzial auszuschöpfen!

Scaling Up

Author: Verne Harnish
Publisher: Masterhouse GmbH
ISBN: 3981801709
Format: PDF, ePub
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Es ist über ein Jahrzehnt her, dass Verne Harnish Bestseller Mastering the Rockefeller Habits in der ersten Auflage erschien. Scaling Up ist die erste große Neubearbeitung dieses Business-Klassikers, in dem praktische Tools und Techniken für das Wachstum zum branchenführenden Unternehmen vorgestellt werden. Dieses Buch wurde geschrieben, damit jeder – vom einfachen bis zum leitenden Angestellten – gleichermaßen zum Wachstum seines Business beträgt. Scaling Up konzentriert sich auf die vier Haupt-Entscheidungsbereiche, die jedes Unternehmen angehen muss: People, Strategy, Execution und Cash. Das Buch beinhaltet eine Reihe von neuen ganzseitigen Arbeits-Tools, darunter der aktualisierte One-Page Strategic Plan und die Rockefeller Habits Checklist™, die bereits von mehr als 40.000 Firmen in aller Welt für ein erfolgreiches Scaling Up verwendet wurden. Viele von ihnen schafften ein Wachstum auf $10 Millionen, $100 Millionen oder gar $1 Milliarde und mehr – und konnten den Aufstieg sogar genießen! Verne Harnish hat bereits in viele Scaleups investiert.

Run Your Own Corporation

Author: Garrett Sutton
Publisher: RDA Press, LLC
ISBN: 1937832422
Format: PDF
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“I’ve set up my corporation. Now what do I do?” All too often business owners and real estate investors are asking this question. They have formed their protective entity – be it a corporation, LLC or LP – and don’t know what to do next. “Run Your Own Corporation” provides the solution to this very common dilemma. Breaking down the requirements chronologically (ie the first day, first quarter, first year) the book sets forth all the tax and corporate and legal matters new business owners must comply with. Written by Rich Dad’s Advisor Garrett Sutton, Esq., who also authored the companion edition “Start Your Own Corporation”, the book clearly identifies what must be done to properly maintain and operate your corporation entity. From the first day, when employer identification numbers must be obtained in order to open up a bank account, to the fifth year when trademark renewals must be filed, and all the requirements in between, “Run Your Own Corporation” is a unique resource that all business owners and investors must have. Rich Dad/Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki states, “Run Your Own Corporation is the missing link for most entrepreneurs. They’ve set up their entity, but don’t know the next steps. Garrett Sutton’s book provides valuable information needed at the crucial start up phase of operations. It is highly recommended reading.” When “Start Your Own Corporation” is combined with “Run Your Own Corporation” readers have a two book set that offers the complete corporate picture.