Westlake Girl

Author: Frieda Wampler
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493023381
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Westlake Girl: My Oregon Frontier Childhood is the true story of a spirited girl coming of age in an isolated village on the Oregon coast from 1928 to 1936. It portrays the artless feminist strivings of a capable girl who dreamed of a career in the Coast Guard on the merit of her skills as a boat pilot and champion swimmer. Frieda’s triumphs (taming a harbor seal as a pet, winning swim races against older boys) and disappointments (exclusion from the Coast Guard “for no better reason than that I was a girl”) will resonate with modern women who still meet obstacles – some natural and some arbitrary – to having it all.

Trials of the Earth

Author: Mary Mann Hamilton
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316341363
Format: PDF
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The astonishing first-person account of Mississippi pioneer woman struggling to survive, protect her family and make a home in the early American South Near the end of her life, Mary Mann Hamilton (1866 - c.1936) began recording her experiences in the backwoods of the Mississippi Delta. The result is this astonishing first-person account of a pioneer woman who braved grueling work, profound tragedy, and a pitiless wilderness (she and her family faced floods, tornadoes, fires, bears, panthers, and snakes) to protect her home in the early American South. An early draft of Trials of the Earth was submitted to a writers' competition sponsored by Little, Brown in 1933. It didn't win, and we almost lost the chance to bring this raw, vivid narrative to readers. Eighty-three years later, in partnership with Mary Mann Hamilton's descendants, we're proud to share this irreplaceable piece of American history. Written in spare, rich prose, Trials of the Earth is a precious record of one woman's extraordinary endurance and courage that will resonate with readers of history and fiction alike.

Vile Men

Author: Rebecca Jones-Howe
Publisher: Dark House Press
ISBN: 9781940430515
Format: PDF
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Vile Men is a collection of dark, seductive, powerful, and touching short stories told with a lyrical voice that lulls readers into submission with its elegant, enlightened prose. Including several original stories, Jones-Howe's words dance trancelike on the page before clenching readers tightly by the windpipe and whispering that everything will be all right.

The Lost Mandate of Heaven

Author: Geoffrey Shaw
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 1681496860
Format: PDF, Docs
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Ngo Dinh Diem, the first president of the Republic of Vietnam, possessed the Confucian "Mandate of Heaven", a moral and political authority that was widely recognized by all Vietnamese. This devout Roman Catholic leader never lost this mandate in the eyes of his people; rather, he was taken down by a military coup sponsored by the U.S. government, which resulted in his brutal murder. The commonly held view runs contrary to the above assertion by military historian Geoffrey Shaw. According to many American historians, President Diem was a corrupt leader whose tyrannical actions lost him the loyalty of his people and the possibility of a military victory over the North Vietnamese. The Kennedy Administration, they argue, had to withdraw its support of Diem. Based on his research of original sources, including declassified documents of the U.S. government, Shaw chronicles the Kennedy administration's betrayal of this ally, which proved to be not only a moral failure but also a political disaster that led America into a protracted and costly war. Along the way, Shaw reveals a President Diem very different from the despot portrayed by the press during its coverage of Vietnam. From eyewitness accounts of military, intelligence, and diplomatic sources, Shaw draws the portrait of a man with rare integrity, a patriot who strove to free his country from Western colonialism while protecting it from Communism.

Culinary Math

Author: Linda Blocker
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470068213
Format: PDF, Docs
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A math resource for foodservice professionals covers such topics as calculating yield percent, determining portion costs, changing recipe yields, and converting between metric and U.S. measures.

Priam s Gold

Author: Caroline Moorehead
Publisher: Tauris Parke Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781784534875
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Troy: one of the most captivating and mysterious stories of antiquity... But was Troy an actual place or just a legend of Homer's epic? It took the most unlikely of people, Heinrich Schliemann--a grocer's-apprentice turned self-made archaeologist, courageous and driven--to solve one of the greatest puzzles in history. His extraordinary discovery of the ruins of fabled Troy and the magnificent treasure of King Priam anointed Schliemann as the 'father of pre-history', but was also beset by controversy that persists to this day. The fate of the treasure itself is no less troubled. In 1945 it was spirited out of Berlin by the Red Army, to be hidden for 50 years in the vaults of the Pushkin Museum until the breakup of the Soviet Union. In this fast-paced account, Caroline Moorehead describes one of the most remarkable adventures of the 20th century, tracing Schliemann's footsteps to Troy and the convoluted journey across Europe taken by the treasure itself.

In His Own Words

Author: Houston Hartsfield Holloway
ISBN: 9780881465457
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This 24,000 word autobiography offers a rare perspective on lifeduring the most transformative years of US history Houston Hartsfield Holloway (1844–1917) was born enslaved in upcountry Georgia, taught himself to read and write, learned the blacksmith trade, was emancipated by Union victory in 1865, and served as an ordained traveling preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal Church from 1870 to 1883. He devoted the remainder of his life to his family, his blacksmith trade, and his local church. Holloway’s 24,000-word autobiography offers a rare working-class perspective on life during some of the most transformative years of US history. Holloway describes slavery, his family (often fractured by slave sales), friends, religious experiences, courtship and marriage, neighborhood parties and games, work and work songs, and interactions with slave owners. His vivid account of the arrival of federal troops and his subsequent emancipation describes how he and his neighbors adjusted to freedom, constructing new family living arrangements, new employment compacts, and new civil and church relations. Holloway recounts his challenges as an itinerant AME preacher in the post- war South, his church’s onerous financial demands, his poor and uncertain pay, annual relocations, and church politics. After thirteen years of itinerant ministry Holloway quit, bought a homestead, and worked at his blacksmith trade. Writing his autobiography in his sixties, Holloway reflects on the successes and disappointments of his life and the moral and material condition of his people. Footnotes provide supplementary biographical information for nearly two hundred relatives, neighbors, friends, and coworkers named in Holloway’s narrative. An appendix includes nineteen extended biographical sketches. The book is illustrated with photographs and three detailed maps of Holloway’s home neighborhoods and preaching assignments.

Gunfighter Nation

Author: Richard Slotkin
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806130316
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Examines the ways in which the frontier myth influences American culture and politics, drawing on fiction, western films, and political writing

Boardwalk Gangster

Author: Tim Newark
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429960779
Format: PDF
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For the first twenty-five years of his criminal career, Charles "Lucky" Luciano was a vicious mobster who rose to become the multimillionaire king of the New York underworld. For the next twenty-five years of his life, Luciano was a legend---but a fake master criminal without real power, his evil reputation manipulated and maintained by the government agents who had put him behind bars. Drawing on secret government documents from archives in the United States and Europe, this myth-busting biography tells the real story from Luciano's early days as a top hit man for the Mob to his exploits running sex and narcotics empires. His criminal career abruptly ended with conviction and imprisonment, but his reputation was only enhanced by rumors that he was winning World War II for the Allies in Sicily and the Mediterranean. Now, for the first time, author Tim Newark exposes the truth about what Luciano really did do to help the Allies in the war. With his expulsion from the United States after the war ended, Luciano returned to Italy. He was reputed to have overseen a massive transatlantic narcotics network and became the arch-villain for international law enforcement agencies. But Newark reveals how Luciano really spent his twilight years. Lucky Luciano: The Real and the Fake Gangster turns accepted Mafia history on its head with an extraordinary story that has never been told before.

Jesse Applegate

Author: Leta Lovelace Neiderheiser
Publisher: Tate Publishing
ISBN: 1617392294
Format: PDF
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A history of Oregon without Jesse Applegate would be like Exodus without Moses. Like Moses, Jesse led pioneers through the wilderness across the Oregon Trail in 1843. Like Moses, he was a law-giver, and like Moses, when proper provocation occurred, he sometimes threw down the tablets.Jesse Applegate, A Dialogue with Destinygives a comprehensive historical perspective to the life of this interesting, complicated man who played a major role in the formation of Oregon. Throughout his amazing life, he led the 'cow column' of '43 west to Oregon, wrote the constitution of '45, played a major role in the solving of the Cayuse War, led the expedition to find a new southern route in'46, and fought to keep Oregon free of slavery. But perhaps even more important was the moral compass he provided for the emerging Oregon society. Through his letters to editors of newspapers and to prominent political figures, he provided comment, council, criticism, and loyal opposition to those in power. His opinions were sought by local, state and federal leaders, as well as the historians of the day.