Human Rights and Social Justice in a Global Perspective

Author: Susan C. Mapp
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199989494
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Recognizing the growing importance of awareness of international social issues for social workers, this thoroughly revised edition provides an updated introduction to a variety of these issues in the Global South, including AIDS, forced labor and war and conflict. A new issue in this edition is examining how the changing physical environment impacts social work practice around the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as other UN human rights documents, is used as a framework to examine examples of social injustice and human rights violations. The issues are examined in their cultural contexts to help the reader understand how they developed and why they persist. Each chapter for a particular issue ends in a "Culture Box" which offers an in-depth look at the issue in a particular country, enabling the reader to gain a deeper understanding of how culture impacts the development of social issues. Suggestions for effecting change, both in one's personal or professional life are listed for each chapter and an Appendix offers a variety of resources for engaging in international social work.

Gender Equality in a Global Perspective

Author: Anders Ortenblad
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317274229
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Gender Equality in a Global Perspective looks to discuss whether Gender Equality can be adopted as it has been defined in international documents anywhere, or whether it needs to be adapted in a more local context; discuss which factors and perspectives need to be taken into account when adapting Gender Equality to specific contexts; suggest research approaches for studies on whether a universal (Western) concept of Gender Equality fits in certain specific contexts; and finally suggests challenges to the existing interpretation of Gender Equality (e.g., theory of intersectionality); and the development of legal and policy framework. This book is situated within the tradition of comparative gender studies. While most other such books take up and compare various ways of implementing (or not implementing) gender equality, this book studies and compares whether or not (and to what extent) a specific definition of Gender Equality (GE) could be adopted by various nations. Thus, all chapter contributors will engage with the same definition of GE, which will be presented within the book, and discuss the possibilities and constrains related to applying such a definition in their particular national context. The readers will learn about the problems of applying a universal concept of Gender Equality and the possible reasons for and modes of adapting Gender Equality to different contexts. Gender Equality in a Global Perspective looks to maintain a critical and reflexive stance towards the issues raised and will seek to present multiple perspectives and open-ended answers. As such it hopes to contribute to the international discussion of human rights more broadly and Gender Equality specifically. The intended audience is not limited only to but will include policy makers, scholars and students with an interest in Gender issues, Organizational Theory, Political Science, Human Development, Policy Analysis, Globalization and other management sub-disciplines.

Lexikon der Globalisierung

Author: Fernand Kreff
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839418224
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Die Globalisierung hat die Welt grundlegend verändert. Die radikalen Folgen dieser Revolution betreffen nicht nur abstrakte Prozesse in Wirtschaft und Politik, sondern sind konkret in unserem Alltag erlebbar. Das Lexikon der Globalisierung bereitet in mehr als 140 Einträgen die Ergebnisse der kultur- und sozialwissenschaftlichen und insbesondere der anthropologischen Globalisierungsforschung in einer verständlichen und anschaulichen Sprache nicht nur für eine wissenschaftliche Leserschaft, sondern auch für eine breite Öffentlichkeit auf. Dabei steht neben der Klärung von Begriffen und Debatten die alltägliche Erfahrung von Globalisierung im Vordergrund. Das Lexikon ist somit ein unverzichtbarer Wegweiser in der Unübersichtlichkeit der Globalisierung und ihren Kämpfen und Debatten. Mit Beiträgen u.a. von Arjun Appadurai, Ulrich Beck, Jean und John L. Comaroff, Ulf Hannerz, Helga Nowotny, Aihwa Ong und Shalini Randeria.

Women s Human Rights

Author: Niamh Reilly
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745654940
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Women's Human Rights: Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalising Age explores the emergence of transnational, UN-oriented, feminist advocacy for womens human rights, especially over the past three decades. It identifies the main feminist influences that have shaped the movement liberal, radical, third world and cosmopolitan and exposes how the Western, legalist, state-centric, and liberal biases of mainstream human rights discourse impede the realisation of human rights in womens lives everywhere. The book traces the evolution of the womens human rights movement through an examination of its key issues, debates, and practical interventions in international law and policy arenas. This includes efforts to: Develop global gender equality norms via the UN Womens Convention Frame violence against women as a human rights issue Address gender-based crimes in conflict situations, include women in conflict resolution and post-conflict reconstruction, and challenge new forms of militarism Highlight the gendered human rights dimensions of widening inequalities in a context of neo-liberal globalisation Develop human rights responses to anti-feminist fundamentalist movements with a focus on reproductive and sexual rights Ultimately, Women's Human Rights reaffirms a commitment to critically reinterpreted universal human rights principles and demonstrates the vital role that bottom-up, transnational movements play in making them a reality in women's lives.

Female Well Being

Author: Janet Mancini Billson
Publisher: Zed Books
ISBN: 9781842770092
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This global survey starts from the assumption that the significant transformations in women's lives deserve to be fully documented and interpreted. Janet Mancini Billson and Carlyn Fluehr-Lobban tackle the complexities of social change by using data from countries in every world region to illustrate the most critical challenges that women faced during the last century - challenges that are also likely to shape the 21st century.Global knowledge and feminism dovetailed in the 20th century, fed by international air travel, telecommunications, the internet, and a growing awareness that solving female oppression would improve the lot of all humankind. The authors therefore adopt a strong international, comparative, cross-cultural, and feminist framework that uncovers the fundamental processes that promote, sustain, or degrade the female condition.At the heart of Female Well-Being are case studies written by country teams of scholars, educators, and policy analysts, in Canada, The United States, Colombia, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Japan, Bangladesh, Thailand, South Africa, and Sudan. Female well-being is measured by analysing trends in infant mortality, maternal mortality, literacy, life expectancy, education, work, income, family structure, and political power. These trends are contextualised in the light of the century's major events, legislative initiatives, social policies, and leadership, to illustrate the processes that enhance, sustain, or detract from the female condition. This book will be a critical resource for academics, development experts and policy analysts.

Human Rights in Global Perspective

Author: Association of Social Anthropologists. Conference
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415304092
Format: PDF
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The West often pays lip service to universal notions of human rights. Do such agendas helpfully address the problems people face, or are they seen as the imposition of Western values? This volume looks at the rise of rights discussions & institutions from an anthropological perspective.

Women s Global Health and Human Rights

Author: Padmini Murthy
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1449617875
Format: PDF, ePub
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Women's Global Health and Human Rights serves as an overview of the challenges faced by women in different regions of the world. Ideal as a tool for both professionals and students, this book discusses the similarities and differences in health and human rights challenges that are faced by women globally. Best practices and success stories are also included in this timely and important text. Major Topics include: XGlobalization XGender Based Terrorism and Violence XCultural Practices XHealth Problems XProgress and Challenges"

Women s Rights Human Rights

Author: Julie Peters
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415909952
Format: PDF
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This text argues that women's rights are violated in many ways everyday but these violations are ignored. It claims that the mere extension of exisiting human rights protection to women is insufficient: women's rights must be understood as human rights