Visiting Hours

Author: Tagan Shepard
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN: 1594936315
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Alison Reynolds knows exactly who she is and what she wants. With a well-established career as a history professor, Alison is professional and, for the most part, strait-laced—the exact opposite of Dr. Jess Baker. Jess is spirited, impulsive, and confident to the point of cockiness. A promising physician recently transplanted from the West Coast, Jess sticks out in her new home of Richmond, Virginia. The two clash immediately and often. Jess is infuriating, unprofessional, and altogether too distracting. She also seems to be trying awfully hard to get Alison’s attention. The more fate throws them together, the more Alison discovers that while their differences may be exciting, it’s the little ways they’re alike that are downright irresistible.

Visiting Hours

Author: Amy Butcher
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698176901
Format: PDF, Mobi
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“A gripping and poignant memoir.”–Kirkus In this powerful and unforgettable memoir, award-winning writer Amy Butcher examines the shattering consequences of failing a friend when she felt he needed one most. Four weeks before their college graduation, twenty-one-year-old Kevin Schaeffer walked Amy Butcher to her home in their college town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Hours after parting ways with Amy, he fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Emily Silverstein. While he was awaiting trial, psychiatrists concluded that he had suffered an acute psychotic break. Although severely affected by Kevin’s crime, Amy remained devoted to him as a friend, believing that his actions were the direct result of his untreated illness. Over time, she became obsessed—determined to discover the narrative that explained what Kevin had done. The tragedy deeply shook her concept of reality, disrupted her sense of right and wrong, and dismantled every conceivable notion she’d established about herself and her relation to the world. Eventually realizing that she would never have the answers, or find personal peace, unless she went after it herself, Amy returned to Gettysburg—the first time in three years since graduation—to sift through hundreds of pages of public records: mental health evaluations, detectives’ notes, inventories of evidence, search warrants, testimonies, and even Kevin’s own confession. Visiting Hours is Amy Butcher’s deeply personal, heart-wrenching exploration of how trauma affects memory and the way a friendship changes and often strengthens through seemingly insurmountable challenges. Ultimately, it’s a testament to the bonds we share with others and the profound resilience and strength of the human spirit.

The Living and the Undead Episode 2

Author: Rob Stennett
Publisher: RosettaBooks
ISBN: 1629213446
Format: PDF, ePub
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All Eli Troyer has ever wanted was to escape the tedium and boredom of life among his Amish family and friends. What he could not have imagined is what the city holds for some newcomers. Can you reinvent yourself? Sure. But you can also be reinvented by someone else—or something else. In the second of episode of The Living and The Undead, Eli Troyer must now do the unthinkable to survive. He wants to somehow hold on to who he was, but every hour it seems less likely. The monster is growing inside him. And Eli doesnt know how much longer he can fight it. The Living and the Undead is a paranormal coming-of-age thriller unlike anything you've ever read.

Visiting Hours at the Color Line

Author: Ed Pavlic
Publisher: Milkweed Editions
ISBN: 1571319018
Format: PDF, Docs
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Often the most recognized, even brutal, events in American history are assigned a bifurcated public narrative. We divide historical and cultural life into two camps, often segregated by a politicized, racially divided "Color Line." But how do we privately experience the most troubling features of American civilization? Where is the Color Line in the mind, in the body, between bodies, between human beings? Ed Pavlic's Visiting Hours at the Color Line, a 2012 National Poetry Series winner, attempts to complicate this black-and-white, straight-line feature of our collective imagination, and to map its nonlinear, deeply colored timbres and hues. From the daring prose poem to the powerful free verse, Pavlic's lines are musically infused, bearing tones of soul, R&B, and jazz. Meanwhile, joining the influence of James Baldwin with a postmodern consciousness the likes of Samuel Beckett, Pavlic tracks the experiences of American characters through situations both mundane and momentous, and exposes the many textures of this social, historical world as it seeps into the private dimensions of our lives. The resulting poems are intense—at times even violent—ambitious, and psychological, making Visiting Hours at the Color Line a poetic tour de force, by one of the century's most acclaimed American poets.

Visiting Hours

Author: Jennifer Anne Moses
ISBN: 9781937677206
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"Visiting Hours," a novel-in-stories, explores the lives of people not normally met on the page---AIDS patients and those who care for them. Set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and written with large and frequent dollops of humor, the book is a profound meditation on faith and love in the face of illness and poverty.

Visiting Hours

Author: Otis Hundley
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781719909266
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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So I've spent the last couple years in a cycle of lapses of judgment caused by dishonesty not because of the things I said but because of the silence I kept I lost my grandmother and then I lost myself while making the person I was useful to people who needed me for now and didn't want to see me later. I let my ego start wars my heart wasn't in and my soul or spirit didn't have the energy to finish. "Visiting Hours" is a look into all these moments where the person I am now was shaped, I've tried to love people who had trouble loving themselves, I've watched my friends drift away day by day, I've realized how much further I still need to go, and how time managed to be my only mentor. Along side of the negative from my past experiences I know how to balance the good and bad so I can keep those moments with me when I weather the storms of tomorrow. In this book I share myself at all points of my timeline and I try my hardest to be truthful with you the people reading so my history is averted.

After Visiting Hours

Author: Augustus Douw
Publisher: Raider Pub International
ISBN: 9781935383215
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Joel Amaleki follows the bizarre trail of his brother's spiraling heath condition in a maze of a hospital run by an underworld conglomeration of doctors, security guards and bobs. At his brother's deathbed he resolves to dig into the foundations of the syndicate that rapidly murdered his brother. In the ensuing hospital fiasco he marries the one sympathetic nurse who becomes his lookout in the cloak and dagger, hide and seek, nerve racking adrenaline trip that finds them running and fighting for their lives in hospital corridores and operating theaters.