White Supremacy

Author: George M. Fredrickson
Publisher: OUP USA
ISBN: 9780195030426
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The history of race relations on two continents is enormously enriched by this comparative study

Black Liberation

Author: George M. Fredrickson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198022350
Format: PDF, Mobi
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When George M. Fredrickson published White Supremacy: A Comparative Study in American and South African History, he met universal acclaim. David Brion Davis, writing in The New York Times Book Review, called it "one of the most brilliant and successful studies in comparative history ever written." The book was honored with the Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize, the Merle Curti Award, and a jury nomination for the Pulitzer Prize. Now comes the sequel to that acclaimed work. In Black Liberation, George Fredrickson offers a fascinating account of how blacks in the United States and South Africa came to grips with the challenge of white supremacy. He reveals a rich history--not merely of parallel developments, but of an intricate, transatlantic web of influences and cross-fertilization. He begins with early moments of hope in both countries--Reconstruction in the United States, and the liberal colonialism of British Cape Colony--when the promise of suffrage led educated black elites to fight for color-blind equality. A rising tide of racism and discrimination at the turn of the century, however, blunted their hopes and encouraged nationalist movements in both countries. Fredrickson teases out the connections between movements and nations, examining the transatlantic appeal of black religious nationalism (known as Ethiopianism), and the pan-Africanism of Du Bois and Garvey. He brings to vivid life the decades of struggle, organizing, and debate, as blacks in the United States looked to Africa for identity and South Africans looked to America for new ideas and hope. The book traces the rise of Communist influence in black movements in the two nations in the 1920s and '30s, and the adoption of Gandhian nonviolent protest after World War II. The story of India's struggle, however, was not to be repeated in either America or South Africa: in one nation, nonviolence revealed its limitations, encouraging splits in the civil rights movement; in the other, it failed, fostering an armed struggle against white supremacy. Fredrickson brings the story up through the present, exploring the divergence between African-American identity politics and the nonracialism that has triumphed in South Africa. In a career spanning thirty years, George Fredrickson has won recognition as the leading scholar of the struggle over racial domination in the United States and South Africa. In Black Liberation, he provides the essential companion volume to his award-winning White Supremacy, telling the story of how blacks fought back on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Comparative Imagination

Author: George M. Fredrickson
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520224841
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"By using an ever-widening comparative method, Fredrickson is able to illustrate the depth of institutional and intellectual incorporation of racism, and he keeps alive the possibility of moral and political reform."—Thomas Bender, New York University

Ignatius Adversus Valentinianos

Author: Thomas Lechner
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004115057
Format: PDF, ePub
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This volume discusses the authenticity of the seven letters, handed down under the name of Ignatius of Antioch, and explores the wider theological context at the time of their composition. The author first examines the chronological foundations of current scholarly consensus, which on the whole favours an early second-century date for the composition of these letters, during the reign of the emperor Trajan (98-117). On the basis of his findings the author next addresses the question raised by the title of the volume: do some of the polemic passages in these letters specifically attack Valentinian gnosis? After a detailed discussion of chapters 16-20 of the Letter to the Ephesians it is shown that the Ignatian Star Hymn (Eph. 19) should be seen as a parody of Valentinian myth. The volume concludes with a study of the "Regula fidei" (Eph. 18,2).

Beyond white supremacy

Author: University of London. Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Publisher: Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australia F Commonwealth Studi
ISBN: 9781855070813
Format: PDF, Mobi
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U S Relations with South Africa An Annotated Bibliography

Author: Y G-M Lulat
Publisher: Westview Press
ISBN: 9780813371382
Format: PDF
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A comprehensive two-volume annotated bibliography of books and monographs, journal articles, government documents, documents of nongovernmental organizations, and substantive magazine and newspaper articles published since the late nineteenth century. Annotated entries contain a short abstract, a table of contents, and information on reviews. Each volume contains an author and subject index, and a periodical is included in Volume Two. Topics covered include: US Foreign Policy; Southern Africa in US-South African Relations; Nuclear Technology and Other Sectors of Trade and Economic Relations; Education Scientific and Cultural Exchanges; African Americans and South Africa; Divestment Disinvestment and Sanctions; Divestment, Disinvestment and Sanctions; Comparative Studies. This two-volume work is part of a larger project that included publication of a nearly 700-page book titled “United States Relations with South Africa: A Critical Overview from the Colonial Period to the Present” which is a critical overview of relations between the United States and South Africa going nearly as far back as the very beginning of their inception as permanent European colonial intrusions and it not only gives attention to the importance of contributions from nonofficial actors in shaping official relations, but also considers the impact of the geopolitical location of South Africa within southern Africa, where the presence of other nations - particularly Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe - looms large.

Cultures of Violence

Author: Ivan Evans
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 1847797369
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book deals with the inherent violence of "race relations" in two important countries that remain iconic expressions of white supremacy in the twentieth century. 'Cultures of violence' does not just reconstruct the era of violence. Instead it convincingly contrasts the "lynch culture" of the American South to the "bureaucratic culture of violence" in South Africa. By contrasting mobs of rope-wielding white Southerners to the gun-toting policemen and administrators who formally defended white supremacy in South Africa, 'Cultures of violence' employs racial killing as an optic for examining the distinctive logic of the racial state in the two contexts. Combining the historian's eye for detail with the sociologist's search for overarching claims, the book explores the systemic connections amongst three substantive areas to explain why contrasting traditions of racial violence took such firm root in the American South and South Africa.

The Black Theatre Movement in the United States and in South Africa

Author: Olga Barrios
Publisher: Universitat de València
ISBN: 8437070228
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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El creixement dels moviments sociopolítics entre els anys seixanta i noranta als Estats Units i a Sud-àfrica va establir els ferms fonaments sobre els quals, amb una força i ímpetu sense precedents, es va forjar el teatre negre d?aquests anys. Forma i contingut van sorgir a l?una del compromís polític i artístic adoptat per aquests artistes contra l?imperialisme, el colonialisme i el racisme occidentals. Per primera vegada en la història, el teatre negre dels Estats Units i de Sud-àfrica analitzava i valorava les arrels negres per a poder il·luminar la recerca d?un futur de llibertat. No obstant això, el context sociopolític i les circumstàncies específiques de cada país han generat igualment els trets distintius del teatre afronord-americà i negre sud-africà (incloses les diferències de gènere) manifestos en ramificacions artístiques totalment heterogènies i úniques.